Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 169

Volume 1 Chapter 169 Iktiyar

They had spent another month learning magic and didn't do anything besides learning since their mission was to become 1st Kodor in this academy. Their life in the academy was very peaceful and there weren't any people who disturbed them.

"Ugh, this is the time."

"Y - yeah.."

"You should calm down, your power should be able to enter the 2nd Kodor," Haru said.

"R - really, are we really that powerful?"

Haru nodded, "Yes, that is why you shouldn't get a fright on stage."

"Haru isn't wrong, you should believe in yourself since you have been trained by me for 2 months," Myers said and added, "Did you forget the lesson that you've gone through?"

"Don't think too much about just the thing that you're the most awesome person in the entire world when you enter the stage," Haru said.

"Oh? Most awesome person?"

They laughed when they heard it.

"I'm the most awesome here, let me show you first," Kuroneko said and started to walk to the stage.

Aladdin looked at him, "Is this okay?"

"It's okay, she is very strong," Haru nodded.

"Hmm," Aladdin looked at the stage curiously.

Kuroneko entered the stage and everyone was looking at her, most of them gave her a disdain since she was coming from 6th Kodor. She smirked and would show them how powerful she really was. She had never used a wand and only used her hand. She raised one of her hands and said, "Tremble!"

They were confused by her word but suddenly they saw the sky turned black and it had become raining.

Mogamett rubbed his beard and nodded.

The black cloud became more terrible and let out a loud screaming of thunder.

"Blast the reality, Burst into shreds, Vanishment... this world!!"

Kuroneko shouted and from the cloud, there was a large thunderbolt that was hitting the barrier.


Everyone was stunned by her magic.

The examiner who saw it nodded in amazement, "Amazing, you have combined both Lithingting and Water Magic, you have passed the 1st Kodor!!!"

Kuroneko made the black cloud disappear and summoned a beautiful rainbow. She took the medal gracefully and went back to everyone who saw her with amazement.

"Nice, Kuroneko," Haru praised and asked, "But don't you feel embarrassed right now?" He was wondering how could she utter those words without getting a red face.

"Good," Myers nodded in agreement.

"Now is my time," Aladdin said and started to walk to the stage.

Everyone was still stunned by Kuroneko and when they saw him they didn't really have that much of an impression.

Aladdin took a deep breath and started to use his magic, "Har-Har Infigar!" He created a large ball of flame.

The audience was a bit surprised but they didn't change their expression that much since it wasn't that much impressive compared to Kuroneko.

Aladdin started to create another magic and combined it with his earlier magic, "Asfarl Riih!" He created a tornado and it created a large blaze of flames.

This time they were surprised by his ability.

"Good, you can enter the 1st Kodor," the examiner said and gave him the medal.

Aladdin smiled happily and walked back to everyone.

They were very happy with his success.

"Go, Haru," Myers said to him with a smile.

"Alright, you can't lose to me," Kuroneko said.

Aladdin looked at him curiously and wondered what kind of magic that Haru would show to everyone. He knew that Haru was a Type 7 Magician and quite proficient in Strenght Magic.

Haru nodded and started to use his magic before he entered the stage.

Suddenly there was a white smoke covering the stage.

They were curious until they heard music and sound of footsteps walking slowly toward the stage. The music was very interesting but also very good until they saw a big projection of his body appeared in the center of the stage.

*BGM - Kill la Kill - Ragyo Kiryuin Theme (

The footsteps were getting closer and the projection started to get smaller until disappear showing his true appearance.

Mogamett laughed, "He is interesting."

"Hmm, it's a cool entrance."

"Light Magic and Sound Magic."

"But it seems that it isn't over yet."

"That's right."

Haru opened his arms wide and suddenly he pointed his finger at the sky.

They followed the direction of his finger and looked at the sky.

"What is he going to do?" Aladdin asked.

Myers looked at Kuroneko, "Kuroneko, do you know anything?"

"Hmm," Kuroneko thought for a while until she realized something, "Don't tell me...."

"What is it?" Aladdin became more curious.

"You will see it soon," Kuroneko said and looked at the sky.

Everyone was waiting for a while but didn't see anything some of them wanted to protest until they heard a shout from someone.

"W - what is that?"

They turned up and saw a big black shadow appeared in the sky. They felt that the sky was getting darker until they finally saw it.

"T - that a big rock?!"

Mogamett, who saw it, wanted to use his magic to stop it.

"Calm down, everyone," his voice reverberated throughout the stage, "You don't need to worry." He had summoned a meteorite with his Strenght Magic and it moved slowly toward the stage.

Everyone saw this big rock with a nervous expression.

"What is that?" Aladdin was surprised when he saw a big rock suddenly appeared in the sky.

"That is meteorite..." Kuroneko was speechless when she looked at his magic.

"Meteorite?" Myers was confused.

"It's a big rock that appears in space," Kuroneko said.



They were a bit speechless.

Haru used his Strenght Magic to control this meteorite to land on the stage.

The meteorite was quite big and it took at least half of the stage.

The music still reverberated but no one paid attention since it was a shocking scene for them.

Haru thought that it was possible to attract a meteorite to fall down on the ground and he was right. He looked at the examiner and asked, "How is my Iktiyar?"

The examiner had woken up and nodded, "Good, you have passed the 1st Kodor!!!!!"

Haru nodded and received his medal.

The audience couldn't help but clap at him since it was a very amazing scene.

'Good child,' Mogamett nodded with a smile.