Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 157

Volume 1 Chapter 157 I Can't Lie..

"I'm back," Haru said quite tired after the meeting. He entered his apartment but it was quite dark since the light wasn't turned on. He also didn't receive an answer from her as usual, "Sora?" He walked into the living room but he couldn't see her. He decided to check her room and knocked on her door.

*knock knock

"Sora? Are you there? I'm going to enter your room," Haru said. He didn't receive his answer and entered her room. He had heard from Megumi earlier that she had told Sora everything.

From their conversation, Haru had learned that Sora had accepted their relationship but it felt quite wrong since it was quite easy. He entered her room and saw her there wrapped in a blanket, "Sora, have you eaten? I brought you something good." He walked toward her and shook her slowly.



Sora opened her blanket slowly and showed him her face. Her eyes were red and teary while looking at him, "Will you leave me?"

Haru couldn't think of anything else at that moment and hugged her with a lot of care, "I won't, no matter what, I won't leave you."

"T - then, why are you dating Megumi?" Sora asked.

"I love her," Haru said, but he knew that wasn't the real reason. He was afraid, he was afraid that he would really attack his real sister. He knew that he wanted it but he knew that he couldn't do that unless he had the power to change the rules of the country.

Sora was silent for a bit and suddenly her tears came out uncontrollably, "Please take care of her...."

Haru wasn't sure what had entered his mind at that moment. He was only moving on his instinct and he kissed her right into her lips.

"Hmph!!" Sora was surprised and felt happy inside her heart but at the same time, she felt guilty. She wanted to push him but she was hugged by him. She knew that she didn't want to fight it and decided to embrace it. She wanted to be close with him and didn't want to be separated from him.


Sora hugged his neck to make him closer to her.


They were kissing for a whole minute.

Sora had almost lost her breath and looked at him with complicated emotion. She had told him to take care of her best friend but here she was kissing him right now.

Haru felt burst inside his feelings. He really couldn't hold it anymore earlier and he was glad that he had done it, "I love you."

Sora bit her lips while looking at him.

"I know, I know that we're siblings and we can't have that relationship with each other but..." Haru grabbed her hands softly and his voice was a bit hoarse, "I - I can't lie to my feelings, I love you, Sora, not, as a family, but as a girl."

"I know that I'm wrong..."

"No, you're not wrong!" Sora shouted at him and looked at him with misty eyes, "Haru, I love you too."

Haru smiled, "I'm glad that I'm not the only one."

"Yeah, I love you, I love you not as a brother, but as a man," Sora hugged him.

Haru caressed her hair slowly, "You know that I'm very afraid to confess this feeling to you but I'm glad that I have done it."

Sora snuggled into him, "Yeah...."

They didn't say anything for a while and only hugged each other, feeling satisfied with only the warmth of their bodies. They knew that they couldn't do it but they couldn't stop it since they couldn't lie anymore.

Sora, who was in his arms, couldn't help but ask, "What about Megumi?"

Haru thought for a while and said, "Can we keep our relationship a secret for a while."


Sora didn't answer him in and snuggled deeper into his body.

"I know that it is kind of unfair for you but right now, I don't have the power to make you happy..."

"You have always made me happy! Without you... I!" Sora wanted to refute him. She wanted to tell him that he was her everything and there were only both of them in this world.

"Thank you," Haru smiled and let her see his eyes, "But I'm not satisfied with that..."

"What do you mean?" Sora asked.

"I know that our relationship is wrong in society, that is why, I know that is impossible right now, but not in the future, I want to hold hands and kiss you in front of everyone without fearing their opinion about us," Haru said.

Sora also felt that it would be wonderful when both of them could do that together.

"Maybe, I'm wronging you right now, but please wait, it won't be long...." Haru said and hugged her again.

"I believe in you," Sora said.

"Thank you," Haru said.


Haru wanted to laugh when he heard it.

"D - don't laugh!" Sora was very embarrassed.

"I have brought you something good, let's eat it together," Haru said.

"Alright," Sora smiled and kissed him again.

Haru was a bit surprised by her action but received it happily.

They kissed for a long time.

"What is that for?" Haru asked.

"I don't know, I just want to do it," Sora hugged him again.

Haru felt a bit helpless, "Let's eat."

"Oh, please carry me," Sora smiled while looking at him.

"What a spoiled princess," Haru said and picked her up.

Sora wasn't sure but she really loved to kiss him. She felt that he was attainable for her but that wasn't the case right now. Even though they had to keep it a secret, she was okay with that.

Haru was also happy.


Haru took his phone and saw that it was from a group chat.

Kuroneko: "Where are you?"

Haru sighed since he almost forgot about this quest.

"Haru? What's wrong?" Sora asked.

"Nothing, let's eat first," Haru said.

"Yes," Sora smiled.