Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 165

Volume 1 Chapter 165 Magic Type

"Do you want to go first?" Haru asked.

"Of course, let me try it," Kuroneko said and walked to the statue. She knew that this statue was used to classy magic for an individual. She touched it with both of her hands.

"Put a small quantity of Magoi inside in this statue," Myers said.

Kuroneko put a small quantity of magic power and suddenly she saw a golden small bird fluttering around inside the statue, 'Is this Ruhk?' She wasn't sure but suddenly she saw a purple color inside the statue.

"Hmm, you're similar to my brother's eight types, purple magician," Myers said and pointed her finger at him.

"Purple? What does it mean?" Kuroneko asked.

"I will tell you after him, you go too," Myers said while looking at him.

Haru nodded and put both of his hands on the statue. He put a small amount of magical energy a suddenly became black and his body felt heavy, "This is?" He let go of his hand and since then he felt quite weird.

"Hmm, quite a rare type, you're the seventh type, black magician," Myers said and started to explain, "This is the tool that is used for classifying magicians in 8 different types."

"8 types?"

"Yes, you know that magicians and Rukh have individual traits, right? For example, the Rukh that is causing the waved in the sea and the Rukh that is causing the wind to breeze is different," Myers said and pointed at the diagram on the wall, "Magnostudatt classified the infinite types of Rukh out there into 8 great categories."

"Type 1 Flame, Type 2 Water, Type 3 Light, Type 4 Lighting, Type 5 Wind, Type 6 Sound, Type 7 Power, Type 8 Life," Myers said.

"I can use Life Magic, right?" Kuroneko asked.

"Yes, and for you, you can use Strenght Magic," Myers said.

"Strenght Magic, huh?" Haru nodded.

"After that, you should know that you have another compatibility, for those of you who are Type 8 Magicians that have the highest compatibility with Lighting Magic," Myers said.

"I'm Light Magic," Haru didn't feel surprised since his Light Magic was quite powerful. He is also interested in learning another type of magic.

"That's right," Myers nodded and said, "That's right, I have forgotten that I haven't asked for your name earlier."

"My name is Kuroneko," Kuroneko said.

"I'm Kasugano Haruka, you can call me Haru, instructor," Haru said.

"Kuroneko? Haru? That is quite a strange name, are you from Kina Country?" Myers asked.

"Yes," both of them nodded.

"Interesting, I'm sure that your country is a bit backward about magic, so I will teach you here," Myers said.

"Yes, instructor!"

"Kuroneko, you should try a Lignthing Magic with this," Myers said while showing them an 8 glass jar that was filled with Rukh, "There is an 8 Type of Rukh inside." She took one jar and gave it to her, "Try this, this is a Type 4 Rukh."

"But I don't know the Lighting Magic," Kuroneko said.

"You idiot, you can ask that to Rukh," Myers said.

'Ask Rukh? Hmm,' Haru rubbed his chin and thought that he could learn a lot of spelling in this place.

Kuroneko put both of her hands on the glass jar. She closed her eyes and felt that the Rukh inside this jar was talking to her mind, 'Hmm...' She nodded and opened her mouth, "Electric Shock!"

Suddenly there was a small ball of lighting inside the jar.

"Amazing!!" Kuroneko smiled while looking at Myers.

Myers nodded, "Good, as long as you can communicate with the Rukh, you will learn a lot of things from it." She looked at him and said, "I know that your body is quite good but I want to see your limit."


"Yeah, I want you to try magic without holding back right now in this magic circle," Myers said.

"Alright," Kuroneko walked toward the magic circle and used her magic that she had learned earlier, "Electric Shock!"

Suddenly a ball of lightning appeared and sent out a bolt of electricity from there.


The bolt was very loud and almost destroyed the magic circle.

Myers was a bit surprised but nodded in satisfaction, "Quite good, now it is your time, Haru."

"Instructor, can I hear the voice of Rukh first?" Haru asked.

"Sure," Myers nodded.

Haru thought for a bit and walked toward the Type 3 Jar since he wanted to know the Light Magic here.

Myers looked at him and suddenly asked, "You don't use a wand?"

"Instructor also using the whip," Kuroneko said.


"That's true, anyway, it is better to use magic with a weapon or medium since you can concentrate your power better," Myers said.

"No, instructor," Kuroneko shook her head, "I won't use a wand or weapon."

Myers looked at her with a surprised expression, "Why?"

Kuroneko started to pose with her right hand covering half of her face and said, "Because, it is heresy."


Myers had never had this kind of student before.

"No, she only thought that using her hand was cooler than using a staff or wand," Haru said.


"Oh, Haru, you have learned the spelling from Rukh?" Myers asked.

"I have," Haru nodded.

"Good, now you have to try it in the magic circle," Myers said.

"Instructor, can I ask a question before I do the magic?" Haru asked.

"What?" Myers asked.

"If I destroy the class or the magic circle explodes, I don't have to pay right?" Haru asked.

Myers snorted, "If you can do that, then I will pay for all of it, just hurry up and do your magic."

"Alright," Haru had never used his power when he trained in his house. He put his finger on it and started his magic, "Light Ray!" He shot out a beam of light from his finger.

His magic was similar to a laser and created a hole in the barrier on the magic circle and continued to penetrate the wall on the building.


"Alright, let's continue our lesson," Myers decided to think there was nothing happening. She stopped and said, "Also, don't tell the trash about our classes unless they have succeeded in my trial."

Both of them nodded in response.

"Good, let me teach you magic again."