Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 168

Volume 1 Chapter 168 The Secret Of Magnostadt

Haru and Kuroneko had finally arrived in this gloomy place. They saw a lot of spheres that were made from the water around this place.

"Is this the product that is made with Black Rukh?" Kuroneko asked.

"This is probably still similar to a zombie," Haru said.

Both of them saw a lot of black creatures that had strange shape but it was similar to human since it had both arms and legs but it was still weird since the proportion of the body wasn't in balance. They could feel depressing energy inside this place and it was really weird for them.

"Do you want to destroy it?' Kuroneko asked.

Haru shook his head, "We're not sure what will happen after we destroy it, let's go back, it's better that we don't stay in this place too long, I don't like the atmosphere here."

"Yeah," Kuroneko also felt that this place was very creepy.

Both of them wanted to fly back but Haru suddenly felt someone who was moving toward them.

"Shh," Haru stopped and grabbed her to stand on the side. He used his Light Magic to make himself invisible and Sound Magic for not causing any voice.

Kuroneko wanted to ask something but suddenly she saw a figure that was moving toward this place, 'Mogamett!?' She was startled and became nervous.

"It's okay, he won't notice us," Haru believed, even though the man in front of him was a legendary magician, but Mogamett said it was still hard for him to notice them. He was confident with his combination of Light and Sound Magic.

Mogamett entered this Black Rukh research and checked the monsters that he had created using the Black Rukh.

Haru was calm but Kuroneko was quite nervous.

Mogamett didn't stay too long but suddenly he felt weird since he felt that someone was here before. He thought for a bit and decided to go out.

Kuroneko, who saw him had gone away, sighed in relief.

"Let's go back," Haru said.

Kuroneko nodded and followed him.

Both of them used the same way that they had gone out before and it was very easy for them to get out without anyone noticing.

Haru, who had learned about observation haki, also knew that someone had been following them earlier but stopped when he created a zipper on the wall since that person couldn't follow them.

Both of them went back to their rooms.

"Damn, I never thought I would meet that person there," Kuroneko sighed.

"Still, he has been following us before," Haru said.

"How?" Kuroneko asked.

"Probably because of our flying magic, Mogamett felt the Rukh that was coming when we were flying," Haru said.

"Is that okay?" Kuroneko was worried.

Haru nodded, "It is okay since Mogamett didn't follow us after we got out using the zipper."

Kuroneko nodded and felt better, "Now, that you mention it, who should we invite in the group?"

Haru was also in a dilemma since there were a lot of interesting people in this world. He personally didn't really want someone who was over-ambitious or in pain in the ass who forced their idealism on everyone. He thought it would be better to have someone who was mature but not naive. He looked at her and asked, "How about you?"

"The easiest is Aladdin," Kuroneko said and added, "I want a girl member but there aren't a lot of girls who have a great impact in this world....."

Haru nodded since Aladdin was one of the protagonists in this world. He thought for a bit and said, "Girl member, huh?"

Kuroneko nodded, "Yes, there is only me and Tsunade in the Group Chat."

"Hmm," Haru also understood that the proportion of male and female members was just too bad. He thought for a bit and said, "But the females that have quite a lot of power are Hakuei Ren, Kougyouku Ren, and Morgiana." He thought for a bit and added, "There is also Gyokuen Ren or Arba."


"Arba? Are you serious?" Kuroneko asked with susprised expression.

Haru shrugged and said, "She is too dangerous for us now, a worse case that she will manipulate our mind and control the Group Chat through me."


"How can she control you?" Kuroneko asked.

"Hmm, maybe thought her body," Haru rubbed his chin while smiling.

"Bastard, don't joke around!" Kuroneko threw him a pillow.

"I'm only joking, but if you want a girl then I'm more into Hakuei Ren or Kougyouku Ren," Haru asked.

"Why?" Kuroneko asked.

"Because both of them are quite pitiful," Haru said. He felt that the fate of those two girls was too much.

Hakuei Ren would be brainwashed by Arba and Kougyouku Ren would be left alone to become an emperor without the help of anyone.

"Hmm," Kuroneko also felt that two girls were very suitable to become members of the group chat.

"There is also another one, even though he isn't female, but his appearance is similar to one," Haru said.

Kuroneko frowned and asked, "Who?"

"Kouha," Haru said. He didn't want to admit it but he knew that Kouha would become beautiful in the future even though he was a male but he had to admit it, still he felt complicated when he thought about it. He was waiting for her answer until he saw her having a nosebleed. He frowned, "Why do you have a nosebleed?"

Kuroneko was startled and started to wipe her nosebleed. She shook her head and said, "Nothing, Kouha is good, you can invite him." She felt that it wasn't bad and it would be more interesting to invite him.

"I don't know what you're thinking about but you must be thinking something rude," Haru said while twitching his lips.

"Yes, we should invite Kouha!" Kuroneko suddenly stood up and was full of spirit.

Haru felt weird by her actions and only shook his head.