Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 128

Volume 1 Chapter 128 Strange Condition

Haru felt quite comfortable and opened his eyes slowly. He smelled something delicious and started to adjust his vision. He opened his mouth slowly and asked, "Where is this?"


Suddenly someone jumped into his wounded body and hugged him tightly.

"IT'S HURT!!!" Haru shouted.

"Don't hug someone who is wounded, bastard!"


The person who hugged him was thrown quite far by this punch.

"Are you okay?"

Haru could see the figure in front of him clearly, "Tsunade?"

"How is your body?" Tsunade asked with a worried tone.

"I'm fine, and what about Century Soup?' Haru asked.

Everyone who heard his question looked at each other.

"Haru, don't worry, I will create Century Soup," Komatsu asked.

"What happened?" Haru asked. He felt that his memory was kind of fuzzy.

"Oh, Haruka-kun, you have woken up, your life force is really strong, huh?" Setsuno suddenly appeared in front of him.

'Well, I'm the reincarnation of Asura Ōtsutsuki, duh,' Haru thought inwardly. He looked at everyone and asked, "Can you tell me what is happening?" He felt that his body was wrapped by something but he felt quite nice.

"I'll tell you what happens," Tsunade said.

"Alright," Haru nodded.

Tsunade told him that the Century Soup was gone and Teppei decided to squeeze every last of the Gourmet Show Window to let out one drop of Century Soup.

They decided to let Komatsu drink it because they hoped he could recreate the Century Soup.

"Don't worry, I will do my best," Komatsu said.

"Shishishi, we believe in you, Komatsu," Luffy said with his usual laugh.

"Then we were saved by my grandma," Teppei said.

"Can you tell me what happens in your case? Your condition is very bad when we see you on this Limousine Jellyfish," Takimaru asked.

The Limousine Jellyfish is a giant flying jellyfish whose elastic insides can be molded into anything a traveler may need, such as rooms and furniture.

"Who saves me?" Haru asked.

"It's me," Setsuno said.

"Thank you very much," Haru was grateful toward her.

"Haruka-kun, can I ask you a question? Setsuno asked.

"Yes?" Haru asked.

"Who can kill that Gourmet Corp's member? I'm sure that person is very strong since I felt that person should be one of the core members, at least stronger than Tommyrod that you have been fighting before," Setsuno said.


Her words stunned everyone.

"Is that true?" Toriko was stupified when he heard that the person that Haru had fought was stronger than Tommyrod.

"I'm not sure about Tommyrod, but I saw that person can cut two big monsters in the sky easily," Haru said. He remembered how he had fought Alfaro in a deadly battle. He also saw that everyone was moving blurry. He felt that they were moving slowly and made an afterimage. He had a headache and a painful expression when he kept having this afterimage.

"What's wrong?" Tsunade was worried.

Haru decided to close his eyes since this vision gave him vertigo, "Nothing, just a headache." He suddenly felt something was missing on his left. He was stunned and moved around from the green thing that wrapped his body.

"Oi, don't move around, this is Doctor Aloe, this plant will heal your body," Teppei tried to stop him.

"Where is my left arm?' Haru asked with a serious expression.

They looked at each other and weren't sure what they should have answered him.

"You lost your left arm," Match said.

Haru had a headache and said, "Don't worry about that, can you show me my left arm?'

"Here," Toriko gave it to him.

His left arm's condition was still very healthy, even though it was full of wounds.

"Can you help me to get out of this Doctor Aloe? Also, Tsunade helps me heal for a bit after I have connected my arm," Haru said.

"What are you going to do?" Tsunade wrinkled her eyebrow.

"I'm going to connect my arm," Haru said.

"How?" Takimaru asked.

"Let me get out of this Doctor Aloe first," Haru said.

"Teppei, can you?" Luffy asked.

"Alright," Teppei sighed and took out the Doctor Aloe that wrapped his body.

Even though he felt quite weak, it was enough to move around. His life force was quite strong and he took his left arm while still closing his eyes.

However, he felt weird since he felt that he could see anyone in this Limousine Jellyfish even though he closed his eyes. He could also accurately place his left arm on his shoulder.

"Sticky Fingers!"


A zipper suddenly appeared and connected his left arm.

Haru tried to move his left arm but he couldn't move it, "Tsunade, can you help my nerves on my left arm?"

They were just too stunned when he saw him connecting his left arm with a zipper. They were more startled when they heard her shouting.


Haru sighed, "You don't need to connect all of them, at least help me connect thousands of them, after that, I can do it myself."

Tsunade sighed and had a headache but she didn't refuse, "Let me do it." She sat beside him and started her medical jutsu.

"Here, you should eat a lot of food to bring your energy back," Setsuno gave him a plate full of food.

"Don't worry, Komatsu will bring back Century Soup," Toriko said with a smile.

Komatsu felt that his pressure was getting harder.

Setsuno only smiled at their interaction.

"Well, about Century Soup, I have some here with me."


His words made everyone startled and they saw him open a zipper on his stomach.

Haru took a box that contained a Century Soup, "I have killed a member of Gourmet Corp before, so let's eat this together." He smiled while looking at them.


They were excited beyond belief when he took out a box that contained a Century Soup.

"HARU, YOU'RE AMAZING!!!" Toriko hugged him tightly.

"HARU, AMAZING!!!" Luffy also hugged him too.

"HARU!!!" Takimaru was crying and hugged him.

"HARU, I LOVE YOU!!!" Teppei was very happy.

"DAMMIT, BOY!!!" Match was also very happy.

"HARU!!!" Komatsu was crying in happiness since he felt his pressure had decreased.

"Hohoho, youth..." Setsuno smiled.

"DAMMIT GET AWAY FROM THE PATIENT!!!!" Tsunade shouted and punched each of them.

Haru was twitching on his bed and thought his bones were almost broken. He felt quite regretful about taking out Century Soup during this time.