Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 145

Volume 1 Chapter 145 I Have Given You A Reminder

They entered their room and were amazed at the size of the room. They thought it was small but it was quite big even though there was only one room here.

"Oh, there is a private bath here," Yuri said while looking at the outdoors of their room.

"Isn't that good? Can we take a bath together later?" Utaha said while looking at him.

"If you're not comfortable with me, I can take a bath in the outside thought," Haru said to them.

They looked at each other and felt a complicated feeling. They would be fine if they were alone but there were four girls here.

"I'm fine," Kato suddenly said.


Sora, Yuri, and Utaha looked at her calm face with a surprised expression. They looked at each other and nodded.

"Alright," Sora nodded.

"It's okay," Yuri nodded.

"Sure," Utaha nodded.

"Well, then I will take a bath first," Haru said and walked to the private bath alone.

"I will enter too," Sora said, but her hand was pulled. She frowned, "What's wrong?"

"Why do you naturally enter the bath?" Utaha asked.

"It's okay, I have taken a bath with him several times," Sora let out her hand and followed him.

"That two...." Yuri was surprised when she heard that both of them had taken a bath several times. She started to remember that there wasn't any law for a cousin to marry to each other. She knew that their relationship was really dubious.

"Then I will enter too," Kato suddenly said and walked silently.

Utaha and Yuri looked at each other and nodded. Both of them entered the battlefield together.


Haru had taken off his clothes and only covered his private place with a towel around his waist. He cleaned his body and entered the hot spring.

The pool was quite nice and it was quite large enough for five people.

He still could feel the girl was following them and hid on the roof. He knew that this girl wasn't aiming for him, rather someone in his group. He was curious about her target and would only move after she started later. He hoped that he had bought his smartphone since he felt quite lonely here.


He looked and saw his little sister coming.

"Haru, it's not fair, you have entered the bath first!" Sora said. She didn't show any discomfort looking at him rather she was quite envious that he had entered the bath first.

"You should clean your body first, the bath is very nice," Haru said.

Sora nodded and hurriedly washed her body but stopped when the door was opened by someone. She thought that they would be too afraid to join but didn't expect someone would enter suddenly.

"Kato?" Sora was surprised.

"You don't mind me joining right?' Kato asked.

Sora shook her head and sighed in relief, looking at her best friend.

Kato looked at him for a bit and turned her head. Her expression was very hard to read and no one had realized that she was blushing right now.

Then the door was opened again and this time both Utaha and Yuri had also entered the stage.

"I will enter first!" Utaha said.

"No, I will!" Yuri said.

"Both of you calm down, be careful since the floor is wet," Haru told them.

Yuri and Utaha stopped and turned their attention toward him. Neither of them noticed it before since his shirt was quite loose but didn't expect that his body was quite good. Both of them felt that their heads felt slightly light-headed and almost felt like they had a nosebleed.

Similar to men, even women are also interested in each other's bodies.

"What's wrong, you will catch a cold when you stay in that place for a long time?" Haru asked. Even though his voice was calm, it was very hard for him to calm himself.

Yuri and Utaha also hurriedly washed their bodies while hearing his voice.

Sora and Kato had finished cleaning their bodies and entered the private bath together.

"This hot srping is very nice," Sora said.

"Yeah," Kato nodded.

"I have heard that this hot spring is quite beneficial for the skin, making it more supple and beautiful," Haru said.

"Really? How did you know such a thing?" Yuri asked and also entered the bath.

"Didn't you read the introduction earlier?" Utaha asked.

"I was having too much fun eating earlier," Yuri said while remembering the food they had eaten in the afternoon.

"Well, I can't deny that it is quite delicious," Kato said.

Haru, who looked at the four girls who were communicating with each other in harmony, felt that it was really good. He felt that it would be very wonderful when they could accept each other then he wouldn't have this much trouble.

"Haru, can you show me your s.e.x.u.a.l organ?"

Her words made everyone startled.

"K - Kasumi-san!? What are you saying?" Yuri was startled.

"What's wrong, I'm only curious," Utaha said with an obvious expression.

"B - but...." Yuri also looked at him.

Kato was calm and didn't say anything in this situation.

"No, you can't do that!" Sora stopped both of them.

"Sora, please let us go," Utaha said.

"Me too?!" Yuri was startled.

"No, you can't, I need to protect him from both of you," Sora said.

Haru sighed and looked at the starry night. He felt that it was very nice earlier until they started their argument. He really hoped that four of them could become friendly to each other.

"Please excuse me."

Haru who had learned observation haki knew their next action but he let it happen since he was too tired.

Utaha took out his towel and showed his jewel to the world.

The world was stopped for a few seconds for the four girls when they saw this jewel.

"Can I take my towel back?" Haru asked.

Utaha nodded with rigid movement.

"Thank you," Haru said and wrapped the towel on his waist again. He continued to relax since it was a very rare chance for him to stay in the hot spring.

Sora, who looked at three of them, knew that it was a very shocking scene for them. She had tried to protect them but it seemed that there were always foolish people who tried to enter the forbidden place.

'B - beast.....'

It was at the thought of each girl before they fainted on the hotspring.