Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 127

Volume 1 Chapter 127 Three Drops

Haru saw the man in front of him holding a box that contained a Century Soup. He made an optic illusion with his light magic and created a fake left arm while making his real left arm became invisible. He extended his left arm which covered it in light magic moving quietly toward the person in front of him.

"Can you introduce yourself first?' Haru asked.

The man smirked at his question, "I don't mind telling you, my name is Alfaro and I'm the waiter of the Gourmet Corp."

Alfaro is a tall man with very pale skin and has a very large nose and eight arms, giving him the appearance of a spider. He has long black hair and wears two red earrings that are fashioned after kitchen tools, the one on his left ear appears to be designed to resemble a corkscrew and the one on his right appears to be designed after a bottle opener. He dresses in very formal attire which consists of a black tuxedo ensemble and a black cape.

"Waiter?" Haru titled his head. He tried to ask him a lot of questions to distract his attention since his left hand almost touched the box.

"Yes, I'm a waiter and the personal aide of the boss," Alfaro smiled and didn't notice anything. He looked at him and asked, "How about you join our Gourmet Corp?"

"Why?" Haru was very surprised but inwardly smiled since he had touched the box. He used his 'Sticky Fingers' and created a small zipper to open the box.

The soup dripped out slowly from the box and he kept it on his finger since he had opened a space on his finger with his zipper.

Alfaro wrinkled his forehead when he heard a commotion in the sky. He saw a battle between two monsters, "Two vermin squabbling, how irritating." He took out a plate from his cloak and threw it toward both Hellboros and Parasite Emperor, "Plate Shuriken!" The plate moved very fast and cut two monsters into pieces. The plate came back and also moved very fast.

Haru was stunned by his attack and forgot to take back his hand which was still stealing the Century Soup on him.


'Shit!" Haru wanted to move his arm but his reaction was too slow. That plate almost cut his entire left arm but hurriedly moved his arm back as soon as possible. He felt a throbbing pain in his left arm.

Alfaro saw blood on his white and frowned. He cleaned it until he felt something was wrong with the box that contained the Century Soup, even though it was only three drops but he could feel that decreased weight in the box. He looked down and saw a zipper opening the box made the soup dripped out from it. He hurriedly took his plate to catch the drop of this soup, "Zipper?"

'F.u.c.k!!!' Haru wanted to curse this person. He made his left arm come back and saw that it was gnashed with deep wounds that were enough to cut his left arm entirely. He knew that the only thing that connected his left arm was the skin that would break with little force.

"Dammit, Sticky Fingers!" Haru forced his left arm to connect together and used the power of the zipper to close the wounds. He used both medical jutsu and light magic to heal his left arm. He didn't want to lose his left arm in this battle.

Alfaro wrinkled his eyebrow when he saw him. He looked at him in anger and shouted, "Give back the Century Soup!" He wouldn't even give him a Century Soup even though it was only three drops.

Haru frowned since he only took three drops of Century Soup. He was full of anger and wanted to kill this person, "YOU SHOULD BE THE ONE GIVE BACK OUR CENTURY SOUP!"

Alfaro didn't say nonsense and threw out his plate toward him, "Plate Shuriken!"


Haru hurriedly used his light magic to make himself invisible and ran very fast. His body was almost cut by his plate but he had moved several hundred meters from his location. His only thought was to run away since he couldn't beat him. He was confident in his running ability only he underestimated the speed of his enemy.


Alfaro raised his plate and wanted to slice him in half. Even though he couldn't see him, his battle experience made him able to detect his location. He started to move very fast and suddenly he had arrived at his side. He raised his plate and wanted to cut him in half.

Haru felt that the time had stopped at that moment. He started to remember his life in this entire 15 years and his little sister. He felt that his life was replayed in his head thousands of times.

'I don't want to die,' that was the only thing on his head at that moment. His brain played thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and millions of scenes in which the result of his battle with Alfaro.

His only thought was to stay alive from this mission and go home to meet his little sister. His face was full of rage and hate toward this person who would make him unable to see his little sister.

His eyes suddenly blurred and felt that he could see the trajectory of Alfaro's attack. He knew that he couldn't get out unscathed and decided to sacrifice something. He moved his body slightly to the right and diverted the trajectory of Alfaro's attack toward his left.

His entire left arm was cut cleanly from him but his attention was full toward his enemy, "IF I DIE THEN YOU NEED TO DIE!" His right hand moved very fast toward Alfaro's head, "STICKY FINGERS!!!" He opened his head with a zipper and smashed his entire brain with his punches.

Haru was blinded by rage when he thought that he wouldn't be able to see his little sister again. He needed to stay alive in this mission to meet his little sister.


The moment someone lost their brain, it was the time that someone was truly dead.

Alfaro would never be expected to lose his life to the existence that was similar to an ant in his view but it was too late. His brain was destroyed without leaving anything, he would still be able to pump his blood when he destroyed his heart but it was different from the brain.

Everything inside his body was dead the second his brain was destroyed by him. His eyes were dim and he fell down on the ground without any resistance.

Haru felt very weak since he lost a lot of blood. He closed his wounds on his left shoulder with his zipper and kept the Century Soup on his body.

Suddenly he lost all of his energy and plopped on the ground.

Haru knew that he would die because of this cold weather but he didn't want to die. He would do anything to stay alive no matter what. He felt very sleepy but he forced himself to stay awake. He needed to stay alive to meet his little sister.

Step! Step! Step!

Haru thought it was a dream but he didn't care. He was very weak and could only say, "Help me...." He didn't care who helped him since he only wanted to stay alive and met his little sister. He only heard a faint woman's voice before fainted.

"Oya, Oya, what a mess here...."