Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 130

Volume 1 Chapter 130 Life The Country Of Healing

"Country of Healing, huh? Interesting, I want to see it," Tsunade said.

Teppei nodded, "That's right, we can use this chance to heal everyone after that battle."

Match was looking at his subordinates, his three subordinates were hurt and couldn't move because of their wounds after that battle.

"Shishishi, I'm sure Chopper would love to visit this country," Luffy said.

Haru didn't open his eyes but he could see and felt his surroundings.

"Can you really see something while you close your eyes?" Toriko asked curiously.

Haru nodded, "Yeah, you don't need to worry."

"Alright," Toriko nodded.

Haru looked at Komatsu, "Komatsu, can I visit you when you cook your food?"

"Of course, you can visit me anytime at Gourmet Hotel," Komatsu said with a smile.

"Thank you," Haru nodded.

"Oi, Match," Tsunade suddenly said.

"What's wrong?" Match was a bit afraid of her.

Haru had a bad feeling when he heard her asking something.

"There's a big casino in your country, right?' Tsunade asked.

Match nodded, "That's right, in our country, there is the biggest casino in the world, Gourmet Casino." He started to explain to them about this place.

Tsunade was very excited when she heard this, "Luffy! Haru! We need to go to this place!"

"Eh? Why?" Luffy didn't really have that much interest in the casino.

"Don't worry, there is a lot of food too," Match said.

"Alright, let's go there," Luffy nodded.

"Tsunade, are you sure? Have you ever won in a casino? You're a big fat sheep!" Haru reprimanded her.


"I don't mind going but ask for my money when you lose all of your money," Haru said.

"Alright, don't worry, I will win a lot of money," Tsunade looked quite proud.

Everyone who saw her couldn't help but thought that she would definitely lose a lot of money.

Match was also worried, even though the Gourmet Yakuza had some share of power in the underworld but their influence was still small compared to the Gourmet Casino. He whispered, "Are you good at gambling?'

"It's okay," Haru answered.

"Well, just do your best," Match didn't talk anymore.

They were talking to each other until they saw Life, the country of healing.


The Limousine Jellyfish moved quite fast and landed in front of LIFE's entrance.

Life is a large country made up of pine forested regions and vast green hills and fields. The main capital is a large city made up of small white and pink buildings and the area around the city is surrounded by a massive hedge that grows all around the city and it forms into an arch at the city's entrance which has the word "LIFE" written on it in bold letters.

"Welcome to LIFE," Teppei said to everyone.

They saw this country was very beautiful and there were a lot of colorful butterflies that were fluttering around.

"Yay!" Luffy was very happy and let the butterfly fly around him.

"Therapy Butterfly, they're attracted to the injuries and diseases of other creatures," Teppei explained.

"There are blue and red colors here," Takimaru said.

"The blue ones alight on light afflictions, and while the red one gathers at the severe ones, both of them will flock around life-threatening conditions," Teppei said.

Haru saw a blue butterfly moving around his left arm. He felt really comfortable and it felt quite nice.

They decided to stop in this country for a while but someone decided to go back.

"Everyone, I'm going back to the hotel so I can start to make that soup! I can't let a single minute slip by!" Komatsu said.

They smiled looking at their determination.

"Alright, Komatsu, I believe in you that you can make that soup again," Toriko said.

"YES, TORIKO-SAN!" Komatsu looked at Haru, "Thank you for bringing back the Century Soup, I know that soup is important to you but if you let everyone eat it, I will work hard for you too!" His eyes were filled with determination.

Haru felt weird because of his over-enthusiasm. He held his shoulders and nodded, "Alright, Komatsu!"

Komatsu wanted to hug him but Haru didn't want to hug him.

Komatsu felt a bit disappointed and waved his hand while at the Limousine Hotel.

Haru really felt weird by his actions but still said goodbye.

"Alright, let's enter the LIFE, I will become your guide," Teppei said with a quite excited tone. He looked at three of them and asked, "I have never asked it before, but three of you are not a Gourmet Hunter, right?" He was a bit curious.

"We're not," Haru nodded.

"Then? What is your job? Also, your novel is rock, Haru," Teppei said after reading it on the Limousine Jellyfish.

"Pirate," Takimaru said while pointing at Luffy.

"Doctor," Match said while pointing at Tsunade.

"Novelist," Toriko said while pointing at Haru.

Teppei was surprised, "Seriously?"

Haru, Luffy, and Tsunade nodded at the same time.

Teppei thought for a bit and asked, "Are you interested in becoming Gourmet Reviver?" He knew that they were very strong and it would be wonderful for them to join them.

They looked at each other and smiled while looking at him, "No." They answered at the same time.

Teppei only laughed, "Interesting, alright, let's go, let's enter this place, also, there is a publishing company here, do you want to publish your book here?"

"Is that okay?" Haru felt a bit weird to become a novelist in this world.

"It's fine, let's go," Teppi said and started to guide him through LIFE, the country of healing.