Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 172

Volume 1 Chapter 172 8th Member

Kouha who was really bored since he had been coming back to his homeland. He went to the Magnostadt to ask them to become their vessel country but Mogamett rejected him flatly. He came back with a boring expression since there was nothing fun in this place. He thought that he should learn a guitar that Haru had given him since he was really bored.

"Oh, Kouha, what is that?"

"Koumei-brother," Kouha nodded and continued to learn the guitar. He was very talented and it was easy for him to learn it while singing the song that he had sung before.

Koumei closed his eyes while listening to the song until it was over. He opened his eyes and asked, "Who will give it to you?"

"Some annoying guy that I have met during the trip to Magnostadt," Kouha became annoyed when he remembered about him.

Koumei felt weird when he saw his expression, "Guy, not female?"

"Yeah," Kouha nodded.


"Alright, can you tell me more about him?" Koumei asked.

Kouha looked at him for a while and nodded, "Alright, let me tell you...."


Koumei who listened to his story really felt weird but he wasn't sure what to say to him.

"He rejected my proposal to come with me here," Kouha sighed.

"You really like him, huh?" Koumei said.

"Ha?" Kouha became angry, "Who likes him? He is only for my entertainment."


Koumei closed his eyes and wasn't sure what to say again.

Suddenly they heard a voice coming from the guitar.

"Kouha, are you there?"

Koumei and Kouha were startled and looked at the guitar.


"H - huh? Who is talking?"

"It's me, Haru," Haru said.

"Huh? Haru? Dammit? Are you spying on me? No, that isn't right, why can you communicate with me?" Kouha asked.

"Where are you? I'm coming to you now," Haru said.


"Are you serious?" Kouha asked.

"Yeah, I want to give you something," Haru said.


Kouha was just too stunned right now.

"Continue," Koumei said.

Kouha had woken up and nodded, "What do you want to give me?"

"Something interesting, you won't regret it," Haru said.

"Something interesting, huh?" Kouha muttered and asked, "You're not in the Magnostadt?"

"I learned there and decided to go back," Haru said.

"Go back? To Kino Country?" Kouha asked.

"No, somewhere very far away, I will give you something so that we can still communicate with each other," Haru said.

"Ask him about his location, I will send you to his location," Koumei said.

Kouha looked at him and nodded, "Where are you?"

"Me? I'm in the Tenzan Plateau with Kuroneko here," Haru said.

"Alright, wait a bit, I will go there too," Kouha said.


Haru didn't end the communication while talking about his surroundings.

"Will he come here?" Kuroneko asked.

Haru nodded, "Yeah, his brother can teleport right?"

Kuroneko nodded since she had just remembered it.

They were talking to each other for a while until they met each other again.

Kouha appeared together with his brother who was holding a fan. Both of them were a bit stunned when they saw him coming from a handsome vehicle.

Kuroneko and Haru were a bit surprised since both of them were faster than they had thought. They came out of the Humvee and walked toward them.

"Yo, Kouha, it has been a while," Haru said.

"What is that?" Kouha asked him.

"Oh, that is a Humvee, I made it with magic," Haru said.

"Interesting," Koumei observed Humvee in front of him.

"I want it," Kouha said.


"Sure, but give me gold or something," Haru said.

"Sure," Koumei said and nodded since he thought he could bring it to be learned later.

Kouha looked at his brother with an unpleasant expression. He thought he could get it for free but he shook his head, "What do you want to give me?"

"Here," Haru said and gave him a mobile phone.

"This is?" Koumei and Kouha had never seen this before.

"This is a mobile phone, I want to invite you to our group," Haru said.

"Group? What kind of group?" Kouha asked while curiously looking at the mobile phone.

Haru looked at his brother and said, "Can you trust your brother?"

Kouha nodded, "Of course."

"Then we can tell you," Haru said and looked at Kuroneko, "Do you want to announce it or me?"

"Me!" Kuroneko raised her hand and looked at them, "We're from a different world."


"Interesting, that is why, you say that you're coming from far away, also is this the vehicle from a different world?" Koumei said with an intriguing expression.

"You have to go back?" Kouha asked.

Haru nodded, "Yes, but don't worry, I can play for your country anytime, also you can ask for my help here."

"You say to a group, are there other people in this world?" Koumei asked.

Haru shook his head, "No, there are only two of us in this world."

"How many members do you have?" Koumei asked.

"There are only 7 of us but in the future, there will be more, if Kouha accepts the invitation then there will be an 8 member," Haru said.

"Is there any benefit of entering this group?" Koumei asked.

"You will know your future," Kuroneko said.


"Future? Are you serious?" Koumei asked with fervent expression.

Haru nodded, "Yeah."

Kouha looked at him and asked, "Why me?" He thought that there were a lot of people in this world.

"There isn't much reason, maybe it is because of you, spending time with you in the caravan before making me think that I still want to talk with you since I will have to go back now," Haru said while looking at him.

"Haru..." Kouha also looked at him.

Koumei felt really weird looking at this scene. He walked to the Kuroneko who had a nosebleed, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Kuroneko wiped her nosebleed.

Koumei wanted to say something but he decided to shake his head. He felt that it was a matter of his brother and he didn't need to talk too much about it. He didn't really think much since he could ask his brother later.

"Alright, I will accept it, you should come here often," Kouha said.

"I will, maybe I will bring my sister here too," Haru said.

"Good, I can't wait for that," Kouha said.

Kouha and Haru started to talk to each other, ignoring the people around him.

"Ahem," Koumei suddenly disturbed them, "Before that you talk about our future, can you tell us more?"

"Do you want to hear it?" Haru asked.

"Yeah, tell me," Koumei nodded.

"Maybe this will change your future later," Haru said and showed them through his illusion magic.