Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 140

Volume 1 Chapter 140 Watching 'yosuga No Sora' 3

Haru, who had changed into more comfortable clothes with only short pants and a loose t-shirt, came out of his room. He had prepared his mind in his room earlier and walked to the living room. He looked at her and said, "Sora."

Sora nodded, "I have connected your phone to the television, we can watch it better there." She said and patted the couch telling him to sit there.

Haru sat beside her and waited for the video to start.

Sora started the video and both of them watched this anime together. She looked at and said, "Why do we have to go to the countryside?"

"In that story, we don't have money, I'm not a writer and we decided to sell our apartment to live in the countryside since it is cheaper," Haru answered.

"It's good that we don't live there," Sora nodded.

Haru caressed her head, "You really don't want to live there?"

Sora shook her head, "If we leave there, we won't be able to meet Kato." She didn't want to leave her only friend.

Haru smiled, "You really like Kato, huh?"

Sora blushed, "A - anyway, let's just watch the video."

Haru didn't say anything again and they continued to watch.

Both of them saw a lot of girls that became close to him.

"As expected there are a lot of girls around you, from a childhood friend, rich milady, a shrine maiden, class rep, maid, etc," Sora listed the girl that had appeared in his life.

Haru rubbed his nose and said, "That's only happened in the story."

"Oh, really?" Sora looked at him with a doubtful expression.

"Anyway, why don't we talk about our opinion later after we have finished watching it until the end?" Haru asked.

Sora nodded and agreed since she felt that it was more effective that way.

Both of them continued to watch the video until they saw a scene where both of them were kissing at each other during their childhood time.

"Is this why you believe in this story?" Sora was also doubtful when she watched this anime but when she saw the scene where both of them were kissing she didn't doubt it anymore since this was the secret between the two of them.

Haru nodded and didn't say anything since his head was in mess.

Sora frowned when she saw the glasses girl that showed in the video. She didn't say anything and kept looking at the video.

Both of them kept watching until it was the end of episode one.

Sora didn't say anything but blushed really hard and wanted to know the next episode but she was waiting to watch the ending song movie video. She almost cried when she saw the memory of both of her parents dying from the incidents. She felt that he had caressed her head and she rested her head on his shoulder.

Both of them kept watching from the second episode that was filled with daily life then continued to the third episode where he met his first heroine, the rich milady.

Her expression was quite frosty when she saw him kissing the rich milady in the middle of the street, "Is she going to be your girlfriend?"

"In this story? Yeah," Haru answered simply.

"In this story, huh?" Sora kept watching until the fourth episode when he met a problem until he had s.e.x with this rich milady. She didn't blink and kept watching the video until the end, "Is this the end?"

"No, there is still 8 episode left," Haru said.

Sora nodded and continued to watch the video.

After watching the fourth episode, she concluded that the maid wasn't her enemy since the maid was a clown in her opinion.

Sora watched the fifth episode and looked at him, "The girl is changing?"

Haru nodded, "After a few episodes the girl is changing."

"You are really l.u.s.tful, huh?" Sora looked at him with a deadpan expression.

Haru couldn't answer that question since it was his nature.

Sora saw him in the next episode that very skillfully captured another girl and then having s.e.x again with this shrine maiden. This time, the style of their mating was quite wild in her opinion compared to the first girl. She rubbed her chin and thought that the second girl was quite wild but she also knew that her brother was also a beast.

Haru hid the blush on his face and he felt quite awkward when he saw his sister watching his video of him having s.e.x with a girl.

Sora frowned when she saw the next girl, 'This girl...' She wouldn't forget about this girl since she had watched both of them before in her childhood time.

"Sora..." Haru also knew that she had peeked at him during that time but that glasses older sister was very wild and he couldn't stop her.

"Stop it, let's keep it until we have watched the entire episode," Sora said while watching the video intensely.

Sora ignored the comedic male character who always teased her and watched the development of him with this glasses older sister. She also felt when she saw the last video when both he and the maid were mating together since she thought that the maid was a clown but she didn't expect that both of them had really done it.

She continued the next episode and watched him mating again with this glasses older sister. She hugged her stuffy doll and tucked his t-shirt tightly. She hated it when she saw him doing it with another girl.

Haru decided not to say anything right now and kept watching together.