Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 151

Volume 1 Chapter 151 French Bread

They had arrived but didn't go back to their house first. They went to his cafe since it was time for lunch. They wanted to eat the food that was made by him.

"Do you want me to help?" Yuri asked.

"You should rest for a bit, I want to try a new recipe," Haru said.

"Oh, what are you going to make?" Megumi asked.

"Boeuf Bourguignon," Haru said.

"Beoe-- what?" Yuri asked.

"Boeuf Bourguignon, is it a french cuisine?" Utaha asked.

"Yeah, it should be good, I will also make french bread for the company," Haru said and went to the kitchen.

Utaha was sitting beside Megumi, "Kato."

"Hmm?" Kato looked at her.

Utaha looked around and whispered, "Are you really dating him?"

"Yes," Kato nodded.


Utaha wasn't sure what to say again in this situation.

"What's wrong?" Kato asked.

Utaha felt quite sad since he didn't choose her but she knew that both of them were still young, there was still a lot of time in the future, "I won't give up."

"Alright," Kato nodded.

Utaha frowned, "Do you believe that your relationship can last long?"

"That depends on the future, but I don't have any plans to break up right now," Kato said.

"I'm going to steal him from you," Utaha said.

Kato sighed at her, "Then try it."

"Are you not afraid?" Utaha asked.

"I'm not," Kato said, and added, "Rather than steal him, why not try to ask my permission."



Haru was cooking the food while looking and only waited for it to cook. He looked at his phone and saw there was a notification in the group chat.

Haru: "@Teppei, you want to taste my cooking?"

Teppei: "Oh yeah, I want to try it."

Haru: "I have gotten a perfect reward to increase the skill of my cooking."

Gintoki: "Oh, what have you got before?"

Haru: "God's tongue."

Yajima: "What is that?"

Haru: "It's a special tongue that is able to taste food in detail from ingredients, cooking time, utensils, and etc, helping me to create more delicious food."

Teppei: "Interesting, now, I'm getting more curious."

Kuroneko: "God's tongue? Is it from 'Shokugeki no Soma'?"

"Shokugeki no Soma?"

Everyone replied at the same time.

Kuroneko: "Let me send you the data for a while."

They waited for a while and received her message.

[ Ding! Kuroneko has sent 'Shokugeki no Soma' manga ]

[ Ding! Kuroneko has sent 'Shokugeki no Soma' anime ]

Haru was curious about this manga but he didn't read it immediately since he still needed to finish his cooking. He also made quite a number of french bread and decided to share it with everyone.

[Ding! Haru has sent french bread ]

Haru nodded and checked his beef bourguignon and the smell was really incredible.

Everyone who was waiting for him outside couldn't help but walk toward him.

"Haru, is it done?" Yuri gulped.

"Haru, let me taste it for a bit," Sora said.

Megumi and Utaha also got close to him.

The four girls surrounded him and made it hard for him to prepare his food.

"Alright, you should wait outside, I will be done for a while," Haru said and told them to get out.


Teppei looked at the french bread in his hand.

"This smell is quite good," Teppei couldn't see anything special from this french bread but he still decided to taste it. He took a bit of this bread and suddenly his eyes were shining.


Teppei suddenly felt that he was under an illusion and felt that he had become a child again. He remembered that he stayed with his grandpa during his childhood and looked at the starry sky.

"Teppei, this is a meteor shower," his grandpa said.

Teppei was amazed until he saw an Aries constellation on the sky.


Teppei shouted and mimicked the sound of a goat.


Everyone in the group chat also had the same illusion when they had eaten his food.


Haru took the pot of boeuf bourguignon on the table along with the french bread. He used goat's milk to make his french bread more delicious since goat's milk didn't give a mellow scent or slight acidity of the milk.

The goat's milk also has smaller size particles compared to cow's milk because many more of the particles are able to enter the dough and give it a richer flavor.

Haru saw that everyone was already very hungry and started to eat his food. He saw that they had entered a foodgasm and nodded. He felt that his cooking skill had increased once again right now.

They had eaten all of his food and let the robot be the one who cleaned the utensils and they were lazily resting in his cafe.

"Haru, you should look at this," Yuri suddenly said and showed him a website on her phone.

"Hmm, what's wrong?" Haru raised his eyebrow when he saw this, "Is it real?"

Yuri nodded, "With this, you can earn a lot."

Haru nodded and felt that it was a quite good offer. He saw a quite big house that was sold very cheaply.

"Are you going to buy this house?" Kato suddenly said.

Yuri was startled when she saw her suddenly appear there, "Kato?! Since when are you here?"

"She has been here with us for a while," Haru said, and was glad that he had an observation haki. He thought that her thin presence should be because of the plot of the author.

"Is it okay?" Yuri was worried that his identity as an Omnyouji or spiritualist was known.

"It's okay, she knows it," Haru said.

"Really?" Yuri asked.

"Yes," Kato nodded.

"Then, it's okay," Yuri nodded and glad that Kato didn't show any strange reaction. She looked at him and said, "Please keep his identity as a secret."

"Alright," Kato nodded.

Haru looked at an advertis.e.m.e.nt that showed a very cheap building but it was because there was a ghost in that place and a person who bought that big building would be cursed to death. He was interested in this place and decided to make another business.

"What are you planning with this building?" Kato asked.

"It's for business so I don't need to think much when I graduate and can marry you right away," Haru said while looking at her.

Kato, no, Megumi blushed after hearing his answer.

Yuri who was by their side opened her mouth wide, "What?!"