Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 119

Volume 1 Chapter 119 Gourmet Corp

Haru had laid net to protect everyone and the bugs which were moving very fast were unable to change its direction and moved directly to the net.

Zhing! Zhing! Zhing!

The bugs were cut, sliced, and shredded when it entered the zipper net.

The power of his zipper was very strong and it was easy to kill a group of bugs.

"A - amazing," Komatsu reclaimed.

"Be careful, some of them changed their direction!" Haru was reprimanded.

The bugs knew that the net was dangerous and they needed to escape from it. They moved to the side and started to attack them.

Everyone was ready to defend themselves and killed the bugs which were moving toward them.

Tsunade thought that the Aburame Clan would become very dangerous Clan when they owned a similar bug in front of her. She used her fist to pulverize them and mince them, though some of them were still able to hurt her body.

Luffy was also doing the same, "Gear Second!" His body became red and he let out a lot of sweat. His power and speed increased, "Gomu Gomu no Jet Gun Battering!" He stood still, bent forward and moved his arms upwards at speeds which they could no longer be seen, leaving only jet streams.

Baam! Baam! Baam! Baam! Baam!

Luffy could feel that the shells of each bug were very strong and he needed to punch it twice before he could kill it. He attacked the group of bugs with very fast movement and dodged at the same time. He kept continuing to do it since the number was just ridiculous.

The other wasn't lucky enough and they were pierced by this group of bugs.


"FLYING FORK!" Toriko threw several projectiles of forks from his left hand but the bugs could dodge his attack.

The bug pierced his body and tried to burrow into it.

Toriko didn't let the bug enter his body and tightened his muscle to force it to come out.

The bug came out of the force of his muscle but it didn't give up.

Toriko didn't let the bug attack him again, "Seven-Hit Spiked Punch!" He tightened the muscle on his right hand and punched it. The force on his punch was concentrated on one point and pulverized the bugs easily.

"Be careful, this bug is trying to burrow into our bodies," Toriko said.

The members of the Gourmet Yakuza felt that his hand was being eaten by this bug. He took it and placed it on the ground. He took his pistol and shot it from close range several times.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The bug didn't die after he had shot it.

"Damn it! The bullet didn't go through!"

"Let me do it," Match came and stabbed his sword right into the bug.


The bug was stabbed and killed instantly.

Haru undid his net and started to make his ten fingers become a long and sharp zipper, "Chainsaw Mode!" The zipper started to move and he started to move his fingers similar to a whip, "Zipper Slaughter!" He slashed and shredded the group of bugs easily with his zippers.

"Damn it, what is this?" Tsunade was annoyed.

Takimaru was also using his martial arts to destroy this group of bugs.

By combining attacks with everyone, they had killed every bug that had flown toward them. Even though they had killed them, their bodies were quite hurt by the bugs earlier.

"Let's run," Komatsu said.

"No, it's too late," Toriko said and looked at the sky.

They also saw that there were three people who were flying while holding big bugs.

"Are they our opponents?" Luffy asked.

"Yes, they are a group of criminals, The Gourmet Corp," Toriko said.

Haru stopped and started to blend himself with everyone. He felt that this wasn't the only group of his attackers and thought there was probably another group who were searching the Century Soup.

The three people who were flying with bugs came toward them and landed on the ground. The man in the middle, who was wearing a polka dot shirt, looked very harmless, walked toward them and hugged Toriko suddenly.

"Toriko, I'm happy to meet you."


No one expected him to suddenly stab him.

"Hahaha, Toriko! Die!" the man shouted and wanted to take his hand away but he couldn't. He looked up and saw that Toriko was still alive.

"Thanks that you have entered the range of my attack," Toriko tightened his muscles and punched him, "Ten-Hit Spiked Punch!" He punched him right into his face but the man in front of him opened his mouth and something came out of his mouth.

Toriko who saw this stopped his punch and moved his fist back or else he would lose his fist in this battle.

Then without warning, two big penguins around 30 meters appeared and jumped toward them.


The two penguins destroyed the ground and made a mess everywhere.

"What is happening!!!" Tsunade was cursing since it was just too much for her.

"Hahaha," Luffy laughed.

Haru didn't say anything since he saw a frozen ice pillar containing countless ingredients inside when he had fallen down. He stood up and walked toward it. He touched it and knew that it was the source of the Century Soup. He predicted that the Century Soup would be right under it.

Komatsu was also stunned when he saw this frozen ice pillar.

Haru looked at both Tsunade and Luffy, "Luffy! Tsunade! I will get the Century Soup!" He turned toward Komatsu, "Komatsu, you go with me, in this battle, you will be a burden but you will become an important factor to get the Century Soup." He hoped his food luck would be helpful to find the rest of Century Soup.

"What?" Komatsu looked at him with confusion.

Haru took him and shouted, "Toriko, I need to borrow your partner for a while." He started to use his light magic and moved quite fast.


"GET THEM!!" Tommyrod said to his subordinates.

Two of his subordinates started to chase them but they were stopped by four people in front of them.

"Dammit, I'm a woman, how can he let me fight with them?" Tsunade complained.

"Go, Haru! Take the Century Soup!" Luffy shouted.

"Hmph, I won't let you take a step away from this place," Match said.

Takimaru started his 'Pre-Shot Routine' and was ready to start his fight.

Tommyrod felt that his subordinates were useless and looked at the man who was facing him.

"I won't let you after them," Toriko said with a serious expression.

Tommyrod smiled, "Hehehe, let's see whether you can do that." He said and let out a lot of bugs from his mouth.

The bug moved very fast and chased after both Haru and Komatsu.

Toriko wanted to stop it but it was too fast and he needed to put his focus on the man in front of him. He only hoped that Haru could protect his partner.

Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt!

"Bastard!" Toriko looked at Tommyrod with anger.

They were fighting each other to get a treasure that was only appearing once in a century, known as, The Century Soup.