Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 181

Volume 1 Chapter 181 Macau 1

Haru was writing a game plan on his laptop.

"Are you still working?" Sora asked.

"Yeah, it will be done soon," Haru said and kept typing.

"Still, are we going to the casino?" Sora asked.

"Yes, I need funds to buy that land and create a gym in that place later," Haru explained. He had thought that the fastest way to create money was going to the casino. He had learned observation haki and he believed it would be easy for him to get the capital to create his business.

"Why Macau, but not Las Vegas?" Sora asked.

"It's closer to our home," Haru said and asked, "Do you want to go to Las Vegas?"

Sora nodded and said, "I want to tour around the world with you."

Haru smiled, "We will have that chance later."

"Good," Sora nodded and said, "I'm a bit sleepy, I will sleep first."

"Yes," Haru nodded and continued to write his scripts. He had thought for a while and it would be good for him to create a game that could become a franchise later. He had decided what kind of eroge that he would create and would show it to Kosaka later. He still remembered their reaction when they heard that he would go to Macau.


"Macau? Why are you going to that place?" Megumi frowned since she knew that that place was an entertainment place for someone who wanted to gamble.

"I'm going to get a fund there," Haru said.

"You're not doing anything dangerous, right?" Yuri asked.

Haru shook his head, "You don't need to worry, I won't do something illegal, it will be a short trip, I will even bring you souvenirs later."


"Are you going alone?" Megumi asked. She didn't really worry much about him since she knew that he could use magic. She thought about her teacher and decided to train harder after this.

Haru shook his head, "No, I will go be going with Sora."

"You and your sister complex," Utaha snorted.


Haru was speechless, "I don't have a sister complex, right?" He looked at Megumi.

Megumi looked away and didn't answer him.

Haru blinked his eyes and didn't believe that he had been labeled as a sister complex.

"I don't really care about your business but you will finish the script in a week, right?" Kosaka asked.

Haru nodded, "Yes, one week, I will create a script that will satisfy you."

"Good," Kosaka nodded.

"I want to go with you to Macau," Akane sighed, but she couldn't since she had her job.

"Let's get together later when you're free," Haru said. He had been quite hooked up during his time in the Gourmet Casino.

Utaha frowned, "I don't think gambling is a good habit for you."

Haru nodded, "I'm not going to gamble but I have some business in that place."

"What kind of business?" Yuri asked.

"I'm going to learn cooking from a legendary chef in China," Haru explained, but he would go to Macau to gamble.

They nodded and felt a bit excited when he had gone back. They were wondering if his skill would increase when he stayed there for a while.

"That's right, I almost forgot about something," Kosaka said.

"About what?" Haru asked.

"We have a scriptwriter and ill.u.s.trator, but we don't have both of programmer and a music writer," Kosaka said.

"You can leave me as a programmer, for the musicians," Haru thought for a bit and said, "I have an idea who can help us with that."

They raised their eyebrows and were a bit curious about the musician.


Kato was in her room looking at her teacher who suddenly appeared without notice.

"Kato, how are you?" C7 said.

"Teacher," Kato nodded.

"Your talent is very good, let me teach you some advanced techniques," C7 said.

Kato nodded in response.


Kosaka and Yuri were in the cafe together.

"So we only need to follow the recipe and dump the ingredients into this machine?" Kosaka asked with a wonderment.

Yuri nodded, "Yes, he is very smart and built this thing to make the work easier."

"Maybe he is just lazy," Kosaka answered.

"I can't deny that, but both of us don't have good cooking skills," Yuri said.

"I can't deny that," Kosaka said and asked, "How can you fall in love with him?"

Her face suddenly became red, "W - what are you saying suddenly?!"


Tsunade: "@Haru, are you going to gamble again?"

Haru: "Yeah, I need a fund to create something in my world."

Kouha: "Didn't I give you a gold last time?"

Haru: "It is too troublesome to sell gold without any invoice."

Kouha: "Invoice? What is that?"

Haru: "In your world, it should be a stamp from the authorities."

Gintoki: "Haru! Can you give me some? I lost all of my money in pachinko."


Everyone was a bit speechless by him.

Haru: "No, I don't want to pamper you too much." He was wondering whether Gintoki had been cursed to live in misery and wouldn't have money in his life. He had given him a novel but it seemed that Gintoki used that money to gamble. He started to think that most of the people in the group chat loved to gamble.

Gintoki: "Eh?! ORZ."

Yajima: "Wow! Nice emoticon!"

Teppei: "Is that something that you should be amazed by?"

Kuroneko: "I hate school in my world."

Tsunade: "Then you don't need to go to school."

Kuroneko: "No, I have to go to school."

Haru: "Have you made a friend, Kuroneko?"

Kuroneko: "....."

Kuroneko: "No, my friend is only you guys."

Gintoki: "Then I'm the one who is known as a social butterfly and I will teach you to make a friend."


Kuroneko: "I don't think that I can learn something from someone who spends all of his entire money on pachinko."

Haru: "You should learn observation haki, I'm sure that it will be easy for you to play go to the casino later."

Gintoki: "Really?"

Luffy: "Ugh, I want to go to another world!"

Yajima: "Then how about my world, I will create a guild for all of us."