Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 150

Volume 1 Chapter 150 Let Me Try It

In the morning, they had packed their luggage to go home.

Haru didn't hide his relationship but no one had asked them and talked normally.

Kato also didn't really say anything toward their reaction.

They were in the restaurant eating breakfast before going back to their home.

Haru was sitting between both Sora and Utaha.

Kato didn't sit beside him since she wanted to talk with Sora.

"How is it?" Utaha asked.

"What?" Haru looked at her.

"You're not confessing to someone?" Utaha asked and felt weird since she had been waiting for a night but she didn't see him confessing to someone.

Haru felt that Utaha probably didn't know that Kato was coming to the hot spring together with him since her presence was too thin.

"I did it last night," Haru answered.

"Who?" Utaha looked at every girl at the table, 'Yuri? No, she was with me yesterday, then... don't tell me!?' She looked at him with susprised expression and susprised, "You beast!"


"What are you talking about? Why am I a beast?" Haru looked at her with susprised expression.

"It's your sister, right? Yo-- You-- You really love your sister huh, you sister complex!" Utaha had a disgusting expression on her face.

"Why is it Sora?" Haru looked at her with a strange expression.

"Is it not?" Utaha was surprised.

Haru shook his head, "No."

"Then...." Utaha looked at the table again and remembered the girl that had very little presence, "Don't tell me, Kato?"

"Yes," Haru nodded.


Utaha looked at Kato with a fierce expression.

"Kasumigaoka-san, why are you looking at me like that?" Kato asked with a calm expression.

"Nothing," Utaha said while looking at her. She observed her from up and down trying to see why he had chosen her.

"Also, what have you been talking about there?" Yuri asked since annoyed and curious with what they were talking about earlier. She felt that both of them were pretty close to each other.

Utaha looked at her and smiled, "Nothing, just a secret between the two of us, right?" She looked at Kato.

Kato looked at him since she felt that she had been targeted or something.

Haru only shrugged his shoulders, looking at her reaction.


Haru was on the station but he stopped and looked around, "Megumi, can you follow me for a bit?"

"...." Kato was a bit surprised hearing him calling her name, "Alright."

"Where are you going?" Sora asked.

"Toilet," Haru said.

"Me too," Kato said.

Sora and Yuri didn't think much but Utaha who looked at both of them couldn't help but frown.


"What's wrong?" Kato, no Megumi asked him.

"Let's meet your teacher, Megumi," Haru said and walked toward the small space on the station.

"Teacher?" Megumi looked at him and saw that he had taken out someone there.

"How did you know I'm here?" C7 asked.

"I'm quite good at detecting people," Haru said and asked, "Where are you going now?"

"Me? I'm going to follow you," C7 said.

"How?" Megumi asked.

"I'll follow you and enter that steel beast," C7 said.

'Steel beast.....' Haru and Megumi thought that this ninja girl was coming from the past.

"Then when are you going to teach her?" Haru asked.

"You don't need to worry, I will come to her house from time to time," C7 said.

Haru looked at Megumi and asked, "How is it?"

"It's okay," Megumi answered.

"Really?" Haru was surprised.

"Yeah," Megumi nodded.

Haru shook his head, "Then do you want to follow us?"

C7 didn't answer him for a while and shook her head, "No, I'm a ninja, I can let anyone know my identity." She looked at him and said, "You shouldn't bother me again, I will be fine alone."

Haru didn't force his good intention, "Alright, I won't bother you anymore, let's go, Megumi."

"Bye, Sensei," Megumi bowed.

C7 nodded in response.

Megumi walked beside him and said, "Why did you suddenly call me by my name?"

"Oh, do you want me to call you by your family name?" Haru felt weird to call her 'first same' since she had always been calling her 'Kato'.

"No, it's okay," Megumi shook her head and asked, "What did you say to Kasumi-san earlier?"

"I'm saying that we have been dating since last night," Haru said.

Megumi nodded in response and felt very warm since she thought that both of them would make their relationship a secret.

"Do you want to tell everyone?" Haru asked.

"Let's just follow the flow," Megumi said and added, "However, we must tell Sora as soon as possible."

"Yeah...." Haru knew that her sister would probably be angry.

Megumi looked at his expression and said, "We can keep it a secret from her."

Haru shook his head, "No, it'll be unfair to you, the earlier she knows the better."

Megumi wanted to tell him that his sister had really a big 'Brother Complex' but she decided not to say anything.

They went back to their group.

"You guys are too very late!?" Sora said.

"There were quite a lot of people in the toilet earlier," Haru said.

"A lot of people, eh?" Utaha said while looking at him.

Haru only rubbed his nose and didn't intend to explain anything.

Utaha only snorted, looking at his reaction.

Sora and Yuri were wondering why Utaha had been in a bad mood earlier.


Teppei: "Oh, @Yajima, your food is quite good!"

Yajima: "I'm glad that you like it, I hope that I can go to your world thought to learn more about cooking."

Yajima: "Oh, that's right, you should ask @Haru since he bought a lot of recipes from the Group Chat."

Teppei: "Oh? @Haru is a chef?" He didn't eat with him before and didn't know that Haru was a chef.

Kuroneko: "He has opened a cafe in his world, you should try his food!"

Teppei: "Is it really that good?"

Kuroneko: "It's really good, his world is a bit different from us."

Teppei: "How so?"

Kuroneko: "There are a lot of other characters in different animes in his world."

Teppei: "Really?"

Teppei: "@Haru! Let me try your food!"