Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 120

Volume 1 Chapter 120 The Soup Is Gone

Haru was carrying Komatsu on his back while running. He wouldn't carry him in his arms since it felt weird to carry another man. He wasn't sure where the Century Soup was but he had brought a lucky charm on his back, known as Komatsu.

"That place, Haru!!!" Komatsu shouted at him while pointing his finger. He wasn't sure but he felt that it was the location.

"Alright," Haru ran quite fast and both of them had arrived in front of the lake that was made of ice in the underground. Both of them suddenly saw a figure that was crouching down inside that lake

This person has long green hair and a mask on his or her face.

"Who is that?" Komatsu was glad that he had stopped since he had gotten dizzy with his speed. He looked at the person in the mask and asked a question.

"I don't know," Haru was quite speechless at him and wondered why he asked him this question. He knew this person since he had read and watched 'Toriko' both manga and anime.

The person in the mask turned his attention toward both of them.

Neither of them showed any reaction since they didn't feel any harm from him until both of them saw him running toward them.

"UWAAAAAAA!!!" Komatsu was startled.

"Don't worry," Haru said. He knew that this guy was the one that he had been waiting for. He thought this guy was perfect for the new member for the Group Chat.

The masked man suddenly ran past them and attacked something that was flying behind them.

Haru knew that it was probably a bug from one of the villains earlier. He squinted his eyes to look better, "Mosquito?"

The masked man stopped in front of them and he clapped his hand several times.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

The masked man killed the mosquito with ease and cleaned his hands from the mosquitos. He took off his mask, "I wish I knew how to knock those critters."

This man has green colored hair with a pompadour hairstyle. He has a scar on the right side of his face, starting from his forehead, over his eye and going all the way down to his neck or maybe even deeper. He wears green pants with a long-sleeved green shirt that has a pocket on the left side.

Komatsu wanted to shout once again but his mouth was closed by Haru.

Haru looked at the man in front of him and he could see that this man was grateful for his actions.

"Shhh! You better not talk or else you won't be able to leave this continent," the man said to both of them.

Haru took his phone and wrote, "Why?"

The man felt that this young man was really smart to ask him a question with his phone. He took his notes and started to write something.

Komatsu and Haru waited for a while and saw that he had written something. Both of them frowned when they saw his words.

"How is it?" The man asked.

"I can't read your notes," Haru said while looking at him with a sigh.

"Me too," Komatsu had the same reaction.

The man laughed and wrote once again.

Haru and Komatsu changed their expression when they read the note, 'The suit is wired????'

Haru wasn't really surprised and it was quite normal for the employer to wire this suit since the Century Soup was really that important. In the world, where someone could get stronger by eating delicious food, Century Soup was really important to make themselves stronger. He nodded and understood. He turned his attention toward the lake that was the location of the Century Soup.

Haru took his phone and wrote something.

Komatsu and this man were curious and waited for him.

"Is the soup gone?" Haru wrote on the phone and felt that his heart was really heavy since he couldn't complete the mission.

The man who read his note looked at it for a while and nodded.

"Wh-" Komatsu wanted to shout once again but both this man and Haru stopped him at the same time.

Haru hurriedly wrote something on his phone, "If the employer knows that the soup is gone, then we will be left behind."

Komatsu didn't believe it and walked into the lake.

Haru followed him and wasn't sure how he felt right now. His only hope was that Komatsu could make Century Soup later.

They were looking at the empty lake until they heard a voice.


Komatsu, Haru, and the man knew that something very bad would happen when they let this man finish his words.


The man ran very fast and stopped him from knocking him. He felt relieved, "The silence is golden...."

"Ahhg..." The man who shouted couldn't move and stopped there.

"Ahhgg," his two subordinates were also stunned.

"Shh, don't worry, I only knocked him out," the man said to both of them.

"Phew..." Haru and Komatsu sighed at the same time.

"Sheesh, we almost let it slip that the soup was all gone," the man said.

At that moment, the time stopped for everyone.

"WHAT THE F.U.C.K!!!" Haru hurriedly ran toward him and smashed his head.

The man didn't even fight him since he knew that it was his fault.


On the ship, Colone Mokoi heard their conversation from a suit that had been wired.

"Well, as expected, it's empty, I thought there was a chance," Colonel Mokoi didn't stay any longer and turned his ship back. He didn't even wait for the Gourmet Hunter to come back.

"What will our next conquest be, Joie?"


Haru, Komatsu, and the man sighed at the same time.

"I'm sorry," the man wrote in his note.

"You don't need to write again," Haru said.

"Oh, that's right," the man remembered.

"Ano, what's your name?" Komatsu asked.

"My name is Teppei and I'm a Gourmet Reviver," Teppei said.

"G - Gourmet Reviver???" Komatsu was startled.

"What is that?" Haru asked.

Teppei started to explain what Gourmet Reviver was.

Gourmet Reviver is a protector of ingredients, who tries to prevent them from being exhausted and in some cases revive them.

"And you guys?" Teppei asked.

"Ah, my name is Komatsu, I'm a chef," Komatsu said.

"I'm Haru, I'm a novelist," Haru said.

"Novelist?" Teppei looked at him with doubt.

Haru took his book from his pocket and gave it to him, "Here is my book."

Teppi took it and read it for a while, "Interesting." He put it in his pocket and decided to read it later.

They were talking to each other until they heard a sound coming from the tunnel.

"Huh? Why are you here?" Komatsu saw a little wall penguin that had been following him.

"Yun! Yun! Yun!"

"Huh, is that a wall penguin? They're endangered," Teppei said.

Haru was looking at this little penguin was looking at something. He turned his head and saw an aura from the ceiling.


Komatsu and Teppei also turned their heads and saw the same thing.

"THE CENTURY SOUP IS STILL HERE!!" Haru was excited.

"YEAH!!!" Teppei was also excited.

"The twinkle might be little but..."


The mountain started to shake and made them almost lose their balance.

"What is happening?" Teppei asked.

"Tsunade, Luffy," Haru wasn't sure about their condition and hoped that both of them would be okay but he needed to get the real Century Soup no matter what.