Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 123

Volume 1 Chapter 123 Let Me Chase Him

Toriko was fighting against the dangerous man in front of him, 'Tommyrod, what a dangerous opponent...' But he needed to beat him.

"Flying Fork!" Toriko threw several forks using his left hand toward the barrage of bugs that moved toward him.

"KYAHAHA!! DIE! DIE! DIE!" Tommyrod opened his mouth and kept releasing a bug from his mouth.

"Urf! Blegh! Urf! Blegh!"

The process was disgusting but each of his bugs had a level capture at least 30 and each of them was very bloodthirsty and strong.

Even though Toriko had defeated several of them with his attack, there were still some bugs that caused wounds on his body.

Thip! Thip! Thip!

Those bugs wanted to enter his body and eat his meat from inside.

Toriko wouldn't let the bug to do that and tightened his muscles, this action made the bugs on his body thrown out and stunned. He used this chance to attack each other, "Spike Punch!" He concentrated the force on his punch on a single point to each of those bugs.

"Blegh! Blegh!" Tommyrod was smiling happily while releasing his bug to attack him.

Toriko knew that it was bad news for him to continue this kind of fight and his prediction was right. He saw a group of bugs and stuck on his body, this group of bugs wasn't normal since there was dynamite on their body, "Damn...."

"Kyaaaa!!!" Tommyrod wanted to press the detonator bug on his body only when he was attacked by someone.

"BUGYAAAAHHH!!!" Tommyrod was thrown by this attack and felt throbbing on his cheek. He wiped his cheek and turned toward his attack. He saw Luffy, Match, Tsunade, Takimaru, and the other miscellaneous guys.

"Everyone...." Toriko was both stunned and happy when he saw they were fine.

"Toriko, are you fine?" Luffy was worried when he saw his body was full of wounds and blood.

"I'm fine, more importantly, this guy is strong," Toriko had a serious expression on his face.

Tommyrod squinted his eyes and looked around. He saw his two subordinates had lost against them. He put on a disgusting face and said, "What a useless pawn!"

"YOU!!!" Luffy was angry when he heard him.

"Hmph, I'm done with the losers, be a bug's fodder, go my parasitic bugs! Lay your eggs in those corpses!!" Tommyrod shouted.

His body started to shake and he shouted, "AAAAAAAAA!!!!"

Toriko realized a shockwave and hot pressure from his body.

The parasitic bug was stunned and dropped to the ground similar to a domino.

"Shivering?" Tommyrod thought and snorted, "How childish."

When the lowers a person's body temperature, they shake to generate additional heat needed to maintain regular body temperature. It's a physiological phenomenon called 'Shivering'.

Toriko's intense shivering vibrate the air around him, generating enough heat to maintain his body temperature in sub-zero temperatures.

His shivering increased the temperature dramatically and made everyone feel that they were standing beside a blazing fire. They felt that their rigid body had become loose and they could move freely in this sub-zero temperature.

Tsunade really wanted to know how his body could make such intense shivering.

"Show some respect to your friends for how they fought," Toriko said with a dignified expression.

Tommyrod was only looking at him with a plain expression, "Heh! Heh! How naive! Useless things go to the trash! Useless people ought to be killed!" His mouth suddenly bloated and he released a large number of bugs, "DIE!!!!"

"I will defeat you before that," Luffy said and started his 2nd gear.

"I will enjoy smashing you," Tsunade started to gather a chakra around her body.

"Don't die, kid," Match told Takimaru.

"You too," Takimaru said.

"I will take pleasure in squashing you," Toriko said.



Haru and Komatsu moved together to search for Century Soup.

Teppei decided to join the battle since he wanted to protect the Gourmet Show Window. He was a Gourmet Reviver and his job was to protect endangered ingredients in the world.

Haru followed Komatsu behind since the person in front of him had someone known as Food Luck.

Food Luck is the belief of the fortune one can have with ingredients and their daily lives, such as the chances of finding rare ingredients, surviving against nature, or the luck one can have succeeding at a food-related event.

Haru believed that Komatsu could find that small amount of Century Soup. He looked up and saw a beautiful aurora. He looked at Komatsu again and saw his eyes were blank but he didn't stop moving. He felt curious about this Food Luck and wondering whether he could get it by himself. However, he had the luck of the protagonist and it was his luck to be able to follow someone who had Food Luck.

Suddenly Komatsu stopped and looked up.

"Is it here?" Haru asked.

"Probably, but I have gotten that feeling," Komatsu said and something dropped from the sky.

Both of them saw a drop of beautiful liquid that made them unable to look away. The smell of this soup was also very unique and savory, making them drooling from their mouths.


The Century Soup dropped in front of them.

"Komatsu, hurry up and take it into your box," Haru said and wiped the drool on his mouth.

"Y - yes," Komatsu woke up from his daydreaming and took his book to keep this Century Soup.

Both of them were very happy until something with small size and very fast movement came in front of them and absorbed the entire Century Soup in front of them. They didn't have time to react and this figure ran away very fast.

"HARU!!!!" Komatsu shouted at him.

"BASTARD!!!!" Haru hurriedly used his light magic to chase it, "Komatsu, I will go chase after it!" He saw that the speed of that figure was very fast. He would lose it when he didn't use his light magic, "Don't you ever dare to run away with our food!!!" He had never felt this anger before and wanted to destroy this small figure. His speed was very fast and he had already chased after it. He wanted to reach that small figure but stopped since he felt danger.


Haru saw something sharp that almost sliced him into half and it came back to someone. He squinted his eyes and saw a figure in front of him.

"Oh, you can't dodge that," the figure said, and took the box that contained Century Soup, "but you won't have that chance again since you will die."

Haru had never felt this kind of feeling before since the man in front of him was stronger than him, "Oh, really? But I will take that Century Soup away from you and kill you in the process." He couldn't show a weak presence and threatened him back.

"Funny, let's see how you can do that," the man opened his cloak and showed him his weapons.