Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 122

Volume 1 Chapter 122 Defense? I Will Smash It Right Away

Tsunade sighed and looked at Match, "How about you handle this man?"

Match looked at Barry and nodded, "I will handle him."

"When you feel that you can beat him, you can call me," Tsunade said.

"I don't need that," Match said while looking at his opponent.

"Well, whatever," Tsunade said while crossing her arms. She turned and looked at the battle at her surroundings.

Match took a sub-machine gun from his subordinates and started to shoot.

"Hooo? Gun?" Barry laughed and said, "Oil Shock!" He covered himself with an oil that he secreted from his body.

"Ora!!!!" Match kept shooting but when the bullet didn't hit Barry, it slipped from his body. He was surprised, "What the hell???"

"Hahaha, a gun is useless against me, no one can penetrate my defense," Barry said and started his attack. He moved very fast and smashed his head toward him, "Meat Tenderizer Head!" He swung his armored forehead at him.

Match knew that this attack was dangerous for him and hurriedly dodged his attack.


His attack created a crater on the ground and an aftershock afterward.

Match threw the sub-machine gun away and took out his sword, "Gun is useless, then my blade." He held his sword and muttered, "Dragon King will have him sleeping."

"Hmph, what a big mouth for such a weakling," Barry snorted and clicked his mouth, "Tsk, DIE!!!!" He ran toward him and smashed his forehead again.

Match dodged his attack and slashed his sword.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

Match jumped back and looked at his armor with a frown.

"Hahaha, my armor is special," Barry said, showing the armor over his forehead, forearms, shins, and waist. He was quite proud of his armor, "These are made of tortoise shell, the savage sea turtle, they call the 'Living Torpedo', The Crush Turtle, its shell is the strongest and resilient in the natural world."

"Heh, what amazing armor, but I'm more curious about how you can dodge my attack in this cold temperature," Match said.

Barry didn't say anything until he let out a lot of liquid from his body, "It's not a sweat, but an anti-freeze."


Fish that live in the Arctic, where ocean temperatures fall below 0° C are said to produce an anti-freeze enzyme to keep their bodies from freezing.

"So that's why you can maintain your temperature, and also it has a nice ballistic effect by excreting that anti-freeze, you reduce the friction of the bullets," Match said.

"Hyuck! Hyuck!" Barry laughed.

During the match, in order to avoid cuts to the brow from the friction of an opponent's gloves, boxers smear petroleum jelly on their own faces to protect their skin.

"My anti-freeze is way slicker than your common petroleum jelly," Barry explained.

Match sighed, "There is one thing that I don't get, about your speed and reflexes."

"Don't you understand yet?! I'm not fast....." Barry once again moved and smashed his forehead toward him.

Match was stunned and wanted to escape but Barry stopped his movement and punched his gut.

"You're just too slow."


Match was punched, "Ughaaaa!!!" He coughed blood and was thrown by his combo punch.

"ORAAA!!" Barry gave him the last punch on his face and caused him to crash into the ground a few meters away.

Match who was thrown didn't waste his time and stood up hurriedly. He placed his hand on the handle and was ready to attack him once again.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

His sword was blocked easily by his armor.

"Too slow! Humn!" Barry took his stance and attacked him, "Mince Lariat!" He slammed his armored forearm into him, throwing him backward.




Barry snorted, "You don't think that you can move like normal people under this sub-zero temperature right? This environment will make the muscles stiff and joints creaky, too low a temperature to perform at, so why do you think a top athlete takes so long to warm up?" Anti-freeze keeps me from freezing and a special enzyme keeps my body temperature nice and high! So my body is always in top gear! I perform at my best whenever I want! You guys will never keep up with m-."

Before he finished his words suddenly he was punched by someone.


"Cough!" Barry coughed his blood and fell down on the ground. His armor protected him from that attack but he still felt the shock from that attack.

"You talk too much, hurry up and end this battle," Tsunade suddenly entered the stage.

Match and his subordinates opened their mouths wide looking at how brazen this woman was.

"Who are you?!" Barry looked at her with a serious expression.

"You don't need to talk too much, I want to drink Century Soup as soon as possible," Tsunade said.

Barry snorted, "My armor is invincible, I will beat you, crazy woman!!!"

Thick marks appeared on her forehead, "Crazy Woman?" Her surroundings started to crack because of pressure from her chakra. She smirked, "Your armor is invincible right? Let's see how you can handle my punch."

Barry suddenly saw her appeared in front of him. He was stunned and wanted to evade her but it was too late, 'Fast....'

"ORAAAA!!!" Tsunade punched him right into his face and made him crashed to the ground.

"KUAAAGH!!" Barry coughed his blood once again.

"What tough armor, then let me smash it!" Tsunade said and started a rush of punch at him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Her attack was very powerful and created deafening sounds with each of her punches.

Barry felt that he had been hit by a meteorite several times and couldn't move. His anti-freeze was useless and his armor was destroyed. He was helpless and could only stay there motionless while becoming her sandbag.

"ORA! ORA! ORA!" Tsunade wasn't sure but Haru told him that this scream made her become powerful and it seemed he was right. She felt very powerful when she screamed 'ORA!' during her attack. She should tell her students later when she has come back to her world.


Barry couldn't handle it anymore and he fainted there.

Tsunade stopped her barrage of attacks and wiped the sweat on her forehead. She felt that she had done a good workout. She turned and said, "Let's help, Toriko, I want to finish this as soon as possible."

Match and his subordinates only nodded and felt that this woman was the most dangerous existence and an unreasonable creature that they had seen, however, they didn't dare to say it out loud or else...

They looked at the crater and sighed.