Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 163

Volume 1 Chapter 163 I Want To Do Something..

Since they had finished their examination, they entered the academy in batch.

Three of them were still together and sat down on the flying carpet.

"I wonder why they love carpet," Haru said since he thought there was something cooler.

"Oh, isn't carpet is good?" Aladdin asked.

"In my opinion, the flying ship is cooler," Haru said.

"Flying ship...." Aladdin thought that the ship that was moving on the water would move in the sky with ease. He thought that it would bring everyone an easy way for the means of transportation. He looked at him and said, "Your idea is very good, Haru."

"Oh, I want to ride a Gundam," Kuroneko said.

Haru who heard her answer couldn't help but shook his head.

"What is Gundam?" Aladdin asked.

"Nothing," Haru said and asked, "There must be a chance later."

"Sure, by the way..."

"Hmm?" Haru looked at her.

Kuroneko blushed and asked, "You won't do anything to me right?" Even though she had told him that she wanted to stay in one room together but she started to get nervous when she thought that both of them would stay together in one room.

Haru thought that she was quite cute, "Hmm? What is it? Do you want me to do something to you? Kuroneko, you perverted girl."

Kuroneko blushed, "Y - you! I don't mean it that way!?" She felt annoyed that she was teased by him but she didn't hate it.

Haru let her hit him since it didn't hurt or anything. He thought it was fun to tease this cute girl. However, she wasn't his type of girl thought, 'Hmm, maybe 5 years later?' He didn't know but he was confident with her development.

"H - Haru, don't tease me..."

Aladdin who was by their sides had never felt this before. He felt very annoyed when he saw both of them flirting in front of his eyes. He suddenly remembered his friend, 'Is this what Alibaba has always felt?' He remembered that Alibaba had always cried in blood and envy when he saw him flirting with a beautiful older sister, 'Maybe this is karma...' Even though he didn't say anything but his expression was very unpleasant since he saw them flirting.

"Aladdin, what's wrong? Is your stomach hurt?" Haru asked.

"Brat, you should go to the toilet, it will be bad for you to suddenly let out here," Kuroneko said while pinched her nose.

Everyone who was sitting beside them also heard their conversation and moved further from him.

Aladdin had never felt this before, "Y - YOU!!!!!"


They went to the administration to get their schedule for the lesson.

"Hmm, is this the schedule?" Aladdin said while looking at the paper on his hands.

"Haru, why can we read this schedule?" Kuroneko asked.

"I'm not sure, this is one of the mystery," Haru said and added, "Anyway, let's go to our room first." He looked at Aladdin and said, "Our room is side by side."

"Yeah," Aladdin was glad that his room was quite near to them. Even though he had been teased before but it felt quite refreshing somehow.

They walked to their room together and Aladdin went to his own room.

Kuroneko and Haru also entered their room and saw that it was only a normal room with two beds, a table, a bathroom, and a wardrobe. Even though it was minimalist it was good enough for them to sleep.

Kuroneko jumped into the bed and rolled around, "Ah, the bed is nice..."

"You're not using a bed in your house?" Haru asked.

"No, our house is using a futon," Kuroneko said while hugging a pillow.

Haru sat on the bed and said, "So let's talk about what we should do now."

Kuroneko nodded and also sat on the bed while looking at him, "Our mission is only to become the 1st Codor in this Academy, it should be a fairly easy quest for us." She looked at him and said, "But Haru, I - I want to do something more."

"Something more?" Haru also felt that this mission was pretty easy for them. He thought that Group Chat was giving them a chance to freely practice their power in this world.

"Yeah, for example, Mogamett director, the leader of this country, I - I hope that we can save him and also I want to stop David from entering this world," Kuroneko said. She thought that Mogamett was similar to a veteran soldier who hated their enemies since his enemies had taken his family. She knew that Mogamett wasn't a bad person since Mogamett only wanted to protect the magician.

"I understand about Mogamett but David, I think it is better for him to enter this world," Haru said.

"Why?" Kuroneko asked with a confused expression.

"Since it is better to solve this problem as soon as possible, at this time, there are a lot of powerful people, rather than giving this problem to the future, it is better to solve this problem as soon as we can," Haru said and added, "Also, Kuroneko, I have read this manga and anime, this world is very complex, our existence is unusual in Sacred Palace..."

"Sacred Palace..." Her expression became dignified when she heard it. She shuddered when she thought about it since this world was controlled by someone. She felt that everyone could become puppets. She was quite afraid when she thought that the people who controlled the Sacred Palace would do something bad to them.

"Still, I have read that Ugo who is the guardian of Sacred Palace has become crazy since he has become alone, maybe this Ugo won't even observe us," Haru said and added, "Also, rather than thinking about that right now, it is better to think how to make us stronger."

Kuroneko thought for a bit and nodded. She wanted to help but if her power was too weak then it was useless.

Haru looked at her and asked, "Kuroneko.."

"Hmm?" Kuroneko looked at him.

"Do you want to sleep with me? I'm quite lonely here," Haru said.

Kuroneko took a pillow on her bed and threw it at him, "Sleep there alone!"

Haru caught the pillow and shook his head.