Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 191

Volume 1 Chapter 191 Class 3 E?

"I have done drawing all the important characters," Kosaka said.

Haru saw the characters of seven servants and the other main characters. He rubbed his chin and said, "Can you make the b.r.e.a.s.ts of this Tohsaka Rin smaller? Also, try to change her hairstyle into a flanking ponytail."

"Hmm," Kosaka nodded and changed the design.

Haru started to tell her which characters needed to be modified. He had a headache when he thought that he had a lot of projects. He was wondering whether he could get an artificial intelligence or invited an artificial intelligence in this group chat.


Haru was startled and looked at his phone. He saw a notification on the group chat.

[New Quest of the Dimensional Group Chat]

[Quest: Graduate from Class 3-E and Invite one member]

[Participant: Three Persons]

[Reward: 2000 points and one random reward]

[System Note: The time will stop in the participant world. Please choose the right person to enter the Group Chat]

[Countdown: No]


'Class 3-E?' Haru was confused by this quest, 'Do I have to go to school?'

"Haru?" Kosaka looked at him.

"Sorry, my mind is a bit distracted, hmm, can you make the chest of Saber become flat?" Haru said.


Group Chat was rowdy when they saw the quest.

Teppei: "I will go!"

Kouha: "Me too!"

Yajima: "Oh, the two newcomers are very spirited."

Teppei: "Yeah, I want to go to another world!"

Teppei: "But still what is Class 3-E?"

Luffy: "School again? No, I don't want it."


Tsunade: "@Kuroneko, @Haru, can you explain it to us?"

Kuroneko: "Hmm, Class 3-E, the setting of the world should be in school, you need to graduate, so you need a quite good brain."

Gintoki: "Is there any information about this world?"

Kuroneko: "Let me check it later, I'm still in the school."

Kouha: "Where is Haru?"

Tsunade: "He should be together with his girlfriend."

Gintoki: "He has a girlfriend?"

Tsunade: "Don't you see his photo profile?"

They hurriedly looked at his photo profile and saw his photo together with a beautiful girl that had a short hairstyle.

Teppei: "So his girlfriend isn't his little sister?"

Tsunade: "It's not."

Gintoki: "Sigh, his girlfriend is cute."

Kuroneko was shocked when she saw the photo, "T - this?!"

Tsunade: "What's wrong @Kuroneko?"

Kuroneko hurriedly replied, "This girl is a heroine from 'How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend', her name is Kato Megumi!"

Kuroneko: "@Haru! Your world is strange!"

Kouha: "Strange?"

Kuroneko: "Yeah, he should be someone from 'Yosuga no Sora' but the girl beside him is from 'How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend', his world can become a mix of a lot different stories."

Gintoki: "The name of the story is a bit strange, 'How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend'?"

Kuroneko: "Yeah, Haru now is stealing a girl from the main protagonist of that story."


Teppei: "Enough, about Haru and his girlfriend! We can talk about that later! We need to talk about the quest!" He wanted to get stronger and protect both of his grandpa and grandma.

Luffy: "Agree."

Kouha: "Agree +1"

Tsunade: "Agree +1"

Yajima: "Agree +1"

Gintoki: "Agree +1"

Kuroneko: "Wait for a while, let the search for information about the world of this quest." She said and hurriedly went to the computer in her school. She searched 'Class 3-E' on the internet and wondered what kind of anime it was coming. She suddenly stopped and saw the information about the anime. She was shocked since it was about this anime. She gulped and wrote on the group chat, "I think that we have a big problem for this quest."



Haru saw that it was in the afternoon, "I will prepare lunch, do you want something?"

"Can you make Italian food?" Kosaka asked.

"Are you okay with Carbonara?" Haru asked.

"Yes," Kosaka nodded and continued to draw.

Haru went to the kitchen to prepare lunch for both of them. He was cooking his food until someone called him. He opened it and answered, "Hello?"


Haru was familiar with this voice, "What's wrong Sakura?"

"Can I play in your place?" Sakura asked.

"Hmm, I will go out after this," Haru said.

"Eh....." Sakura was disappointed.

Haru thought for a bit and asked, "Then, do you want to come with me?"

"Where are you going?" Sakura asked.

"I'm going to search for a singer," Haru said.

"Singer? Oh? I will come now!" Sakura said.

"You're not in school?" Haru asked.

"I'm at home now," Sakura said and added, "I'm very bored."

Haru thought that she must come back from the hospital, "Alright, you can come to my cafe."

"Yay!" Sakura was happy.

"Do you want to eat something?" Haru asked.

"Oh, I want ice cream!" Sakura said.

"Okay, I will prepare for it when you come," Haru said.

"I will come to your place now," Sakura said.

Haru had done his food and brought it to the 2nd floor.


Haru saw Kosaka who ate his food with a lot of vigor. He decided to check the group chat and it was flooded with a lot of notifications. He also saw that his name was being mentioned a lot of times too.

Haru: "Hello."


Kuroneko: "Dammit, where did you go?!"

Tsunade: "Yeah, why did you just come out now!"

Haru: "Ahem, let's talk about the quest, do any of you know which world it is?"

Kouha: "Yeah, Kuroneko has said that it is from 'Assassination Classroom'."

Haru thought for a bit and nodded, "I know that story."

Gintoki: "But still to graduate from that place, you need to kill that tentacle teacher."

Teppei: "I don't want to admit it but it is impossible to kill someone with a speed of 20 mach."

Haru: "We only have to graduate, we don't need to kill him."

Gintoki: "Now that you mention it."

Yajima: "You're the smartest and the most suitable to become a student, Haru."

Haru: "Alright I don't mind, but who are the other two?"

Kouha: "This time, I will go! I want to see another world!"

Teppei: "I can become a biology teacher."

Haru: "Then does everyone agree?"