Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 143

Volume 1 Chapter 143 Side Effect Of Saitama's Power

Haru read the letter for a bit and raised his eyebrow.

"What's wrong?" Hiratsuka asked.

"Nothing, don't you have some matter this afternoon?" Haru said.

"Oh, that's right!" Hiratsuka moved very fast and went out of his bakery.

Haru looked at her from the door and said, "Be careful on the way."

"Alright, tell Sora that I'm going home," Hiratsuka didn't plan to stay another night with them and would come back after she had done with her matter in this town.

Haru nodded and waved his hand until he saw her had gone. He went back to his cafe and sat down on the seat while enjoying his coffee. He decided to open the Group Chat and it seemed that it was quite rowdy.

Teppei: "Dammit, my grandfather, my grandmother...." He had just read the entire Toriko and knew that his family was in danger. He was also under the manipulation of the enemy and attacked his friends and family.

Haru knew that the world of Toriko was very dangerous.

There were several monsters in that place that could destroy the world in an instant.

Haru: "Then you need to get stronger @Teppei."

Teppei: "How?"

Haru: "Have you tried the [Body Strengthen] option in the Group Chat, the effect is very good, there are also a lot of superpowers that you can learn from this Group Chat."

Teppei: "But I don't have a point, thought T.T"

Yajima: "There is a lot of quest in the future, you don't need to worry."

Gintoki: "@Teppei, yeah, all of us here can help you fight the battle."

Kuroneko: "Now that you mention it, what kind of thing do you buy with a point?"

Tsunade: "I'm the same as @Haru, I only buy [Body Strengthen]."

Haru: "@Teppei, you should try to buy a 'Gura Gura no Mi' in this group."

Teppei: "'Gura Gura no Mi'? What is that?"

Kuroneko: "In Luffy's world, there is mysterious fruit that can give the eater a power, one of the most powerful fruit is this 'Gura Gura no Mi, the eater of this fruit can have the power to manipulate the shockwaves and create an earthquake, tsunami, etc."

Teppei: "Earthquake? Tsunami? Are you serious?"

Haru: "Yes, but still, even though there are several unique powers in this group chat, the body is also very important, even though it's very simple but when you increase it without limit, you can even beat anyone in one-punch."

Kuroneko: "Oh, that's right, maybe there is a power of Saitama in this Group Chat."

Yajima: "Saitama? Who is that?"

Kuroneko: "Saitama, he is the main character in the 'One-Punch Man' with his punch he could destroy the world and beat anyone with only one punch."

Everyone was surprised when they heard her story.

Teppei: "Oh, I found an instruction to become Saitama in the Group Chat." He was very happy and thought that he could become stronger this way.

Haru: "@Teppei, be careful, even though Saitama is powerful but when you have gotten his power there will be a side effect."

Tsunade: "Oh, is there a side effect when you have obtained his power?"


Yajima: "That training seems very simple."

Kuroneko: "Don't be fooled by that training instruction, even though it is very simple but the effect is very good but still there is a side effect when you have successfully trained and become the strongest man."

Gintoki: "Hey, don't tease us, what are the side effects? I'm very curious."

They were waiting for a while until both Haru and Kuroneko answered the side effect of this set of training.

Haru: "Bald."

Kuroneko: "Bald."


The group was silent when they heard this side effect.

Haru: "When you have successfully attained that power the side effect is you will lose all the hair in your head."

Gintoki: "It's better to be in perm rather than bald."

Tsunade: "I won't train that power."

Yajima: "I'll try, I don't have any more hair after all."

They weren't sure how to answer that statement.


Teppei, who read the side effects of that power, sucked a cold breath. He didn't expect that the effect of this instruction was to losing his hair. He looked at his beautiful green pompadour and couldn't imagine it when he had lost his trademark.


Teppei: "It's impossible! I can't become bald!"

Haru: "Don't worry, there is an option in this Group Chat that could regrow a hair that had been lost by intense training." He felt that there was everything inside this group chat.

Teppei: "Oh, really?"

They looked at the [Hair Growth Serum] and there were several types of it but it seemed they needed the strongest one.

Gintoki: "M - millions?!"

They sucked a deep breath when they saw the price.

Kuroneko: "You need to sacrifice something to become stronger."

Haru: "I can't refute that."

Tsunade: "I can't refute that +1"

Gintoki: "I can't refute that +1"

Yajima: "I can't refute that +1"

Haru: "Well, [Body Strengten] is better since it is cheaper and you can do it in unlimited time as long as you have a point." He thought for a while and asked, "@Teppei, can you share your knocking technique? I will also share my 'Life Return'."

Teppei: "You don't need to do that, I can share my knocking technique with everyone."

[Ding! Teppei has shared a 'Knocking Technique']

[Ding! Haru has shared a 'Life Return']

Haru decided to buy 'Life Return' yesterday, even though it wasn't a martial art but it was good to strengthen his body, even to the point of his cell as long as he trained it. He explained to everyone about this martial art and that the easiest way to learn it was to buy it through the group chat. However, they could learn it directly but the result depended on their understanding.