Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 173

Volume 1 Chapter 173 Warm Panties

Haru teleported back to his room. He remembered that he had been sleeping in his sister's room since he had confessed to her before he went for his mission. He had gotten a lot of gold from Koumei and he was grateful for that since he thought more money was better. He didn't feel tired and looked at the Group Chat.

Otokonoko: "Haru, where are you?"

Otokonoko: "Also, what is 'Otokonoko'?'

Gintoki: "Are you a newcomer?"

Tsunade: "Welcome newcomer!"

Yajima: "Welcome newcomer! +1"

Teppei: "Welcome newcomer! +1"

Luffy: "Welcome newcomer! +1"

Kuroneko: "Hey, Kouha!"

Kuroneko: "You should change your name soon."

Otokonoko: "How? Also, do you know the meaning of 'Otokonoko'?"

Kuroneko: "You can change your name in the profile setting, that is located in the top right of your screen."


Kouha still didn't know the meaning of his name but he didn't overthink it. He saw a lot of people there and changed his name.


Kouha: "I have changed it."

Haru: "Kouha, you should read the rule of the Group Chat first, you will know what is this Group Chat."

Kouha: "Alright!"

Yajima: "Is it only me or are both of you quite close?"

Haru felt weird about the question, "We're quite close."

Gintoki: "Oh, is Kouha the 3rd prince of the Kou Empire?"

Haru: "Yes, he is."

Teppei: "How can you invite a prince?"

Haru: "We met on our way to the Magnostadt and we talked for a while there."

Tsunade: "Interesting."

Kuroneko: "Yes, very interesting, the world of 'Magi' is very awesome."

Yajima: "Oh, Kuroneko, did you learn something there?"

Kuroneko: "Yes, I have learned a lot of things from magic, physical training, and my new genre of manga."

Haru was confused, "New genre of manga? What do you mean?"

Kuroneko wondered whether she should tell him or not. She thought for a while and decided not to tell him, "Nothing, I have thought that a magic manga is very interesting."

Kouha: "Oi, Haru!? Can I really go to another world? Can I come to your world?"

Haru: "Yeah, you can, you can come to every world of our members, you can come to my world too."

Kouha: "Can my brother come along?"

Haru thought for a while and said, "I'm not sure, maybe not now since there are 8 members in our group, maybe when we hit 10 numbers there will be an update or something."

Kouha: "Good, everyone, nice to meet you, do you want to work in my kingdom?"


They were a bit stupified when they heard he wanted to recruit them.

Haru: "You can invite them but are you sure you need to destroy the Sacred Place first."

Kouha: "Yeah, that dammed place!?" He felt angry when he thought that his fate had been decided by someone.


Kouha was together with his two brothers.

Koumei and Kouen looked at the interaction between Kouha and the Group Chat.

"Hmm, a group of people from a different world," Kouen rubbed his beard.

"Brother, before that, we need to do something about our kingdom," Koumei said.

"Yeah, I don't want to be banished," Koaha said.

"That's true," Kouen nodded as he didn't really want to lose his leg and arm either. He looked at them and asked, "Did he say something?"

Kouha said, "He said that we need to compromise and make an alliance with both Magnostadt and Reim Empire," he thought for a bit and added, "Also, we need to think about how to make money besides doing war and slave."

Kouen thought for a bit and said, "Even though I don't want to do that, I don't want to lose my chance to have my revenge on that woman."

"Alliance isn't that bad," Koumei nodded.

"We can talk about the alliance later but we need to do something for that woman first," Kouen said of both of his brothers.

Koumei and Kouha nodded together.


Kuroneko was in her room and laid on her bed. She looked at the photo collection that she had collected in that world. She had a red face and felt excited. She thought that it was a bit bad but she didn't think much of it since it was very interesting.

"Hehehe," Kuroneko laughed.


Haru walked to the kitchen since he thought to drink water. He drank water while opening the reward that he had gotten from the quest. He opened his reward and it started to move around.

[ Congratulations! You have gotten 'Steal' ability from Konosuba! ]

Haru frowned when he saw his reward but suddenly his phone rang. He saw the clock and it showed 5 A.M. He raised his eyebrow when he saw someone who called him since he was a bit surprised, "Morning, Megumi."

"Morning," Megumi said.

"Do you miss me since you called me early in the morning?" Haru teased.

"Yeah, I miss you," Megumi said and added, "I'm not sure but I feel that you have gone for quite a long time suddenly."

Haru felt a bit surprised about her instinct. He shook his head and said, "Really? Do you want to have a date?"

"Date?" Megumi asked.

"Yeah, we have never been out on a date before," Haru said.

"Good, let's do it after you have done your work since my school is on holiday now," Megumi said.

"Alright, do you have anywhere you want to go or do you want me to decide?" Haru asked.

"Let's go to the department store, I want to check some clothes, also let's meet up in the department store," Megumi said.

"Okay," Haru nodded.

Both of them talked for a while.

"Haru, have you woken up?" Sora came out of her room.

"Yeah, I'm here," Haru said.

Sora walked toward him and hugged him for a second.

"You're very spoiled now," Haru said while caressing her head.

Sora turned upward and asked, "You will have a date with Megumi earlier?"

"Yeah," Haru answered.

"Hmm," Sora didn't say anything but buried her head on his chest.

Haru thought for a bit and asked, "Sora, I have just learned something, let me try it on you."

"Huh? Is it new magic?" Sora asked.

"Yeah," Haru said.

"Is it not something weird right?" Sora asked.

"I'm not sure, but it is not harmful," Haru said.

Sora thought for a while and nodded.

Haru nodded and started to use his new ability, "Steal!" He wasn't sure what happened but he suddenly touched something warm on his right hand, "Hmm, what is this?"

Sora didn't feel anything at first but suddenly she felt quite cold on her below. She looked at his right hand and blushed, "Pervert...." She looked at him and said, "Do you really want to steal your warm little sister's panties?"

Haru twitched his lips and sighed at his new ability.