Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 137

Volume 1 Chapter 137 Souvenirs

[Ding! 'Green Pompadour.' has joined the dimensional chat group!]

Kuroneko: "Oh! The newcomer welcome!"

Gintoki: "Oh! The newcomer welcome! +1"

Yajima: "Oh! The newcomer welcome! +1"

Green Pompadour: "Wow?! Are you guys really from a different dimension?"

Kuroneko: "Yes, but can't you tell me who you are?"

Green Pompadour replied hurriedly, "Haru, Luffy, and Tsunade didn't tell you my name?"

Luffy replied, "Teppei! Welcome to our group chat!"

Gintoki also replied, "Luffy, who is this 'Green Pompadour'? Also, don't forget about our souvenirs right?"

Tsunade replied, "The new member is Teppei, @Kuroneko, do you know him right?"

Kuroneko replied, "Yes, I have read a 'Toriko' manga and have finished it."

Green Pompadour was stupified, "Manga?"

Kurenko replied, "Yes, in our world, your world can become a movie, novel, manga, or storybook, everyone in here is the same."

Green Pompadour hurriedly replied, "@Haru, @Luffy, @Tsunade, why didn't you tell me? Also, can you show me the evidence?"

Tsunade replied, "Oh, you won't believe us when you tell the truth, also you should change your name, 'Green Pompadour' is kind of awful."

Green Pompadour was angry, "What's wrong with 'Green Pompadour'? This hairstyle is godly!!!"

Yajima laughed, "Hahaha, we have quite a cheerful newcomer."

Gintoki also replied, "Hello? Can you give me a sweet? The sugar rate in my body is quite low right now, you don't forget to give us a souvenir right?"

Tsunade: "The souvenirs are with @Haru."

Luffy: "Yes, there is a lot of food with him."

Gintoki: "@Haru!!!! WHERE ARE YOU! GIVE ME A SWEET!"

Teppei, who has since changed his name, also joined, "This group is interesting."

Yajima replied, "You should read the introduction of this Chat Group."

[Ding! Kuronenko has sent manga 'Toriko'!]

[Ding! Kuroneko has sent a anime 'Toriko'!]

Kuroneko: "@Teppei, that is the information of your world, you can see it."


Teppei, who was holding the mobile phone, felt kind of strange. He opened the file in both manga and anime that had been shared. He opened his eyes wide when he read the information in the manga.


Yajima: "Still, how is your adventure there?"

Tsunade: "It's really bad, Haru's lost his left arm."


They were startled when they heard this news.

Gintoki hurriedly replied, "How is he? Is he okay?"

Yajima: "@Haru, you're fine right?"

Kuroneko: "Who is his opponent?"

Tsunade: "If I'm not wrong, it should be Alfaro, a member of Gourmet Corp."

They hurriedly read a story of 'Toriko' to know who this person was.

Luffy: "Don't worry, he is fine and his left arm has been connected back."

Kuroneko: "Is that quest really that dangerous?"

Tsunade: "Oh, you don't need to worry that much about the mission, even though it was dangerous it was very fun."

Luffy: "Yeah, Haru made a lot of money in that place."

Gintoki was surprised, "What? How?"

Tsunade replied, "Gambling, he is very good with gambling."

Yajima was worried, "Still, I'm worried that we didn't receive his reply."

Luffy: "He should be talking to his little sister."


Yajima: "Alright, let's be patient."

Gintoki: "Yeah."

Kuroneko: "Yeah +1"

Tsunade: "Yeah +1"

Luffy: "Yeah +1"

Teppei: "Yeah +1"

Kuroneko: "Do you think he is going to tell a Group Chat to his sister?"

Tsunade: "Of course."

Gintoki: "I don't think he hides it from her, also, I'm quite curious about the taste of the Century Soup."

Yajima: "Me too."

Luffy: "It's divine."

Kurokeno was surprised, "Luffy can use a difficult word!!!!"

Yajima: "Surprise!"

Tsunade: "Surprise +1"

Yajima: "Surprise +1"

Gintoki: "Surprise +1"

Teppei: "Suprise +2 because of both manga and anime."

[Ding! Haru has sent 10,000x 10,000 yen worth of coins!]

[Ding! Haru has sent 10x 1 million yen worth of coins!]

[Ding! Haru has sent a 5 drunkard melon!]

[Ding! Haru has sent The Century Soup!]




They were startled by the number of gifts that had been sent by him in the group chat.

Haru: "There are our souvenirs, also, @Teppei, welcome to the group chat!"

Teppei: @Haru, thank you, but this is true, right?"

Haru: "Of course, you can use your points in this group to buy a lot of things and even shuttle to a different dimension, you should learn your story too."

Teppei: "Alright, thank you, everyone, I will check this manga and anime first."

Yajima: "@Haru, how is your left arm?"

Kuroneko: "Yeah, are you okay?"

Haru: "I'm okay, luckily, I have Sticky Fingers and it was possible for me to connect my arm."

Gintoki: "But still, the Quest of Group Chat is very dangerous."

Haru: "I can't deny that, but this Group Chat also gives us an opportunity to make us stronger."

Haru: "@Gintoki, @Kuroneko, how are both of you? You can use a chakra, magic, or did you buy a devil fruit?"

Kuroneko: "Of course, I have learned both magic and chakra."

Gintoki: "Yes, I have attained a body that won't get diabetes no matter how much I have eaten."

Yajima: "My Mr. President is very cute."

[Ding! Yajima has sent a picture 'Mr. President is very cute!]

They saw a picture of a turtle together with Yajima in the Group Chat.

Kuroneko: "Cute!"

Tsunade: "Cute! +1"

Luffy: "Cute! +1"

Gintoki: "Cute! +1"

Haru: "Cute! +1"

Haru: "Alright, I need to do something first, bye."


Haru existed from the Group Chat and looked at his little sister who tried a lot of food on the table.

"This coin is very good," Sora said.

"Oh, but the main attraction is this soup," Haru showed her a Century Soup.

Sora couldn't help but gulp looking at this soup.

"Here, let me feed on you," Haru said, and fed her a mouthful of Century Soup.

Sora opened her mouth and drank this soup in one gulp. She couldn't help but be surprised when she tasted it, "YUMMY!!!!"