Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 153

Volume 1 Chapter 153 Quest Kuroneko

Early in the morning, Haru had woken up and went to his cafe to prepare his bread. He opened the door and entered his house until he saw someone who was in their panties there.

Haru knew that his libido was really bad, especially when he had become the reincarnation of Ootsuki Ashura and he was also in his puberty period. He felt that his face was a bit hot but he calmed himself, "Yuri, what are you doing only in your panties?"

Yuri was startled, "H - Haru?!" She was startled and started to run while covering her body.

Haru sighed and went to the kitchen to prepare the bread. He saw that his robot had started to work and he only needed to check the product.


Haru almost shuddered to hear her sweet words, "What's wrong, Yuri?"

"I hope that you don't tell anyone that you only saw me in my panties earlier," Yuri said.

Haru smiled, "So what did you do earlier only with your panties?"

"O - oh, I was quite thirsty earlier and decided to drink," Yuri blushed.

"Alright, you should help me to prepare since we will open the cafe soon, I"m sure a lot of people will come since we have taken a break for a while," Haru said.

Yuri nodded, "Alright, wait for a while."

Haru smiled and shook his head. He had a girlfriend now and couldn't do anything shameful.


Haru felt that his phone suddenly ringing. He saw a notification on the group chat and he was surprised to see there was another mission.

[New Quest of the Dimensional Group Chat]

[Quest: Become 1st Codor and invite one person]

[Participant: Two Persons]

[Reward: 2000 points and one random reward]

[System Note: The time will stop in the participant world. Please choose the right person to enter the Group Chat]

[Countdown: No]

Haru raised his eyebrow looking at the quest, '1st Codor?'

Suddenly the group chat became very lively.

Luffy: "Oh, there is another quest!"

Tsunade: "What is the 1st Codor?"

Yajima: "What is this 1st Codor?"

Gintoki: "@Kuroneko, @Haru, do you know anything?"

Haru wasn't sure the meaning of that 1st Codor.

Teppei: "Oh, is this a quest? It's similar to the three of you that went to my world before?"

Tsunade: "Yeah, it's similar to that."


Kuroneko, who was in her home, saw the quest. She raised her eyebrow and suddenly realized something. She browsed into her bookcase and knew that it was one of her most favorite manga, 'Magi!' She thought with a smile and read the mission, 'Become Codor 1st, that means...'

Kuroneko thought that she could use that chance to learn magic. She smiled and knew that the time in her world would be stopped and hurriedly wrote on the group chat.

Kuroneko: "Everyone! This time, please let me and Haru enter the quest!"

Her words created many misunderstandings.


Gintoki: "Haru! Did you flirt with her in private?"

Yajima: "Oh, Haru, you're similar to me in my younger times, I still remember that I had a lot of girls during that time."

Teppei: "Haru..."

Luffy: "@Kuroneko, why?" He also wanted to go to the quest but he didn't mind letting others play too. He knew that Kuroneko was a normal human and was afraid that this quest would hurt her.

Haru sighed and decided to let Kuroneko fix the misunderstanding. He also didn't know why Kuroneko wanted him to come with her.

Kuroneko: "Don't misunderstand! I asked him because he is a magician in our group!"

Yajima: "I'm also a magician."

Kuroneko: "@Yajima-san, you're too old."

Yajima: "...."

Tsunade: "@kuroneko, can you tell us this world in detail?"

Kuroneko: "In summary, this world is very suitable for a magician like me and Haru, I also want to use this chance to strengthen myself, I don't want to become useless in this group! Please, everyone!"

Haru: "No one has ever thought that you're useless, you're my friend."

Gintoki: "You're young, you don't need to think too much."

Yajima: "Yeah, you have always provided us with a lot of information, you're not useless."

Luffy: "You're our friend!"

Tsunade: "Alright, you can go to this quest, @Haru, please protect her."

Haru: "Of course."

Teppei: "I'm not sure what is happening but I'm very curious about this quest."

Kuroneko: "Thank you, everyone, I will send the file to everyone, I will go with Haru for this quest."

Tsunade: "I hope that you can invite a girl in our group."

[ Ding! Kuroneko has sent 'Magi' Manga ]

[ Ding! Kuroneko has sent 'Magi' Anime ]

Kuroneko: "That's the file, this world is similar to my world in the past only there is a magic here, the mission is about to enter the magic school in that world and become the best student there."

Haru raised his eyebrow, 'Become a magic student, huh?' He thought it wasn't bad since he could also learn his magic there too. He also understood why Kuroneko had asked him since he was also very young and very suitable to enter a school.

Teppei: "School? No, I will pass."

Tsunade: "School? No, I will pass +1"

Luffy: "School? No, I will pass +1"

Yajima: "School? No, I will pass +1"

Gintoki: "School? No, I will pass +1"

Kuroneko: "Alright, Haru, please prepare!"

Haru: "Good, but let me finish my business first and we can go when I'm done, you should prepare your thing."

Kuroneko: "Alright!"

Haru continued to prepare his bread since his cafe would be opened soon.

"Haru, let me help you," Yuri said and tied her hair in a ponytail.

Haru wasn't sure but he felt that this girl was really tempting him. He really needed his Kato's energy right now.