Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 146

Volume 1 Chapter 146 Kato I ....

Haru brought both Utaha and Yuri who fainted on the hot spring to their room.

Sora and Kato were the ones who helped both Utaha and Yuri dry their bodies. Both of them were still red for the thing that had happened earlier.

Haru took his phone and read quite good news in the local area, "Let's visit the festival tomorrow."


Kato and Sora were curious and both of them walked toward him to read the news.

Haru could smell their fresh smell and it was a very fragrance for him.

"Let's go! Let's go there tomorrow," Sora was excited.

"I don't mind," Kato nodded.

"Me too, I'm going too," Utaha who had woken up said.

"Yeah, I wanted to see it too," Yuri, who had also woken up, said.

Haru felt that both of them felt quite funny, "Let's sleep first, I'm sure that you're very tired."

They nodded and started to set the futon on the tatami.

"I will sleep on the side," Haru said as he felt it would be troublesome to sleep in the middle of everyone.

"I would sleep beside him," Sora said, but her words were refuted by the two girls.

"No," Utaha and Yuri said at the same time.

"Then who will be sleeping beside him?" Sora asked since she felt that she was the most suitable in this situation.

"There is one person here, Kato, you go," Utaha said as she felt it was dangerous to let Sora sleep beside him.

"I'm supporting her decision," Yuri nodded since she didn't feel that Kato was a competitor even though Kato was also a beautiful girl.

Sora looked at her best friend and knew that this girl was the best choice, "Kato, protect him."

Kato felt that the three of them were very rude. She was wondering whether the three girls in front of her considered her a rival. She sighed and didn't say anything. She was quite nervous since she was sleeping beside him. Even though Haru didn't use a cologne, his body odor was really pleasant to her nose.

Yuri, Sora, and Utaha were also tired and three of them were sleeping after they had decided who would sleep beside him.

Kato, who saw his back, couldn't help but ask, "Haru."

"Hmm?" Haru turned and looked at her. He felt that it was really nice to be with her since Kato was really calming him.

"How is your girlfriend?" Kato asked.

Haru frowned, "Kato, she is not my girlfriend also didn't I have told you to forget about that thing?"

"I'm sorry but it seems impossible for me to forget about it, I'm not sure how your feeling right now when your girlfriend will die but please let me help you," Kato said.

"Kato, I'm happy that you're worried but she really isn't my girlfriend, our relationship is quite close but we're not in a relationship," Haru explained.

"So how can we meet each other?' Kato asked.

"Are you sleepy?" Haru asked.

Kato shook her head.

"Then do you mind for a night story?" Haru said.

"Sure," Kato nodded.

"Let me tell you about our meeting but don't ever tell anyone about it," Haru said.

"Yes, don't worry," Kato nodded.

Haru sighed and started to tell her about their meeting, "My first meeting..."


"Right now, I'm searching for a way to help her," Haru said.

"Can you do that?" Kato asked with a worried expression.

"I didn't tell her though since I didn't want to give her false hope, but I have seen a way to help her right now," Haru said.

"That's great," Kato was quite happy.

"Thank you, Kato, I'm not sure but when I'm with you...." Haru thought for a while and said, "I'm really enjoying that moment."

Kato was stunned and looked at him without expression.

"I have always been thankful to you for becoming Sora's friend, there are a lot of things that you have done for us," Haru said, and added, "Is there something that you want from me? I will give you anything?"

"Really?" Kato asked.

"Let me borrow the words of Utaha," Haru said and coughed for a while.

"????" Kato was confused by his words.

"Tell me your request, world domination, immortality, or defeating the Saiyans headed to earth right now, I can do that," Haru smiled.

"What is that?" Kato smiled when she heard his words.

Haru was a bit stunned looking at her smile, "Kato has someone who told you that you really have a beautiful smile."

"No..." Kato felt that her heart was throbbing really hard.

"Let me tell you that you should smile really often since you're really beautiful that way," Haru said.

"....I will do that sometimes," Kato answered.

"Then Kato, have you decided on your request?" Haru asked.

Kato, who saw him smiling, couldn't help but almost blurt out. She shook her head and said, "Let me keep it for a while."

"What? You want me to dress in a maid outfit? Kato, I don't know if you have such a habit?" Haru tried to hide his body.

Kato frowned when she saw him, "I have never said that to you."

Haru smiled, "I'm joking." He felt that it was really nice and thought, "Kato, are you falling in love with someone?"

"..." Kato looked at him for a while and asked, "Why are you asking that kind of question?"

"When you fall in love with him, do you want him only for yourself or you can share him?" Haru asked.

Kato raised her eyebrow and didn't answer him for a while. She gathered her thoughts and said, "Of course, I want him for myself."

Haru also understood her reasoning and he was okay with that. He thought that it wasn't romantic but he didn't care about that, "Kato..."

Suddenly someone entered his room and took Kato away.

"Eh?" Kato was silent and couldn't do anything when the kidnapper kidnapped her.

Haru stood up and started to chase them, 'Dammit, so her target is Kato?!' He was confused why that girl decided to kidnap her but he didn't care since he needed to save her.