Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 186

Volume 1 Chapter 186 Macau 6

Haru quite enjoyed his stay in Macau. He had done with his script and he was ready to go back since he had stayed for a week. He had received a chat from a lot of chat from Megumi, Utaha, Yuri, Akane, and even Kosaka.

Yuri and Kosaka talked about his cafe mostly since both of them were the ones who took care of his cafe when he was on the trip.

Utaha asked him for a photo of the surrounding place and souvenirs from Macau. She was curious and wanted to go there too sometimes.

Akane was quite envious of his trip and threw a tantrum toward him that she also wanted to have a trip with him.

Megumi called him from time to time asking both of him and Sora. She had also told him about her training with C7.

"So where does that C7 stay?" Haru asked.

"I'm not sure she has ever told me," Megumi said.

"Really? I'm not even surprised to see that she is staying under the bridge," Haru said on the phone.


"That might be true," Megumi said.

"Tell her to stay in my cafe when you meet her, anyway, she can work there, sleep, clean clothes, and even eat delicious food," Haru said.

"It's true that she is also strong and can protect everyone," Megumi said, adding, "But it might be hard to find her."

"Why?" Haru asked.

"Because my training is over," Megumi answered.


"Don't tell me that you're very talented that there is nothing that she can teach you anymore," Haru said.


"Yes," Megumi answered after a pause.

Haru wasn't sure how to respond that his girlfriend had become a skilled ninja. He massaged his head and said, "It won't be strange for you to become a Hokage suddenly."

"Oh, do I need to change my hair to blond?" Megumi asked.

"You really know how to joke, I have brought a lot of souvenirs, wait for me in the cafe," Haru said.

"Hmm, I miss you," Megumi said.

"Me too," Haru answered.

Both of them were quite reluctant to stop their conversation but they needed to stop it since he needed to go to the airport.

Sora looked at him and asked, "Who is this C7?"

"Ninja," Haru answered.

Sora raised her eyebrow, "Are you serious?"

"There is a magician in front of you," Haru said.


"That's true," Sora nodded and held his hand. She looked at him and said, "Hiratsuka has been calling us."

Haru nodded, "We have gone on a trip to Macau without telling her after all."

"I'm sure that she will get angry when she knows that you have been gambling here," Sora said.

"Yeah, but it is worth it, let's go back now," Haru said.

"Yeah," Sora hugged him and said, "After this, we will become normal siblings again."

"Yeah," Haru caressed her back.

"I hate this," Sora said.

"I know that," Haru said.

Sora looked at him and said, "I will believe in you and when we enter a high school please give me insurance."

"Insurance?" Haru raised his eyebrow.

Sora nodded, "Do me."


"Let's wait until we become high school first," Haru said.

"Hmm," Sora nodded.

Both of them entered the plane and saw a familiar figure.

"Ah, Haru-kun, Sora-san, it's a coincidence," Yumeko said while holding a magazine in her hand.

"Yeah, it is a true coincidence," Sora twitched her lips.

"Let's sit first," Haru said.

Sora nodded and sat beside him.

Haru looked at her and asked, "Your matter is over?"

Yumeko smiled, "Yes, I can go back now."

Haru knew that this girl had been gambling all the time in the past week. He wasn't sure but he knew that this girl was in need of money. He didn't ask why she needed money but their relationship wasn't that close enough to do that.

"Your girlfriend is jealous when you talk with me," Yumeko said.

Haru smiled and caressed her head, "You don't need to worry, we're only gambling friends."

"Yes, gambling friend," Yumeko smiled while looking at him.


Sora only looked at both of them and didn't say anything again. She hugged his arm to show off their relationship.

"Your girlfriend is very cute, I'm sure that is why you choose her," Yumeko said.

Haru wasn't sure but she kept saying girlfriend all the time. He felt a bit strange since she had given him his first time even though both of them only met each other for the first time. He also knew that this girl wasn't an easy type.


"Let's gamble!"

Yumeko said with a reddened face while breathing heavily. Her movement was very ambiguous trying to tempt him or just because she was perverted. She moved very close to him and said, "I can't take it anymore! Please have a gamble with me!"

"..." Haru was speechless but he thought that it was a perfect chance for him to cool his head. He nodded at her and said, "Do you have a card here?"

Yumeko looked around but she realized that she didn't have it, "I will get it right now!"

"No, I have one with me," Haru said and suddenly took out a playing card.

Yumeko grinned, "I know that you also love to gamble." She saw his expression had also turned into a grin.

"Interesting, let's play blackjack, you're okay with that?" Haru asked.

"Yes, let's do it," Yumeko nodded.

Then, they started to play blackjack together until dawn.


Haru didn't do anything and thought that he should learn to hold back, 'F.u.c.k, puberty.' He wanted to grow up as soon as possible to control his hormones. He didn't regret his decision to get both his sister and Megumi. His decision might be similar to gambling but he was sure that he wouldn't regret it later.

Yumeko smiled at him while talking to each other. Her eyes were still excited when she thought of gambling with him.

Haru only nodded since he was sure this girl only thought about gambling.

Sora also joined since she was worried about this girl.

Then his trip to Macau was over.