Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 125

Volume 1 Chapter 125 He Freed It

"DIE!!!" Tommyrod needed to finish this as soon as possible since his energy was quite limited. He needed to be fast and decided to kill Toriko by himself.

'Write in eternal agony! Toriko!' Tommyrod shouted within his head.


Everyone started to move wanted to move him but his speed was just too fast and they were too late to react.

"Shave!" Luffy felt that his speed was too slow.

"DAMMIT!!!" Tsunade was also running since she believed as long as he still breathed she would be able to heal him.

Tommyrod was excited and stabbed his gut.


Tommyrod, who had stabbed him, opened his eyes wide when he saw the scene in front of him. He didn't feel a warm feeling from blood, rather he saw the bugs around his body starting to scatter and revealing a figure that had been waiting for him the entire time. His hand was caught by him and was too stunned since he saw him in perfect condition without any wounds from a hundred of bug that he had sent earlier.

"How nice of you to enter a range of my attacks, Tommyrod," Toriko tightened the muscle on his body and started his attack, "SPIKE PUNCH! TEN-FOLD!" He concentrated the force inside his body into this attack and punched him right into his gut.

"BLEGHHHH!!!!" Tommyrod puked and felt this punch. He felt that he had been punched 10 times and it made his body a mess.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

"Third Gear!" Luffy started to blow his thumb and made his hand bigger. He moved the air from his hand to his leg and expanded it to giant size. He raised his leg and thrust it high "Rubber Rubber Giant Axe." As he brought it down, the charged limb unleashed a massive shock wave toward Tommyrod who was right under it.

Tommyrod, who was stunned by Toriko's punch, couldn't move and only saw a large leg move down toward him, "F.u.c.k....."


"Uwaaaaa!!!" Match's subordinates closed their eyes since the shockwave was just too massive.

Barry and Bogie, who had woken up, saw the scene in front of them with a stunned expression. Both of them decided to faint again since this scene was too shocking for them, only the shockwave of this made them thrown away.

Barry was glad that the young man that had fought him before didn't use this attack on him or else he wouldn't be alive right now.

Barry and Bogie were thrown far away but didn't have any complaints.

Tsunade, Toriko, Match, and Takimaru moved back and tried to escape from this shockwave. They didn't expect that Luffy would be this strong.

"Strong..." Takimaru thought.

"This is crazy," Match said when he saw him.

"Luffy...." Tsunade was kind of worried about him.

Toriko still had a serious expression on his face and looked at the battlefield.

Luffy, who had depleted most of his stamina, deactivated the 3rd gear and was thrown away because of the air inside his body.


"Luffy!!!" Match and Takimaru moved together and caught him together.

"Heh...Heh....Heh...I'm tired, I'm hungry," Luffy said while sticking his tongue out. His body was shrinking and he became really small.

"Is this the side effect of your attack?" Tsunade asked even though she had seen him before on the ship.

"Ha...Ha....Ha...I'm still training to erase this side-effect," Luffy thought it would be wonderful not to become small after using this move.

"Be careful everyone," Toriko suddenly said and made everyone startled.

"Don't tell me?"

They saw someone in the big crater standing weakly there.


"What the hell? Is he really human?" Match complained.

"Damn, is he a monster?" Takimari said.

Tommyrod almost lost his unconscious after receiving that attack but the hate on his heart made him come back. He would kill everyone in this place no matter what happened. His eyes started to craze and he shouted, "AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"


Barry and Bogie, who were thrown quite far, heard this maniacal scream.

"D - dammit, don't tell me?" Bogie thought.

"RUN! RUN! RUN!" Barry thought.

Both of them started to run very fast toward the entrance of the Ice Mountain only to see someone in the green jersey.

"Hello," Teppei said.

"Damn, DIE!!!" Barry and Bogie said and attacked him at the same time.

"Sigh, at least let me introduce myself," Teppei thought and started his attack, "Well Done!" He sent multiple strikes to the opponent's motor nerves that paralyzed every muscle in their body.

Baam! Baam! Baam!

Barry and Bogie, who were attacked, couldn't do anything and felt their entire bodies paralyzed. They looked at him and remembered who this person was when they saw his iconic pompadour hairstyle.

"Let's see, I hope they don't destroy the Gourmet Show Window," Teppei said and entered the battle.



They saw something coming out of his mouth.

"D - damn, what is that?" Match was stunned.

"C - can we beat that monster?" Takimaru shouted.

"Asshole, I want to go home," Tsunade shouted.

Luffy was too tired to comment though he was quite interested in this giant bug.

"All we can do is fight against this monster," Toriko said.

"GO PARASITE EMPEROR!" Tommyrod shouted with his last energy. His body was very thin and it was similar to malnutrition, "Have fun with them.....You brat.....Go....Wild...." He fell down on the ground and fainted this time.

The giant bug in front of them didn't even make a sound but its presence alone made them stagger. There was a little worm that appeared in the center of the body. It looked at them for a while until it opened its mouth and spat something at them.