Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 134

Volume 1 Chapter 134 Gourmet Casino 2

Gourmet Casino --- From dazzling high-grade food to illegal ones available only through the underworld.

Each and every known food has been assembled as a prize at this, the world's largest casino.

The total area of the town of the same name covers a sizeable 650 square kilometers, 20% of which is dominated by the casino. Hundreds of billions of yen move every day, making it a true gambling kingdom.

"WOW, THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!!!" Luffy shouted looking at the scenery in this place.

"Good, my hands are itchy, let's enter this place as soon as possible," Tsunade said.

Luffy and Tsunade were moving together entering the Gourmet Casino.

Haru sighed, "Shin, can you follow them? I'm sure that they will make trouble."

"Well, leave it to me," Shin nodded.

Haru was also curious about this place and he had quite a lot of money from the thug that he had hypnotized before. He entered the Gourmet Casino and could see a lot of attractions in this place.

"T - this place is awesome...." Tsunade was fascinated.

"IT'S HUGE!!!!" Luffy shouted.

Haru looked around and felt that it was a very interesting place. He also couldn't wait to play in this place.

"Haru, Luffy, Tsunade-san, please come here, you need to change your money first," Shin called them.

"What is this?" Luffy asked.

They saw a big box that was written with 'Coin Change' on the top of the machine.

"This is 'Coin Change', you need to exchange your money into this coin," Shin said and inserted his 10,000 yen money inside.

Suddenly a single coin came out from that big box.

"You need this coin to play, I have exchanged my 10,000 yen bill into this single coin, you can exchange any amount of money," Shin explained.

"Oh, let me try," Tsunade said and took 1 million bills that she had gotten before. She exchanged it with a 10,000 yen coin.

Suddenly 100 coins came out from that big box.

"I can't wait to play," Her hands had become very itchy and she wanted to play as soon as possible.

"For your information, you can eat the coins," Shin said.

"Really?" Luffy said and took a coin from her.

"Hey!" Tsunade wanted to stop him but she was too late.

Luffy started to eat a single 10,000 coin and had a blissful expression, "This is very good! Very sweet!"

"Dammit, Luffy! Use your own money!" Tsunade was angry and punched him.


Luffy didn't get hurt from her fist and looked at her coin again.

Tsunade knew that it was useless to punch him. She wanted to learn an armament haki since it would help her to punch this bastard. She took her coin and looked at him with a wary expression, "You can't eat my coin again!"

Luffy felt a bit disappointed.

"Luffy, you can use your own money to change it into that coin," Haru said.

"Oh, that's right!" Luffy said and exchanged his money with a coin.

"I forgot to tell you that the higher the value of the Gourmet Coin, the better it tastes," Shin explained.

"Hmm, so you can exchange 1 million into a single coin?" Haru asked.

"Yes, you can do that," Shin nodded.

"Alright," Haru said and exchanged a million with a single coin.

Luffy who saw his coin couldn't help but gulped, "HARU, LET ME EAT THAT COIN!!!" He jumped toward him trying to get his coin.

Haru, who had learned an observation haki moved his body slightly and dodged him.

Tsunade wrinkled her eyebrow, "Haru, do you really exchange your entire million with that single coin? Don't you think the more coins the better?"

Haru smiled, "You don't need to worry that much, let's just enjoy gambling in this place first."

"That's right, I will win a lot of money today!!!" Tsunade was pumped.

Haru sweatdropped at her reaction and didn't intend to say anything.

Shin, who saw her, couldn't help but ask, "Is she a good gambler?"

Haru shook his head, "No, she is a big fat sheep, I'm sure she will lose a lot of money today."

"You should stop her before she loses all of her money," Shin said with a helpless expression.

"You should go to either Luffy or Tsunade, I will play a little bit," Haru said and waved his hand.

Shin who looked at him couldn't help but had a helpless sigh. He had gotten a task from his older brother and couldn't reject it. He thought for a bit and went toward Luffy since that guy was a bit worried. He ran toward him and called, "Luffy!!!"

"Shin, what is this?" Luffy looked curiously at the big tree in front of him.

"This is 'Slots Tree', when you get a higher number you will get a tastier fruit," Shin explained.

"Then I will try it!" Luffy said and put a coin inside this tree. He saw that the game started and he stretched his arm, "Rubber Rubber...."

Every guest who saw his arm suddenly stretched out couldn't help but startled.

"Pistol!" Luffy punched the tree and the number started to roll very fast.

Luffy and Shin waited for a while and they saw the number turned into 666.

"Oh, you're quite lucky to receive that number," Shin was surprised.

"Is that the fruit? Is it delicious?" Luffy asked.

"Of course, you should try it," Shin said.

Luffy didn't hesitate and ate the fruit directly, "YUMMY!!!"


Haru went around the casino and stopped at a baccarat game. He entered the game and placed his coin, "1 coin of 1 million yen." He entered the game for the first time.