Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 160

Volume 1 Chapter 160 Teach Me 'borg'

The trip to Magnostadt was quite long, especially when they were riding caravan that was moving because of the horse.

They needed to spend a few days on this trip.

Luckily, the trip wasn't that bored since they were playing a lot of games, talking about a story, singing, taking their experience with magic, etc.

Haru had learned that the magic in this world was using 'Magoi' as the source of the energy. He didn't think that it was that different from Chakra or Etherion since all of them were coming from the body of the user.

Only, Magoi has a shape that is similar to a golden small bird.

Kureneko, who had read the story, told him there was also a black Magoi in this world that was used by the evil organization in this world.

Even though the magician was similar, there was a special existence of magician known as Magi.

Magi is special because they are loved by Rukh.

Rukh is the main source of Magoi and the world's natural phenomenon.

When Life is born and lives within the flow, to move forward one must accept the truth known as Rukh's Guidance or "Fate".

Kuroneko and Haru were also special since they were coming from another world. Their existence should be against the fate of the Rukh but strangely enough, they didn't, maybe it was because the Group Chat was very powerful or there was something else. They weren't sure and decided not to think too deeply about it.

The people who stayed in this caravan were special since Kouha was one of King Vessel, someone who had conquered the dungeon and received the power of Djinn.

Djinn is a lifeform created by the Rukh that retained the memories and personalities of certain people from the different races of Alma Torran.

Each of them has a unique power depending on the type of Djinn that is residing on their weapon.

Kouha had also shown him the power of his Djinn that was a sword that could change its size according to his will.

In his opinion, it would be a fairly powerful power dependent on its user.

However, Kouha was kind of lukewarm when he was compared to Aladdin since Aladdin was one of the three Magi in the world.

In essence, Haru was similar to him since he had become the reincarnation of Asura Ōtsutsuki, the only difference that was the source of energy.

Haru had a monstrous amount of energy inside his body, in contrast, Aladdin was borrowing unlimited energy from the environment.

Both of them had a large amount of energy and could spam a lot of magic without getting tired.

"Aladdin, what's wrong with your hand?" Haru asked.

"Ah, no, I have a scar that is quite bad," Aladdin said with a smile.

Kuroneko who heard it couldn't help but wanted to praise his acting skill since she knew that there was a gem that was sealing his Magi power there.

"Kuroneko, are you his girlfriend?" Aladdin asked.

Kuroneko blushed and waved her hands fl.u.s.tered, "No way! I'm not his girlfriend!"

Haru nodded, "We are just friends that are taking a journey together to the Magnostadt." He calmly spoke to him.

Aladdin nodded and looked at her, "I understand why you're not dating her." He said he moved his hands to his chest and tried to mock her flat chest.

"YOU BRAT!!!" Kuroneko was angry and wanted to punch him.

Aladdin ran away from her since he didn't want to be punched by her.

Haru, who looked at both of them, sighed, "Aladdin, what is your magic?"

Kuroneko and Aladdin, who were fighting, suddenly stopped when they heard his question.

"Oh, Aladdin, you're a magician too, I almost forget," Kouha who was eating a gr.a.p.e that was fed by his servants looked at Aladdin with a bored expression.

Aladdin nodded with a smile, "I can only do fire magic and Borg."

'Borg,' Haru remembered that 'Borg' was proof of someone who could use magic. He had never used a 'Borg' before and wondered whether he could enter the Magnostadt or not.

"I can do Borg," Kuroneko said and wrote a 'Borg' in the air when suddenly she was wrapped in a golden sphere barrier around her body.

Aladdin was a bit surprised when he saw that the 'Borg' that had been made by Kuroneko was quite different from him. He was even more curious about this Kino Country and wondering whether there was such a large difference in the magician.

Haru felt that her 'Word Magic' was a bit cheating. He looked at Aladdin and asked, "Aladdin, can you teach me 'Borg'?"

"????" Aladdin was surprised, "Haru, you can't use 'Borg'?"

Haru nodded, "Yes, I usually fight using my body, I have only heard that 'Borg' is one of the requirements to become the student there, Kuroneko can use it but her way to perform is quite unique and she is the only one who can do that beside her teacher."

Kuroneko felt that Haru was a better actor than Aladdin.

"You're a magician and you're using your body to fight?" Kouha interjected and looked at him with a weird expression.

"Different country, different culture," Haru answered fluently.


"That's true," Kouha nodded.

Aladdin nodded at him. He felt that Haru was kind of special but he wasn't sure what made him special but it was fun with him. He didn't mind teaching him a basic magic spell, "Alright, Haru, let me teach you how to use a 'Borg'." He stood up and started to explain, "There isn't much special preparation for 'Borg' the only thing that you need to do is to wrap your body is Magoi, that's all you need to do."

Haru and Kuroneko looked at each other and felt that it was pretty much simple. Both of them thought that they were thinking too much about it. Both of them nodded and started to imagine a golden sphere barrier surrounding their bodies.

Both of them suddenly saw that their bodies were surrounded by a golden sphere barrier suddenly.

"It's easy," Kuroneko nodded.

"That's true," Haru nodded.

"The practice is over, I'm very bored, Haru, can you play a game with me?" Kouha suddenly said and walked toward him.

Haru sighed while looking at him, "Alright." He felt weird since his appearance was similar to a girl.

Aladdin looked at him. He thought that he had seen Rukh before, 'Maybe, it is my imagination.' He shrugged and joined them to play together.

"This is a card, let's play old maid," Haru said.