Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 124

Volume 1 Chapter 124 Toriko

Teppei, who had been running the battle, didn't join the battle immediately. He decided to revive a helper to help them fight against this group of terrorists. He saw the monster that was covered in ice and took out something from his pocket.

"Wake up soon," Teppei said while looking at the monster in front of him.


Tommyrod snorted and opened his mouth again, "DIE!!!!" He had thousands of bugs inside of his body. He would let them be killed by his bugs.

Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt!

A group of bugs with a level capture of around 30 came out of his mouth while making a loud of a noise.

Takimaru, Match, and Match's subordinates who felt that they didn't do anything started their attack, helping them to defeat this group of bugs.

Match's subordinates were very crazy and took out the sub-machine gun that they had prepared before.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

Even though the gunshot didn't kill the bug instantly, it made the bugs become very weak.

Takimaru and Match who saw this chance started to attack them.

Takimaru was using his martial arts, "Bottle Opener!" He twisted the bug's body and killed it instantly.

Match collected energy inside his body and cut the bugs in half cleanly. His movement was very smooth without giving unnecessary movement. His concentration was focussed on killing every bug in front of him.

Toriko was grateful for their help and wouldn't lose to them. He raised his right hand and put it in a 'chop' position, "Flying Knife!" He sent out several knife projectiles from his hand and cut a group of bugs in front of him. He also still maintained his shivering to increase the temperature around them, however...

Humans are said to be able to shiver for two hours, any longer than that, and the muscles stop shaking, leading to an immediate lowering of body temperature and eventually death.

Toriko's massive shivering equated to tens of thousands of watts of electricity demanding huge quantities of metabolic energy, this clearly could not last for two hours. He looked at both Tsunade and Luffy who tried to attack Tommyrod at the same time. He wanted to join them but he needed to clean this group of bugs first, "Flying Fork!"


Luffy used his 2nd gear to increase his speed and power.

Tommyrod felt annoyed by his attack.

Baam! Baam! Baam!

Tommyrod could feel the power of each of his punches. Even though his durability was quite strong, it would start to chip after being punched several times.



Tommyrod used his wings to evade the attack and opened his mouth, "Blegh!" He released another group of bugs.

"Disgusting!" Tsunade said and punched a group of bugs. With her power, it made it possible to smash them with a single punch. Her body was quite full of wounds after being attacked by a group of bugs.

"Don't move around you bug!" Tsunade was angry and punched him widely.

"You won't hit m-."


Tommyrod was punched right into his gut. He put an annoyed expression on Luffy and wanted to kill him, "DIE!!!!" He realized another batch of bugs again.

"Dammit how many bugs you can release!" Luffy started to kill the bugs but some of them caused new wounds.

"Kekeke, you can move around easily because of him, once his shivering is gone, you all will be dead by my bugs," Tommyrod gave them an evil smile.

"The same goes for you, you can't keep spewing insects forever, you must have a limit," Toriko said.

"Once that happens, I will kill you," Tsunade was very angry right now.

Tommyrod only gave them a smile when he heard them. His stomach housed numerous parasitic bug eggs and the number was at least ten thousand, but not all of them could be brought forth once. He raised them to his throat when he was ready to hatch them and only released them from his mouth the moment they were born.

The bugs absorbed a large amount of his energy, each bug required about 1,500 kcal or about 400 grams of sugar. That is equivalent to the calories burned by 60 kg of people running a 25-kilometer marathon.

A typical person would be so exhausted that they would be unable to move with all that in mind, he said....

"Indeed, I can only hatch 1000 more," Tommyrod said while letting out another batch of bugs.

They frowned when they heard that Tommyrod could release another 1000 bugs from his body.

"1000 more???" Match's subordinates were very helpless.

"Don't stop! Keep shooting them! Move your body rather than your mouth!" Match shouted while swinging his sword.

"That's right, we can't give up," Takimaru said.

Luffy who had killed a lot of bugs couldn't help but shout, "Don't you feel sad about your bugs? Aren't you the one who gives them life? Then aren't you the parent of these bugs! Don't you feel anything watching them die?"

"Aren't you very cold-blooded?' Tsunade said while smashing another bug. She really wanted to go back and enjoyed a warm bath. She really wanted to go home now and felt her work as Hokage was better than this crap.

"No, I don't feel anything for these filthy carcasses! They're dead and completely useless!" His throat started to bloat and released a large number of bugs again and much larger than before, "To kill all of you, I will kill you first, TORIKO!!!!!"

"It's bad!!!" Takimaru shouted.

Everyone knew that they could fight with the perfect condition because Toriko had maintained the temperature of this place by shivering.

Hundreds of bugs were moving in a group toward Toriko and attacked him at the same time. When they lost him that meant they would fight in bad condition against this monster.

Toriko didn't move and his entire body was covered in a large number of bugs.

"DIE!!!!!" Tommyrod also flew from his place and attacked him by himself. He needed to kill him as soon as possible since he was the source of trouble.