Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 135

Volume 1 Chapter 135 Gourmet Casino 3

"Once more," Haru said.

Everyone snickered when they heard his voice.

"Please show your card," the banker said.

Everyone showed their cards but the audience couldn't help but look at him.


The banker twitched his lips and gave him the entire bet money.

Haru nodded and continued to play in this game.


"Dammit!!!" Tsunade was angry.

"C'mon, are you going to bet again?"

"Hahaha, you have lost a lot of your money."

The dealer looked at her and asked, "Are you going to continue?"

Tsunade looked at her money and it was empty. She didn't have money again in her pocket.

"Tsunade, what are you doing?"

Tsunade turned her head and saw both Luffy and Shin, "Luffy! Shin! Give me your money! I will definitely win this gamble and get you a lot of money!"

Shin who heard it couldn't help but sigh, "Tsunade-san, you have lost, please just retire."

"NO!!! I want to play this game again!" Tsunade said. She looked at Luffy and asked, "Is that a fruit?"

Luffy nodded, "Yes, I have gotten this fruit earlier from a game, this is very delicious."

"For your information, you can use that fruit to exchange it with 100 million worth of coins," the dealer said.

"WHAT!" Tsunade had a fire in her eyes, "Luffy! Let me lend that fruit for a while! I will definitely get it back for you!"

"No! I want to eat it!" Luffy shook his head.

"Dammit! Just give me the fruit!" Tsunade wanted to take the fruit from him.

"NO!!!" Luffy escaped from her.

"Excuse me, but you need to pay your debt before you can get out of this place," the staff suddenly said and gathered around them.

Shin blinked his eyes under his sunglasses, "How much is the debt?"

"50 million worth of the coin, we can take that fruit and give you 50 million worth of the coin," the staff member said.

"WHAT!!!!" Shin was startled and looked at her with susprised expression.

Tsunade looked quite embarrassed, "It can't be helped, I will win it next time! Definitely! That's why give me the fruit!"

"NOOOOO!!!" Luffy shook his head.

"Luffy, Tsunade, what are you doing?"

Tsunade and Luffy turned their heads together, "Haru!!!"

Shin, who heard his voice, couldn't help but felt very happy but he was stunned suddenly.

"H - Haru, what is that?" Tsunade asked with a shaky voice.

"Oh, this is a coin that I won earlier in the match," Haru said while shaking a bag full of coins in front of them.

"Haru! You're awesome!" Luffy was happy and thought that he could eat a lot of coins.

"Haru! Give me some of your coins! I will definitely give you back several times later!" Tsunade said with a hopeful expression.

"Before that can you pay for her debt first?" The staff came toward him.

Haru twitched his lips and looked at her, "You made a debt?"

His gaze made her nervous, "B - but, I will win! I feel that I will win the next game!"

Haru shook his head and looked at the staff, "How much?"

"50 million worth of coins," the staff member said.

Haru took the coin from his bag and gave it to them, "There."

"Thank you," the staff didn't say anything again and went away.

"Haru, you have gotten a lot of coins, let me try the 1 million worth of coins!" Luffy said.

Haru didn't really mind and gave it to him.

"Yay!" Luffy took the coin and started to eat it, "YUUUMMMMYY!!!!"

"It's not fair! How about me?" Tsunade said.

"You got guts asking me for money after I paid your 50 million in debt?" Haru said while crossing his arms.

"B - but..." Tsunade was nervous but couldn't help shouting, "I WANT TO PLAY! GIVE ME MONEY!"

Shin and Haru looked at her with a strange expression, 'Is this woman really an a.d.u.l.t?'

Haru shook his head, "Wait for a while, let me play something first before I give you some money."

"Oh, you want to play something? Let's go, I want to see how you can win a lot of money," Tsunade said.

"Haru, give me again! That thing is very delicious!" Luffy said.

"There is a lot of tasty food in this place, you shouldn't spend your time eating a coin," Haru said and walked toward the biggest machine in this casino.

They followed him and they couldn't help but become startled.

"This is huge!" Luffy looked at the casino machine.

"What the hell is this?!" Tsunade shouted.

"Are you going to play this thing?" Shin was startled.

Haru nodded and walked to the 100 face slot.

The 100 Face Slot is a gigantic slot machine with 100 faces vertically and 100 faces horizontally with 40 types of pictures in all. It rotates at 100-150 meters per second; as you get further, the rotation speeds up and the multipliers decrease. Because of Coco's vision, he can hit all the highest value faces.

Haru, who had learned observation haki wanted to test his ability in this gambling machine.

"Can you win?" Tsunade asked.

"If I win, I will give you 100 million to play," Haru said.

"OHHH!! WIN IT! WIN IT!" Tsunade said with a wide smile.

Haru looked at the machine and inserted 1 million worth of the coin.


"This is too fast! Can you really win it?" Tsunade became worried.

"Shh," Haru said and didn't explain. He put his full concentration on his observation haki. He looked at the machine directly and started to tap the button.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Everyone who saw him couldn't help but startled. They were in silence watching him playing on this gambling machine.

"7 - 7 - 7 - 7...." Shin was speechless.


Haru took a deep breath, looking at the result.



Haru felt a bit disappointed since he couldn't get golden meat but it was okay since he got a full line of number 7 symbol. He saw that he got 500,000 times money that he had insterted into the machine earlier.

They were waiting for a while until they saw the coin waterfall came out from the slot machine.

"HARU!!!" Tsunade, Shin, and Luffy hugged him together.

Haru smiled and thought that he could live quite comfortably in this world with this amount of money.


In the monitor room inside the casino.

"There isn't any indication that he was cheating."

"Hmm, then it can't be helped, let's invite him to the VIP room."

They nodded and started to communicate with their other staff.