Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 162

Volume 1 Chapter 162 Magnostadt Academy

Three of them walked together while marveling at the scene around them.

Kuroneko had only come to the world of 'Naruto', even though the scenery was also amazing but this time was several times more amazing since this kind of world was more suited to her appetite.

They walked into the examination to test Kodor that they would enter in this Magnostadt Academy.

Students of the academy are divided into six levels depending on their magical abilities. Each division is called a Kodor with the first being the highest and sixth the lowest. At the start of the term, a student is given a medal with a symbol signifying his or her Kodor.

They walked into the short elderly man with a thick mustache, "Hurry up and show me your magic!"

Kuroneko and Aladdin looked at him.

Haru looked at them and asked, "Do you want me to go first?"

Kuroneko shook her head, "No, I will go first." She walked toward the magic circle to show her magic to the examiner.

This magic circle is used to control the spell of the magician to not destroy the surroundings.

Kuroneko walked and started to write, "Fire Ball!"

Suddenly a small ball of fire appeared on the magic circle.

The examiner thought for a bit, "Fifth? No, Sixth Codor!"

Kuroneko nodded and gratefully accepted her medal.

Haru didn't sound that surprised since Kuroneko had told him to enter the sixth Codor since that place was quite special.

"Kuroneko...." Aladdin looked at her with a pitiful expression.

Kuroneko snorted at him, "Don't look at me with that kind of expression! You will also enter the sixth Codor too soon!"

"No way!" Aladdin shook his head and walked to the magic circle. He started his magic to show it to the examiner, "Har-Har Infigar!"

Suddenly a plop of fire appeared inside the magic circle.

"Alright, sixth Codor," the examiner said and gave him his medal.

Aladdin was under shock when he heard the announcement.

"Haha," Kuroneko laughed very hard when she saw him enter the sixth Codor.

"Kuroneko...." Haru shook his head while looking at her.

"Get out of my way, trash."

Suddenly there was a pompous voice coming from behind and cutting the line.

The young man wanted to push him but it was futile, "Get o-." He wanted to say something but stopped when he saw him.

"What's wrong?" Haru looked at him while frowning.

The young man took a deep breath and said, "Don't stop the line, hurry up and do the test."

Haru observed the pompous young man in front of him.

This young man has dark skin, medium-length white hair, and green eyes. He is rather short and of average build.

"You can go first," Haru said.

"Good," the young man walked and showed his fire magic.

"Fourth Codor, good," the examiner said.

"Excuse me, can I try one more time?" Aladdin asked since he didn't believe that he would enter the sixth Codor.

The examiner looked at him and said, "You're such an impudent transfer student!" But he still let him re-try his exam.

"Thank you," Aladdin nodded and held his wand full of concentration.

Kuroneko wanted to laugh when she saw him.

"Shh, don't laugh," Haru said.

Kuroneko smiled while nodding at him. She ignored the pompous young man earlier since she didn't really care.

"Har-Har Infigar!"

Aladdin used his magic again but this time it showed a similar result.

The examiner nodded, "Right... Sixth Codor."

Aladdin sighed and could only accept reality.

The young man earlier didn't go and looked at their group with a proud expression. He also showed them his fourth Codor medal.

"Alright. Next," the examiner looked at him.

Haru nodded at him and walked to the magic circle.

Aladdin looked at Kuroneko and asked, "Your magic is clearly very powerful but why did you enter the sixth Codor?" He had seen her using a combination of fire and wind magic before and he didn't really understand why Kuroneko wanted to enter the sixth Codor.

"The teacher in sixth Codor is very good compared to the other Codor, expecting the first Codor since the first Codor is the best Codor," Kuroneko said. She didn't really want to enter the first Codor directly since she wanted to train her body first, also the teacher of the sixth Codor was fit her appetite.

Aladdin suddenly felt better when he heard her words. He looked at him curiously and wondered whether Haru would use his metal magic. He still didn't understand how his metal magic was working since it was coming from his body. He thought that Haru was a member of Household Member of King Vessel, 'No, he isn't...'

Haru didn't intend to use his 'Sticky Fingers' but his favorite 'Light Magic'. He pointed his finger and suddenly there was a bright light coming from it.

The examiner wasn't sure but he felt that light was very dangerous. He wanted to stop him but the student in front of him stopped his magic first without him telling him to.

"Old man, can I enter the sixth Codor?" Haru asked.

"Why?" The examiner thought that he could at least enter the fourth, no, three Codor in his opinion.

"We're from the same hometown, and she will be lonely without me," Haru said.

"Hey!" Kuroneko felt embarrassed by his words.

"Do you really want to enter the sixth Codor?" The examiner asked.

"Yes," Haru nodded.

"Alright, here is your medal," the examiner said while looking at him with an intriguing expression.

"Alright, Haru, we're going to be together!" Aladdin was quite happy since the three of them would be together.

"Hmph, what a useless group," the young man earlier showed contempt when he saw three of them enter the sixth Codor.

Kuroneko was angry this time but she was stopped by him.

"Show him later," Haru said.


"Alright," Kuronko would definitely shock the world of magic in this world.

"Old man, can I have my room together with her?" Haru asked.

"Yes, please let us have the same room," Kuroneko also nodded. She felt kind of uncomfortable to have a stranger in her room.

The examiner looked at both of them with a weird expression, "Remember, as a magician our vision is to know the truth and not to make a baby."


Kuroneko and Haru weren't sure but both of them wanted to smack the head of this examiner.

"What about me?" Aladdin felt that he had been left out.