Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 188

Volume 1 Chapter 188 Fatestay Night

Haru took out the doc.u.ment that he had printed before and gave it to them.

"You're very good at everting the conversation," Yuri praised.

"I don't think that is something that you should praise about me," Haru said.

"Let's see about your script," Kosaka said with a serious expression. She saw the title of this game and raised her eyebrow, "Fate/Stay Night?"

"Yeah," Haru nodded.

"Interesting, title, but let me read it first," Kosaka said and started to read the script.

Megumi, Yuri, and Utaha also read the script together since they were curious.

Haru thought that this game was good since it could be developed into something else. He knew that it could become quite a good franchise later after he had done the game later. He knew that this world was a bit different and he didn't mind trying to make this game. He was only worried that he would enter the world of Fate/Stay Night later during the Group Chat. He wasn't sure how to explain the thing that he had a mate later but it was better to think about it later since he didn't think that it was necessary to think that for now.

Kosaka, who read his script, couldn't help but was drawn into the world of the script that he had written. She could imagine herself entering the world of magicians and saw the seven servants fight each other to get a treasure known as Holy Grail, 'Hero, Servants, Magician, Holy Grail, Setting, hmm.'

"Is Arthur Pendragon in this game female?" Yuri asked.

"Yes," Haru nodded.


"It is a bit weird," Yuri said since in her opinion Arthur Pendragon was a male.

Haru looked at Kosaka and asked, "How is it? Have you imagined the design of each character?"

"Hmm, I'm trying to imagine it," Kosaka said and looked at him, "I'm satisfied."

"Thank you, then we need to prepare for this game as soon as possible since we only have four months," Haru said.

"Don't worry, I have taken all of my equipment into this house," Kosaka said.


Haru was a bit speechless but he decided not to say anything.

"Can I ask a question?" Megumi raised her hand.

"Yes," Haru nodded.

"Is this Sakura Matou really r.a.p.ed by a bug?" Megumi asked.


"Yes, I think this is too cruel," Yuri said.

"No, I think this is a good setting," Kosaka said.

"But still how can you think something like this?" Utaha asked.

"I just don't know, don't ask me," Haru sighed.

"Besides that, I can understand that this is a very good story," Megumi said.

"Thank you," Haru nodded.

"I will create a character design now," Kosaka said and walked to the 2nd floor. Her hands had been itching to create a game in the past week. When she saw such a good script, she couldn't help but wanted to create this game as soon as possible. She stopped and said, "You should search for the singer and programmer."

"I can handle the program, you don't need to worry," Haru said.

"Good," Kosaka said and started her job.

"Singer, huh," Haru had an idea who he should have sought for the singer.

"Do you have a good idea for the singer?" Yuri asked.

"I have an idea, her songs are quite good," Haru said.

"Girl?" Utaha, Megumi, and Yuri said at the same time while looking at her.

"Cough! Let me explain first," Haru said and started to tell the person that he thought would be perfect for the game. He told them about the girl that he had met when he went out with Sora before.


They nodded when they heard his story.

"Still, is she really that good?" Utaha asked.

Haru nodded, "Yes, I think that she will be perfect."

"Street Singer, huh?" Yuri said while thinking about something.

"What's wrong?" Megumi asked.

"Nothing, I'm just wondering why she is singing in the street, maybe she doesn't have a home or anything," Yuri said.

"Don't always think overdramatic, the world isn't a drama," Haru said.

"Yes, but yours is one," Utaha said.

"Can we not talk about me for a second? For now, I will have to search for this girl," Haru said.

"Yeah, I think that is quite good," Megumi said and added, "I will try to search for Shiina too."


Megumi nodded, "Yes, Shiina, isn't it a good name?"

Haru thought and nodded, "I think she will be happy."

"Who is this Shiina?" Utaha asked.

"Megumi's a friend and she is quite a good martial artist," Haru said.

"Martial artists?" Yuri was curious.

"Yes, she is a martial artist, I'm searching for her now," Megumi nodded.

They were talking to each other again and talked about the things that they would do later.


Iwasama was working in the restaurant tonight. She wanted to get out of her parent's apartment and lived by herself while relying on the music but before that she needed money. She was working hard in this restaurant cleaning the dishes in the kitchen.

"Iwasama, you can go back," her manager said and added, "Oh, here is your salary."

Iwasama dried her hands and walked to her manager. She took her salary and said, "Thank you."

"Go back since it was quite late," her manager said.

Iwasama nodded and changed her clothes and read to go back, "Thank you, I will go home now."

"Yes, thank you for your hard work," her manager said.

Iwasama nodded and walked out of the restaurant. She looked at the starry sky while holding the money that she had gotten tightly. It was September and it was quite cold for her. She didn't really want to go back but she needed to save her money first. She sighed and thought that she should go out to sing in the street again tomorrow.

'I'm going to become a singer!'


C7 was sitting under the bridge while holding cardboard to make herself warmer.


C7 felt hungry but she didn't have anything to eat after her lesson was over, she was confused now since she didn't know what to do right now. She hugged the cardboard tightly, 'I want to go back.'