Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 182

Volume 1 Chapter 182 Macau 2

Teppei: "It's good, we have a guild there."

Kouha: "I agree but the price to teleport to another world is just too expensive, I saw a lot of things that were sold in this group chat, I don't want to waste my point yet." He had just joined and didn't want to use his points needlessly.

Yajima: "That's true, 1000 points to teleport, it is just too expensive."

Tsunade: "Is there a way to make it cheaper?"

Haru: "I'm not sure, but probably something will happen when the number of our group has become 10 members."

Gintoki: "10, huh? There are still 2 more."

Luffy: "Oh, there will be a quest again?"

Kuroneko: "Sometimes a quest isn't to a dangerous place, my home is very safe unless you go to the Middle East or Africa."

Kouha: "So there is still a war in your world?"

Haru: "Nothing is perfect, Kouha, you want to make the world into one, but in the past, there is someone who has done that in the end, that kingdom is destroyed too."


Kouha: "Is that true?"

Haru: "Yes, isn't the Kuga Clan near your country the same? It's better to think about how to make your country better than the other places first since there is a bit of a tumor in your country."

Kouha: "Yeah, my brothers have been planning to attack this Al-Thamen."

Tsunade: "Can you win? They're quite strong."

Kouha: "Yes, that's why we're not doing it now, also it will be helpful for you guys to help too."

Haru: "Sure, I will help you."

Kouha: "Thank you, Haru."


Gintoki: "Is it only me who thought that both of you had a bit of a strange relationship."

Haru: "What do you mean?"

Kouha: "Yeah, what do you mean?"

Gintoki: "Nothing, it is better to not talk about it."

Luffy: "Sigh, I don't have enough points to go to another world."

Kuroneko: "I don't care about @Luffy, @Haru x @Kouha, this is going to become big!"

Haru: "????"

Kouha: "????"

Kuroneko: "Oh, don't mind it, that's right, @Haru, you're going to make a game, right?"

Haru: "Yeah, I'm going to make one."

Kuroneko: "What kind of game?"

Haru: "It's an eroge."


Yajima: "What is eroge?"

Kouha: "Yeah, what is that?"

Tsunade: "Anyone can explain it to us?"

Gintoki tried to adjust his imaginary glasses, "It is a dream for every boy in the world."

Kuroneko: "No, that is just a perverted game."

Teppei: "You're going to make a perverted game?"

Haru: "Yeah, someone invited me to become a scriptwriter and director for this game."

Kouha: "Interesting, give me the game later."

Haru: "Sure."

Tsunade: "So you're making a game now?"

Haru: "Yeah, but I'm going to Macau now."

Kuroneko: "You sure love gambling."

Haru: "It's easier to get money this way."

Kuroneko: "That's true."

Haru: "I'm also wondering when the next quest will be."

Luffy: "Ugh, I can't wait for the next quest."

Teppei: "Yeah, me too."

Kouha: "I can't wait to get more points."


Haru opened his eyes and heard that their plane almost arrived in Macau. He saw that Sora looked at the scenery from the window with excitement.

"Haru, I want to play too later," Sora said.

Haru nodded, "Sure, why not."

"Yay," Sora hugged his arm.

Haru smiled looking at her.

"Haru, we're right alone in this place," Sora asked.

"Yeah," Haru nodded since in this place no one was their acquaintance.

"So when someone is asking what our relationship is, tell them that we're a lover," Sora said.

Haru was a bit surprised by her request.

"Can you do that?" Sora asked.

Haru nodded, "I will do it." He didn't think that he would meet his acquaintance and he wasn't that worried anyway.

"Thank you," Sora buried her face on his chest. She looked at him again and said, "You've gone taller again."

"Really?" Haru was a bit surprised and only noticed that he had become taller.

"Yeah," Sora nodded and said, "You should hit 180 or more now."

"Hmm," Haru nodded after observing his own body.

The plane had arrived at the airport and both of them walked out of their seats.

Haru walked until someone crashed into him. He could evade her but he didn't since the girl in front of him was quite beautiful.

"I'm sorry."

The girl said after she crashed into him.

"Nothing," Haru answered.

The girl is a very attractive pale-skinned girl with a large bust. She has long black hair that is styled in a hime-cut and brown eye, along with two curved streaks on the side of her face and brown eyes.

"Ah? Are you also from Tokyo?"

"Yes, we're on a trip," Haru answered.

"Oh, you're coming with your girlfriend?" The girl smiled.

Sora had a good impression when she heard her and looked at him waiting for his response.

"Yeah," Haru said while holding Sora's hand tenderly.

Sora blushed and smiled brightly.

"Oh, you make me really jealous that I'm coming here alone."

"You don't have a boyfriend?" Haru asked her with a strange expression.

"But it is okay, I'm going to gamble later," the girl said and added, "Then I will go first, I don't want to disrupt your trip."

Haru saw her back and could feel that this girl was excited. He was wondering whether that girl really loved gambling.

"Haru, let's go," Sora said. Her mood was very happy when she heard his words earlier.

"Yeah, let's go," Haru said, mesmerized by her smile. He wanted to take her photo and share to the world there was such a beautiful angel beside him, 'Hmm? Wait? Share to the world?' He thought it was a really good business idea.