Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 132

Volume 1 Chapter 132 Gourmet Casino Onward

They walked toward a terrace where there was Toriko, Match, Takimaru, Teppei, and one stranger.

"Who are they?"

The stranger asked.

He is a man in his mid 20's with a very effeminate appearance. His hair is long, flows downwards and is colored white, blue, green and pink along each strand.

"Who are you?" Tsunade asked.

"Sunny, these are Luffy, Tsunade, and Haru, they're our companions during our expedition on Ice Hell," Toriko said and looked at them, "This is Sunny, he is my friend."

"Shishishi, hello," Luffy smiled.

Tsunade nodded and sat on the chair while drinking vodka.

"Hello," Haru smiled.

Sunny nodded and smiled, "Oh, it's you guys, I have heard that you're quite strong." He looked at him and asked, "Why do you close your eyes? Don't you want to see my beautiful appearance?"

"No, I'm practicing something, you don't need to worry, I can see you clearly," Haru answered.

"Really?" Sunny asked.

Haru nodded and started to describe his appearance.

Sunny was a bit curious and asked, "How can you see me?"

"Hmm, it's just one of the martial arts techniques in my hometown, I have learned it and it is very hard to control it right now," Haru said but didn't explain the details.

"As you can see, he is very narcissistic, but he is very kind," Toriko said with a smile.

"What do you mean by narcissistic?" Sunny complained.

Tsunade was curious about him since Sunny could make himself beautiful, "Sunny, how do you take care of your skin?" She was old and still wanted to stay beautiful.

"Oh, I'm glad that there is someone that isn't glutton in this place, you ask the right person for that question," Sunny smiled.

Tsunade and Sunny started to talk to each other about how to make themselves become more beautiful.

Sunny was surprised when he heard that she was in her 50's but he could see that her skin was still beautiful and tight.

Tsunade was also surprised by his tips and tricks to make herself more beautiful.

Both of them exchanged info about each other and they had become sisters while talking about each other.

Everyone who saw them couldn't help but sweatdrop.

"That's right, Sunny, why are you here?" Toriko asked.

"Oh, I"m here to search for information on the desert in the Gourmet God Acacia's full-course meal! The food called 'EARTH'," Sunny said with a smile.


"What is EARTH?" Luffy asked curiously while eating.

"Hmph, you don't know?" Sunny seemed surprised and shook his head, "Well, it doesn't matter since it is very hard to find it, I need to find a man named Yosaku."

"Oh, that's my master," Teppei said.

"Really? Where is he?" Sunny stood up.

"Customers! You can't smoke in this place!"

"What?! Are you saying this is illegal?"

They turned their heads and saw the man that Sunny had been looking for.

"Don't tell me?" Teppei had a helpless expression on his face.

"Then the rule is made to be broken! If you follow the rules there's too much you'll be missing out on!"

They looked at each other and walked toward this man.


They were walking together to the big tree in the center of this town.

"Wow, it's amazing," Luffy smiled.

"So that's why you bring them to LIFE?" Yosaku asked. He shuddered when he thought about Setsuno's wrath on him.

"Yes, that's why, please heal them, it's better than getting rammed by granny Setsuno, right?" Teppei said.

"Of course, anything is rushed from granny Setsu's wrath," Yosaku nodded while smoking.

They entered a room with a lot of blood inside.

Tsunade frowned, "Why is there a lot of blood?" She was a doctor and she didn't like this scene.

"This is to remind me of my failure, you're a doctor?" Yosaku asked.

Tsunade nodded, "Yes, oh, can you help check his left arm?" She was curious about what kind of meaning that this man would use to cure a patient.

"Him? What's wrong with you, boy?" Yosaku looked at him again, "Also, what's wrong with your eyes?"

"Don't worry about my eyes, I'm training a martial art, my left hand is just separated from my body," even though Haru knew that his left arm was okay but he wanted to know the opinion of the doctor in this world since each one had their own opinion.

Yosaku looked at his left arm, "Hmm, there is nothing to worry about."


"Ouch!" Haru felt that his left arm was tingling after being slapped by him.

"Can you move it?" Yosaku asked.

Haru nodded and didn't show any uncomfortable feeling with his left hand.

"That's good, I'm not sure what kind of means that you used to mend your left arm but it's working, then you don't need to worry, you need to break the rules to get the solution," Yosaku smiled.

Haru didn't really care anymore when he knew that he didn't need to worry about his left arm.

Yosaku started to check everyone and cured their body with his strange methods.

Takimaru also got his panacea that he needed to cure his leader. He knew that he would have 10 billion in debt but he didn't care.

"Haha, I like you, don't worry and just break the rule, take the medicine! I don't need the money! Your spirit is enough payment for me!" Yosaku laughed and hugged him.

Their meeting was very good since this man was very nice even though he was lawless.

"Oh, Match, we will come with you later to the Gourmet Casino," Tsunade pumped when she thought that she would try a casino in this world.

"Alright," Match nodded.

Haru sighed and hoped that they wouldn't have a lot of debt. He looked at Teppei and called him, "Teppei, can I talk with you for a while?"

"Hmm? What's wrong?" Teppei looked at him curiously.