Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 179

Volume 1 Chapter 179 Morning In The Cafe

"You need to push more power into the dough," Haru said from behind her.

"Yes," Megumi said while asking, "We're not using a machine?"

"If I'm using a machine, we can't get this close to each other," Haru said while hugging her waist.

"It's hard to learn when you're this close," Megumi said.

"Megumi, as your instructor, I need to teach you thoroughly," Haru said.

"That's what you said but I can feel everyone gaze at me," Megumi said.

"Ignore it and focus on the dough," Haru said.

Kosaka and Yuri were looking at both of them with a plain expression.

"You're not going to disrupt them?" Kosaka asked.

"No, both of them are dating," Yuri said without changing her expression. She would have that position soon and she was sure of that.


"I will help you during the opening hours," Kosaka said.

"Oh, you don't need to do that," Yuri said and called, "Haru, the store is going to open."

"Alright," Haru answered and said, "I will need to get ready for the store."

"Yes, then let me help you become a waitress," Megumi said.

"Sure," Haru nodded.

The opening hours started and they opened the cafe.

The people started to enter and chose their own favorites breads were ordering their coffee to make them wake up in the early morning.

Kosaka had never worked in the food industry but she thought it was interesting since she saw that the people were very excited and happy when they ate his bread but she understood since his bread was really that delicious and quite affordable. She was wondering what she had done that she had never eaten his bread until now.

Megumi was also quite surprised by the number of people who had come to his shop.

Haru was preparing a coffee until someone came in front of him.

"Let's have a match."

Haru looked at him and shook his head, "I'm sorry Souma, but I'm not that free to have a match with you, also your ability is a bit low now."

Souma wanted to refute it but he couldn't. He had tried his bread several times and in his mind, it was one of the most delicious foods that he had eaten in his life.

"You should have a match with your dad more," Haru said.

Souma sighed since he had found someone who was closer in age than him but his skill was much better than he had seen in his life. He knew that he had met his rival and he wanted to beat him. He bought his bread to research it in his kitchen later.

"Here, I will give you something for free," Haru said and gave him a new beverage menu.

Souma took the beverage and it was quite beautiful, "What is this?"

"It is boba tea, it is very interesting to drink, you should shake it before you drink it," Haru said and added, "Give me your opinion tomorrow."

"Good," Souma nodded and walked out of his cafe. He could see that he had become a center of attention when he brought this boba tea outside. He thought for a bit and decided to drink it while walking. He shook it for a while and stabbed it with the straw.

The straw was a bit thick than normal and he slurped the boba tea, "Slurp!" He suddenly felt that he was bombarded by a missile with a shape of a bubble but instead of exploding, he could feel that it had become a comfortable soft pillow and wrapped around his body. He started to chew the bubble slowly on his mouth making a very strange face on his face.

Souma looked at the boba tea with a surprised expression while shaking his head, "This is good stuff." He nodded and started to analyze the ingredients of this beverage.


Akane decided to visit him and she saw that his cafe was really popular. She had seen the internet and saw the review of his cafe was really good. She saw a lot of people come out and exit from his cafe. She became even more curious and looked around. She saw him making a beverage while talking to his costumer. She smiled and walked toward him, "Haru, I come."

Haru turned and was surprised to see her. He didn't expect for her to really come to his cafe, "Hey, Sensei, let me take your order."

"Hmm, can you give me your recommendation?" Akane asked.

"Sure, wait for a while, you can sit in the counter's seat while waiting for me," Haru said.

"Yes," Akane nodded. She looked around and saw that there were three beautiful girls that helped him. She knew one of the three girls was his girlfriend and wondered about his relationship with the other girls.


Utaha was walking to his cafe since school was on holiday today. She usually didn't have much of a chance to come since she needed to go to the school, also his cafe only opened in the early morning. She thought to surprise him by coming to his cafe suddenly but she also had a feeling that something would happen today.

Utaha came quite late but it was good since the number of guests inside was quite low. She entered his cafe and was surprised to see someone there, "Minagawa-sensei?!"

Akane turned and smiled, "Hello, Kasumigaoka-san."

Utaha wasn't sure but she didn't like her, "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, I'm visiting my former student," Akane said, and added, "Why are you here?"

"Oh, I'm visiting my former classmates," Utaha smiled and asked, "Who is that ex-student of yours?"

"Sensei, I have brought my recommendation," Haru said and looked at her, "Utaha? You're here?"

Utaha twitched her lips and asked, "You're her student?"