Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 126

Volume 1 Chapter 126 Two Monsters

Match was too late to dodge that that spit toward him and freeze his entire left leg, "Damn."


His subordinates were trying to help him.

"Stop! I will help him!" Takimaru said and used his martial art to destroy the ice that covered him.

Match also used his sword to free himself, "Thank you." He looked at the monster in front of him and complained, "What the hell is that?!"

"Parasite Emperor."

Suddenly a man with green pompadour hair appeared beside them.

"Who are you?" Toriko asked.

"I'm Teppei, Gourmet Reviver, I have met both Haru and Komatsu before," Teppei introduced.

"How are they?" Luffy, who was still in his small body, asked.

Teppei looked at him weirdly but ignored the detail and answered him, "They're okay, more importantly, we need to beat the monster in front of us."

"Parasite Emperor?" Tsunade had a sweatdrop. She felt that the power of the monster in front of her was almost on the same level of tailed beasts.

The Parasite Emperor is an extremely powerful creature created through cross-breeding many different kinds of ferocious insects inside Tommyrod's body. It is a grotesque amalgamation possessing the traits of numerous insects and arachnids. Its overall body shape resembles that of a purple scorpion, including the tail, but with an engorged bulbous formation at the tip where the stinger is located. It also sports six spider legs covered in hair, the wings of a c.o.c.kroach (which can be used to fly), the back legs of locust and the forelegs of the mantis. In front of its body, the beast sports two pair of pincers similar to those of a Hercules Beetle and Stag Beetle.

Its face has an elephant-like trunk and large pitch-black eyes, and beneath its trunk is its actual "main body" which resembles a small little white worm or larva with a somewhat cutesy appearance, that has little black eyes, numerous tiny legs and a small mouth with tiny sharp teeth, and lower on its little body it has an opening.

"That thing is disgusting," Tsunade shuddered. Even though she knew that it was strong, she couldn't help but thought it was pretty grotesque.

"Don't worry, we only need to wait for our helper to come," Teppei said.

"Helper, who is it?" Tsunade was excited.

"Oh, the helper is still on the way, don't worry, we only need to buy time while fighting this monster," Teppei said.

"So in the end, we're going to fight it?' Tsunade sighed.

The Parasite Emperor started to move, it moved very fast toward them and used its pincers to attack them.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

"Ten-Hit! Nail Punch!" Toriko punched his fist toward the pincher.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Parasite Emperor moved back but stopped after a few meters while shaking its head.

"Dammit! Is my strength really that weak?" Toriko just couldn't believe it when he saw this monster and only shrugged his attack without taking damage.

"Don't worry, Toriko, this monster has a capture level of 80, this is pretty much unbeatable," Teppei calmed him.

"Is that something that we should be happy about?" Takimaru sweatdropped.

"Enough, talking and get to work!" Tsunade didn't even intend to attack and only dodged its attack. She knew that she couldn't beat it since the shell was too tough for her attack.

"What should we do, Gourmet Reviver?" Match asked.

"Nothing, we only need to dodge it until our helper comes," Teppei said.

"That's what I have been asking who is our helper?' Tsunade shouted.


Suddenly the wall on the mountain was destroyed, they saw another monster suddenly came into battle.

"Damn, another monster?" Tsunade thought.

This monster is a gigantic pale-skinned creature with a mostly irregular body shape that partially resembles that of a sauropod. It has a large growth atop its body from which many heads grow. On its front, two heads also grow, and on its backside has another head growing which serves as a tail. It has at least sixteen visible heads.

"No, this is Hellboros and it will be our helper," Teppei smiled.

The Parasite Emperor who saw Hellboros turned its hostility toward it.

Hellboros didn't like the gaze of the Parasite Emperor and attacked it with one of its head.

The Parasite Emperor dodged its attack and sliced one of his head, only its head regenerated instanly.


It was a battle between two monsters and they were helpless to do anything. They could only become bystanders watching their fight on the side.

Hellboros used all of his head to bite the Parasite Emperor.

The Parasite Emperor tried to escape but it was futile, so it decided to use its wings to escape.


The Parasite Emperor flew together with Hellboros, which was still biting its body tightly.

"They're flying," Teppei said.

"Yeah, I can see that," Tsunade said.

"Shishishi, we're safe!!!!" Luffy was happy.

Takimaru fell down on his knees and said, "I thought I would die."

"Me too," Match said, even though his legs felt weak. He still stood with the help of his sword.

Toriko felt that he needed to get stronger or else he would die in his next journey.

The Parasite Emperor kept flying together with Hellboros, even destroyed the top of the mountain, and came out of this place to start another battle.

They sighed in relief when they saw it had gone far away. Their tension was gone and they dropped on the ground without any energy left on their bodies.

Teppei turned his attention toward the Gourmet Show Window. He frowned when he saw its condition.

"How is it?" Match asked, his leg left pretty much busted after it had become an ice cube before.

Teppei shook his head, saying, "It's useless that this Gourmet Show Window is beyond hope." He cut part of the ice and threw it toward him, "You can take it." He looked at everyone and said, "Let's go to both Haru and Komatsu."

They were tired but when they heard the name of their comrade and the delicious of Century Soup. They forced themselves to stand up.

Teppei and Tsunade helped everyone to tend their wounds on their body.

"You're really a doctor, huh?" Toriko said with disbelief.


Tsunade punched him right into his face, "Shut up!"

Toriko felt his face stunk after being punched by her. He felt something warm from his nose and tried to wipe it with his finger. He wrinkled, "Blood?"

They shut their mouths when they saw her could punch him and made him have a nosebleed.


At the bottom of the Ice Mountain.

Komatsu was very nervous right now and didn't know what to do in this situation.


Komatsu turned his head and saw his comrade, "TORIKO-SAN!!!" He was crying and his nose was full of snots.

Tsunade looked around and asked, "Where is Haru?"

They looked around but couldn't see his figure.

Komatsu, who was crying, told them his experience of the Century Soup had been stolen. He told them that Haru was trying to catch the robber.

They were devastated but they couldn't do anything right now. Their bodies were tired and they weren't in a state to fight with someone.

"Shishishi, don't worry, he will get that that Century Soup," Luffy said.


Somewhere in the Ice Hell.

Haru was clutching on his useless left arm that almost cut off.

"Give back the Century Soup!"