Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 167

Volume 1 Chapter 167 5th Level Authorization District

Haru and Kuroneko spent their time only practicing for a month since they had decided to do something in another month.

"Ah, Haru, Kuroneko."

Haru and Kuroneko turned and saw their friend.

Haru smiled, "Aladin, you are finally going to join us."

"Yes, finally," Aladdin sighed when he thought about the training that he had done for the past month.


"Y - yes," Aladdin answered with a pale expression, "I wonder what she wants us to do."

"Probably, she will tell you about your type," Haru said.

"Type?" Aladdin titled his head.

"You will know it sooner, you should go there or else you will be whipped by her," Haru said.


Aladdin shuddered when he heard it.


"M - Myers Instructor!!!!" Aladdin became pale.

"Goodbye, Aladdin," Haru said.

Myers picked Aladdin similar to a stray cat. She looked at him and said, "Haru, come drink with me later."

"I'm sorry, Instructor, I have something to do tonight about tomorrow?" Haru asked.

Myers looked at him for a bit and said, "No."

Haru thought for a bit then said, "Then how about at midnight? I will come to your room later."

Myers nodded, "Alright."

"Eh?" Aladdin was surprised. He had never expected that suddenly both of their relationsh.i.p.s had become very close to each other, 'What is happening?'

Kuroneko snorted when she looked at him, "Do you really have to flirt with her?"

"I'm not flirting, I've only become her friend," Haru said. In the past month, he had accompanied Myers to drink together while listening to her story, maybe she was a bit lonely and decided to invite him. Both of them had become quite good friends and he didn't do anything since he had a girlfriend right now.

"Really?" Kuroneko raised her eyebrow.

"Yes, I also have a girlfriend, I can't flirt with other girls right now," Haru said.

"Do you have a girlfriend? Why don't I know that?" Kuroneko was a bit surprised since she had never heard of it.

"Because I have never told it to a group chat," Haru said.

"Who is your girlfriend? Let me see it," Kuroneko asked and moved closer to him.

Haru nodded and showed his girlfriend a photo on his phone.

Kuroneko was surprised when she saw her, "Isn't this Kato Megumi?"

"Huh? Do you know her?" Haru asked with a confused expression.

"Yes, this is one of the heroines in the 'How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend'," Kuroneko said and looked at him, "Your world is mixed with a lot of other anime or manga."

Haru only shrugged his shoulders. He didn't think much about the mixed world of anime or manga since Group Chat was more strange than his world.

'He has a girlfriend, huh....' Kuroneko thought while looking at him.

Haru looked at her and said, "Don't forget about tonight."

Kuroneko, who heard it, started to shake her head and nodded, "Yeah, we need to finish it as soon as possible since you have a date with Myers."

Haru twitched his lips and shook his head, anyway he was an a.d.u.l.t and decided not to say anything.

Kuroneko snorted and continued to learn but she couldn't focus. She looked at him and knew that it was his fault.

Haru didn't know what she was thinking but he didn't think much.

Both of them were doing their own thing until someone entered the room again.

"Haru, Kuroneko, I'm a Type 1 Magician!" Aladdin said.

Haru and Kuroneko looked at him and nodded then they continued to learn magic from Rukh.


"H - hey, tell me your Type!?"

Aladdin said to both of them.


Haru and Kuroneko had their dinner and they started their action. Both of them had moved around the town in the past month and were quite familiar with the surroundings.

"As long as you're a magician, your living place is very good," Kuroneko sighed.

Haru stopped in the deserted place and said, "This is the place, I will open a zipper on the ground."

Kuroneko nodded, "Good."

"Sticky Fingers!" Haru opened the zipper on the ground and created an entrance to the lower ground. He jumped inside and Kuroneko followed him.

Both of them were floating and moved down slowly toward the lower ground. They had decided to visit the 5th Level Authorization District.

The 5th Level Authorization District is a hidden underground city under Magnostadt's Capital, the Academy City. It holds a population of 200,000 individuals, two-thirds of the population of Magnostadt.

The 5th Level Authorization District is a huge cavern with each layer having rows of regular buildings for the inhabitants to live in.

Haru started to use his Light Magic to make both of them invisible, "Hold my hand."

Kuroneko nodded in response since she couldn't see him right now.

Both of them moved slowly while looking around their surroundings. They could see a lot of people with a lifeless expression were sleeping, eating, drinking, or s.e.x.

Kuroneko frowned when she saw them and her face was a bit red when she saw someone who had s.e.x in the outdoors without caring for anything. She shuddered since this place was just too gloomy, "All of this because of Mogamett...." She sighed and had a complex emotion but she also couldn't blame him for treating them like this.

"Nothing is perfect, anyway, let's check the Black Rukh research in the underground," Haru said.

Kuroneko nodded and didn't want to stay too long in this place.

Both of them could talk freely since both of them had learned Sound Magic.

The first thing that they learned with this magic was to create a sound barrier that made them could talk freely without anyone hearing it from the outside.

They walked to the edge of The 5th Level Authorization District and jumped to the underground. They knew that they would arrive at that place soon.