Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 166

Volume 1 Chapter 166 Learning Magic

Haru and Kuroneko focused all their attention on learning magic. Both of them were susprised by the power of Rukh since it helped them learn a lot of magic.

Haru had never thought that learning would be this much more enjoyable. He felt that he had become stronger after he learned more knowledge. He didn't learn a lot of magic since he wanted to focus on something, especially after he had learned that he was Type 7 Magician. He put his focus on the Strenght Magic.

Strength Magic allows Mages to utilize pure physical force as a form of offense and defense. It is able to use spatial influence to twist things, compress them, make them float or fire compressed projectiles of pure force which is strong enough to pierce Borg and a Magician easily.

Haru could also use this magic to augment their physical strength to use empowered attacks but all of them were quite weak compared to the thing that he tried to learn right now.

"I'm quite envious since you're a Black Magician," Kuroneko sighed.

"Yeah, thank you for telling me that you have told me before," Haru said.

"Yeah, maybe you will be the first one to learn it here," Kuroneko said.

"Hmm, isn't Aladdin also learning it in the future?" Haru said since he remembered that the magic that he learned right now was similar to Aladdin in the future.

"Yeah, it is somewhat similar to him, but you're better since you're smarter on him in physics and mathematics," Kuroneko said.

Haru nodded since this world knowledge about science was still backward compared to his world, "Vector magic." He took a stone and threw it slowly but suddenly he manipulated the vector of that stone to make it move faster.



Kuroneko whistled looking at him, "Then let me show you my magic."

"Let me see your Life Magic," Haru knew that Kuroneko mostly learned about Life Magic since it was her type.

Kuroneko started to use her magic and suddenly her body transformed slowly into a black cat, "Meow!" She jumped into him and stood on his lap.

Haru tried to caress it with his technique.

"Meow...." Kuroneko wasn't sure but she felt that it was very comfortable.

Haru also learned about Life Magic since it was also important magic to heal someone. He felt that learning in this world was very fast since Rukh became his teacher about magic. He didn't have a teacher but he was quite smart and it was why he could learn magic in his world.

'But this world...' Haru felt like he was being pampered since Rukh was moving around telling him about every knowledge of magic here.

"How is it? How is your progress?" Myers came and asked both of them. She looked at the black cat and was a bit surprised, "Kuroneko."

"Yes, instructor," Kuroneko said and jumped into the table in her cat form.

Myers nodded in satisfaction, "Good, you're very good at learning Life Magic." She looked at him and asked, "How about you?"

"Well, I'm learning Light Magic," Haru said.

"Light Magic? This isn't something that will destroy the room right?" Myers twitched her lips since her elder got angry at her because of that incident.

Haru shook his head, "No, this is only auxiliary magic." He suddenly snapped his fingers and his surroundings started to change.

Myers and Kuroneko were surprised when they suddenly felt that they were teleported in this flower garden. They saw beautiful lavender flowers and they could even smell the fragrance of these flowers. They also felt a comfortable wind and the sound of the flowers that were moving because of the wind. They felt very comfortable in this place and wanted to have a picnic here.

Haru snapped his fingers again and suddenly their surroundings started to change into a normal again, "How is it?"

"What is that? Is that teleportation?" Kuroneko asked.

Haru shook his head, "No, that is an illusion."

"Illusion?!" Myers was very surprised. She could feel that the place was real and she was even more amazed at him. She had thought that both of them were geniuses when it seemed that she was right. She couldn't wait for the Iktiyar later.

"How is Aladdin?" Haru asked. He had never seen him for the past week since he focussed his energy on learning.

"He was quite good," Myers nodded. She didn't hate someone who didn't give up.

Three of them had become quite familiar with each other since they were staying for a week together.

"Alright, you can continue your research, I'm going to take a bath," Myers said and left the room.

Kuroneko and Haru nodded and continued with their research.

Kuroneko loved Life Magic since it could make her do a lot of cool things. She thought that she should become a dragon soon, also her lighting magic was also very good. She tried to copy Goro Goro no Mi from One Piece, 'Hmm, I really need to strengthen my body.' She thought when she suddenly remembered about Enel who was strong but his body was very weak. She looked at him and asked, "Why do you want to learn illusion magic?"

"I can make a cool entrance that way," Haru answered. His answer wasn't wrong since with this power he could really make a cool entrance during his fight but the real reason was that he had just seen a cool movie and thought it would be cool to learn an illusion.

Kuroneko thought for a bit and nodded, "That's true, Haru, please teach me this magic too."

Haru laughed and said, "Alright, you don't need to be that impatient thought."