Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 195

Volume 1 Chapter 195 I Will Sue You

"Haru, is it only me or is there an octopus in front of us?" Teppei asked while twitching his lips.

"Yeah, it's not just you," Haru said and had a headache right now.

Kouha was more aggressive and slashed the octopus in front of him with his big sword but his sword was taken away from him by the alien in front of him.

"My, My, what a dangerous sword, I will keep it for a while."

The octopus man in front of him said.



"Now, how about you guys following me?" The octopus man said and wrapped them with his tentacles.


They couldn't do anything and they were brought by this octopus with 20 mach speed.



Haru went back to his apartment after the matter was done. He went to bed with Sora for a while until she had fallen asleep. He took his phone and started to enter Group Chat.

Haru: "I'm ready."

Kouha: "Alright, me too."

Teppei: "Good."

Everyone encouraged them when they heard it. They knew that this quest would be quite troublesome since they needed to fight against a bipedal octopus.

Kouha: "But that creature is disgusting."


Haru: "But it is hard to beat him, I'm sure that octopus can easily beat all of us with his speed alone."


Gintoki: "I can't argue with that."

Kuroneko: "Anyway, your mission will be very easy since you need to graduate from 3-E."

Haru: "@Kouha, have you ever entered a school?"

Kouha: "Hmm, don't belittle me! I have received a lot of education during my childhood!"

Kouha: "More importantly the time will stop right?"

Tsunade: "Yes, the time will be stopped."

Kouha: "Good."

Haru: "Don't forget to bring money."

Teppei: "Okay!"

Haru: "@Kouha, don't bring too much."

Kouha: "No way, I want to live in luxury later!"

Haru sighed and said, "Well, whatever, I can hypnosis them later."

Teppei: "Then we're ready to go!"

Kouha: "Yeah!"


Kouha was very excited right now.

"So you will teleport to another world, right?" Kouen asked.

Kouha nodded, "Yes, I will bring you souvenirs later."

"Still, this world will have an octopus that can destroy the world easily, but your mission is to graduate from school?" Koumei asked.

Kouha nodded, "I'm not that sure but one of the requirements to graduate from that school is to kill that octopus."

"Bring a lot of things from the other world, I want to use it for research," Koumei said with excitement about his expression. He felt a bit jealous of his little brother right now who had been invited by the group chat.

"Don't worry, I will go now," Kouha said and pressed the button.


Teppei also did the same and pressed the button. He needed the power to save both of his grandparents from NEO.


Three of them suddenly appeared on the side of the street.

"Ugh, what is this? This feeling is very uncomfortable," Kouha said while holding his head.

"Yeah," Teppei also said of the same.

"Well, you will get used to it later," Haru said and looked around, 'It seems that they're in the alley.' He looked at Kouha and frowned, "Kouha, you don't need to bring that sword, also that gold....." He was a bit speechless when he saw him bring a chest of gold.


"Oi! Oi! Is that gold? Can you give us some?"

Three of them turned and saw a group of people who looked at them with greed.

"Yawn, do you want me to kill them?" Kouha asked.

"You can't kill someone in this country, if you want to kill you can kill the octopus guy," Haru said.

"I will take care of them," Teppei said while cracking his neck. His body was quite tall and the scar on his face made him a bit scared.

"W - what do you want to do?!"

A group of people took out their knives to scare him.

"Well, how about you sleep for a bit?" Teppei said and started to do his knocking.

Snap! Snap! Snap!

The people fell down one by one when they were knocked down by him.

Teppei cleaned his hands and went back to him, "The people here are weak."

"Of course, the most powerful creature in this world is that octopus," Haru said and opened a space in his hand, "Do you have something that you want to keep? Give it to me."

"Oh, that's right, you can open space storage," Teppei said and gave him his luggage.

"Bring mine too," Kouha said. He didn't expect that he had such a convenient skill.

"Alright," Haru took their luggage to his space storage, "Alright, let's go out, we need to think how to enter the school."

"Good, I want to look around," Kouha said with excitement.

"Hmm, that's true," Teppei nodded.

Three of them walked out from the alley and left the thugs on the ground. They were walking around while looking around since this was their first time coming here. They had also become a center of attention since three of them were very handsome.

Kouha was in the middle, his appearance was similar to a beautiful girl.

Teppei and Haru were very tall compared to most people. Both of them walked side by side but stopped when they saw something strange.

"Is it only me or can I see an octopus reading p.o.r.n there," Haru said.

"No, I can see it too, Haru, give me my sword," Kouha said.

"Oh, it seems that octopus notices us," Teppei said.

They weren't sure what was happening but they suddenly noticed that octopus appeared in front of them.

"Hmm, what is it? You guys are still underage, you can't stay outside at this hour."

They were a bit speechless when they were lectured by the octopus in front of them.

"DIE!" Kouha said and swung his sword but his sword was taken away by him.

"Hmm, this sword is a bit dangerous, then, I will bring you guys back."

Suddenly his tentacles wrapped around their bodies.

"Dammit, you octopus, I will sue you for s.e.x.u.a.l harassment," Haru complained, and it was a bit weird when he was wrapped in tentacles.

"UWAAA, HOW CRUEL!" The octopus was a bit scared.

Teppei tried to knock him swiftly.

Snap! Snap! Snap!

His knocking hit all of the nerves of this strange creature.

'Wut?' Teppei was very surprised when he saw this creature had a comfortable expression on its face. He wasn't sure but he felt very annoyed.

"What a nice massage, but I will bring you guys," the octopus said and brought them with 20 mach speed.