Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 139

Volume 1 Chapter 139 Watching 'yosuga No Sora' 2

Haru twitched his lips looking at his reward.

"What did you get?" Sora asked curiously.

Haru didn't answer her and took out his reward. He felt weird when he got this reward. He felt that his tongue started to change for only a second. He wasn't sure but he needed to eat something to check it.

"Hey, answer me," Sora was annoyed when he ignored her.

"Hmm, I got a 'God's Tongue'," Haru answered.

"'God's Tongue'?" Sora was stupefied and said, "Is it that famous 'God's Tongue'?"

Haru nodded, "Yes, it should be that 'God's Tongue'."

"Do you want to check it?" Sora said while giving him a coin that he had brought from Toriko's world.

Haru nodded and ate the coin slowly but he seemed to be underestimated the effect of this God's tongue. He suddenly felt that there was a lot of data inside his head from ingredients, methods, time, and a detailed measurement to cook this edible coin. He suddenly felt that he had become a billionaire and there was only gold around him. He had won a lottery and got a lot of gold coins happily living similar to a salted fish until suddenly there was a rain of chocolate that almost drowned him in happiness.

Sora, who heard his description, was startled but also looked at him with amazement.

His shirt suddenly burst out and left him with only his pants, "This is 85 points." He felt that this number was suitable for the coin that he had eaten earlier. Even though it was using a special ingredient, there was still a slight mistake in the cooking preparation but it was still very delicious in his opinion.

"T - that's really God's tongue," Sora was amazed. She had seen it on the television before and knew the effect of this tongue.

Haru looked at his shirt and felt that his tongue was really powerful. He had never thought that he would get such a reaction from eating food. He was wondering whether he could get such a reaction from food that is cooked with normal ingredients.

Sora looked at him and said, "You should take a bath now, the water is still warm." She moved from his lap and kept looking at his body.

"Alright," Haru nodded and walked to the bathroom.

"Haru, can I see your Group Chat?" Sora asked.

"Sure," Haru answered absentmindedly and didn't think much since he wanted to take a bath. He really loved to take a bath and maybe he was a reincarnation of Shizuka from Doraemon.

Sora took his phone and started to play with it. She tried to open the Group Chat but it seemed that she couldn't do that. She frowned and started to look at his phone since she had never seen it. She saw that there were a lot of folders but she couldn't open it since she didn't know the password. She wrinkled her eyebrows until she found a 12 episode of the video. She raised her eyebrow, "Yosuga no Sora?"

Sora wasn't sure but she felt that she needed to open it. She opened the first episode of this video and saw that it was an anime, "Anime?" She heard melodic music coming from the video that and showed her a scene of someone on the train, "Is that Haru? And me?!" She was startled and kept watching this video.


Haru was resting in the bathtub while wondering whether there would be an update on Group Chat in the future. He remembered that he had gotten at least 7000 or more of points from a daily point and quest after he had used some of them to buy a recipe for his cafe. He thought that he should buy Body Strengthen] since it would help him to learn 'Armament Haki'. Even though his body had been strengthened by his 'Stand', it was better to be stronger. He also thought about buying martial arts since his fighting style was too simple.

Haru thought about 'Six Style' from 'One Piece'; 'Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist', 'Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist', and 'Void Fist' from 'One-Punch Man'; One of 'Breath Style' from 'Kimetsu no Yaiba' or other martial art that was provided in the Group Chat. He needed to check the group chat later since he didn't bring his smartphone right now. Even though he had learned 'Observation Haki' he felt that it still wasn't enough.

He also thought that he needed to find a girlfriend since it was better that way since after he rationalized himself it wasn't right to do that to his own sister. He splashed his face with water and relaxed. He took a bath for 15 minutes and went out since he wanted to train his magic. He dried his body and covered his body with a towel. He walked to his room but stopped when he saw Sora was watching something intensely.

"Sora, what did you watch?" Haru was curious and looked from behind but the video that she had watched on his smartphone made him startled and felt dumb to not delete it.

Sora paused the video and turned toward him while smiling, "You should wear your clothes first and watch this 'Yosuga no Sora' with me."

Haru felt that this smile felt malicious for him and he sighed.

"Is this our future?" Sora asked.

"Probably," Haru said.

"Probably? There are a lot of girls here?! Is this a harem anime?! You've become a harem protagonist?" Sora was quite mad at him to hide this fact from her.

"You should watch it for a while, wait for me to change my clothes and watch it together, also this isn't harem anime and There is a reason that I hid it from you," Haru answered.

Sora looked at him for a while and said, "Then change your clothes and watch this with me."

"Alright, wait for a while," Haru decided to not hide anything from him and watched this together.