Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 144

Volume 1 Chapter 144 Practicing Observation Haki On Kato

Haru was waiting for someone in the train station together with Sora, Yuri, and Kato. They would go on a hot spring trip for a few days and they were very excited to go together. They were waiting for a while until they heard her voice.

"Sorry for making you wait," Utaha walked slowly while pulling her suitcase. She wore a beautiful white one-piece while smiling at him.

"You're late!" Sora said.

"How is it?" Utaha asked him.

"Nothing, you're not late, we're just early," Haru said.

Utaha looked at Sora while raising her chin slightly.

"Haru!" Sora has been annoyed since Haru defended her.

"Anyway, it's all thanks, Kato, that we can have a trip together," Haru averted the conversation and said, "Let's be grateful to her before we enter the train."

"Kato, thank you," Everyone said at the same time with a childish tone.

"What is this? Is this a grade school?" Kato said with a deadpan expression.

They entered the train together and sat together.

Sora raised her eyebrow looking at him, who was sandwiched by both Utaha and Yuri, "Why am I sitting here?"

"You don't want to sit with me?" Kato asked.

"A - ah, n - no, but Haru is wi...." Sora looked at Kato and tried to explain the misunderstanding.

"Don't worry, I understand," Kato smiled.

"Kato...." Sora didn't expect that she would be teased by her.

Haru smiled looking at the interaction between Sora and Kato.

"Sis-con," Yuri and Utaha said at the same time.

Haru twitched his lips, "That isn't the right word."

"Oh, then, what is it?" Utaha asked.

"It's a sibling's care," Haru said.


"Did you cook something?" Utaha asked.

"It seems that you are cooking something delicious," Yuri said.

"Do you ignore me now?" Haru twitched his lips and took out a box of food in front of everyone. He opened the box and could hear a voice of amazement from everyone.

"Haru, you know, your cooking skill has increased," Yuri said while eating his food.

"Hmm, that's true," Utaha thought that it would be nice to have him as a husband.

Sora also ate his food with a smile since his food was really good.

"True, this is very good," Kato nodded.

"I'm glad that you like it," Haru nodded and felt that it was great to have God's tongue. He knew that this tongue was really priceless in this world.

"Are you going to Totsuki?" Yuri asked.

Haru had received this question several times. He shook his head, "No, I'm not going there, cooking is only a hobby for me."

"That's right, he wants to be in one school with me and create a senior and junior relationship," Utaha said with a confident smile.

Yuri raised her eyebrow, "How can you be sure of that?"

"Because that's the truth," Utaha said.

Haru sighed when he knew that both of them started to have a fight. He thought that he really should date one of them. He knew that this hot spring would be a perfect place for him to confess. He knew that his confession might be very cheap since his feeling wasn't sincere enough but it couldn't be helped since it was impossible to date his real love. He stopped them having a fight, "Alright, stop fighting, both of you will disrupt the other passengers."

Utaha and Yuri looked around and noticed a lot of gaze on them. Both of them became quite embarrassed and used both of his arms to hide their faces.

Sora was really pissed but Kato who was by her side tried to stop her.

Haru felt that he had become a harem protagonist or he had really become a harem protagonist.


The trip was full of events but they had arrived at their destination safely.

The hot spring inn picked them up on the station using a car.

They felt relief and entered the car together

Haru thought that the hotel was quite luxurious since it was located in this special place.

"Kato, thank you," Haru said.

"Don't mind," Kato said.

Haru decided to sit with her since he felt calm and he could take a rest this way.

They didn't stop in the hotel but in the hot spring spot near the hotel. They went around this place and tried a hot spring foot soaking pool together.

"This feels nice," Utaha said.

"Yeah," Yuri nodded.

Both of them were enjoying this foot bath.

Haru looked at both Kato and Sora. He felt that it was great that he had learned observation haki. He could detect his surroundings even when he closed his eyes. Even though it was good, Kato's skill was just too much for him. He wasn't sure whether it was plot or her own power but sometimes he lost her but at the same time, he could use her as a means of practice his power. He closed his eyes and focussed on his surroundings until he found someone who peeked at them. He raised his eyebrow, 'Girl?'

Haru wasn't sure why this girl was trying to peek at them. He decided to ask them to move around buying some food and souvenirs along the way.

They were touring around this place until they were satisfied. They went back to the hotel and asked the receptionist about their room.

"There is only one room?" Haru asked.

"Yes," the receptionist nodded.

Haru looked at them and said, "You don't mind saying one room with me?"

They nodded unconsciously but their minds were imagining something wild would happen later.

Haru frowned when he still felt that girl was still following them. He wasn't sure what this girl wanted but he only hoped that it was his misunderstanding that she was following them. He looked at them and said, "Let's go."

'Beast...' They thought inside their hearts when they saw him very confidently asking four girls to sleep with him.

Haru didn't know that they had misunderstood him and he didn't really think much since he was worried about the girl who had been following them.