Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 196

Volume 1 Chapter 196 Don't Eat With Speed Of 20 Mach

"So you bring them here?!" Karasuma twitched his lips looking at the bipedal octopus in front of him.

"Yes, both of them are underage and one of them is in the middle of the 20's," the bipedal octopus said.

Karasuma looked at the three people in front of him. He saw them very relaxed in front of him and could feel that they were very strong, "Are you an assassin?"

"I'm a biologist," Teppei said.

"I'm a traveling chef," Haru said.

"I'm their boss," Kouha said with a proud expression.

Teppei and Haru looked at him with a strange expression.

"Hmm, I didn't see your information in our country, that means you entered our country by an illegal means," Karasuma had a serious expression on his face and said, "I can make you enter the jail right away now."

"If it's illegal shouldn't that octopus enter the jail too?" Haru said.

Karasuma sighed and said, "That's true, but it is impossible to catch him."

"Karasuma, you're quite unfair to eat sushi alone," the octopus complained while eating the sushi with a blissful expression.

"BASTARD, DON'T EAT MY DINNER!" Karasuma took his pistol and started to shoot this octopus.

The octopus dodged his attack easily while eating the sushi with a happy expression.

Karasuma had given up and sat down again, "As you can see, he has a speed of 20 mach, it is very hard to kill him."


Karasuma looked at them and said, "I know you guys are very strong, my guts telling me."


"Pft!!!" They laughed when they heard his words.

The octopus also laughed.


"My guts telling me!"

They were laughing very hard when they heard his words.

Karasuma had a thick mark on his face and wanted to shoot them but suddenly someone appeared beside him.

"Calm down," Haru said and wrapped his hand around him.

Karasuma was startled but he couldn't move, 'Fast!'

"Hooo," the octopus could see that his speed was very fast.

Haru walked back and sat down again, "Actually, we have a request."

"Request?" Karasuma and the octopus looked at him with a curious expression.

"Yes, as you can see, the three of us don't have an identity....." Haru started to tell his sob story to them. His acting skill was quite good but his storytelling was the most important.

Kouha and Teppei were a bit surprised by his actions but didn't say anything.


"UWAAAAA!!!!!" The octopus was crying really hard while wiping the tears on his face.


They were a bit speechless by him.

"That's why we want to enter your school," Haru said.

Karasuma felt fishy but he knew that they could help the world to kill this octopus."

"KARASUMA-SENSEI! I WILL MAKE THEM BECOME MY STUDENTS!!!" The octopus suddenly appeared between Kouha and Haru with tears on his face.

"Don't touch me with snot and tears on your face, you octopus!" Kouha was annoyed but he couldn't do anything against him.

Haru sighed and it was useless to fight against him since his speed was lower than him. Even though he had said that he had a speed of light, it was slower since his body couldn't handle the pressure of the speed.

"I can also teach biology," Teppei said.

Karasuma looked at three of them and nodded, "Alright, I hope that you can kill this octopus by next year."

"YES!!!" They were very much annoyed by this octopus.

"Oh, that's right, we have never introduced ourselves to each other," the octopus looked at them and said, "Teppei-sensei, we will be a co-worker tomorrow, also, Kasugano-kun and Ren-kun will be my students in the future, nice to meet you, my name is Koro-sensei."


Koro-sensei waited for their response but he was ignored by them.

"So can we talk about something else now?' Haru said.


"Can you give us the most luxurious apartment to live in?" Haru asked.


They were a bit speechless by his words.

"Don't worry, we have money," Haru said and looked at Kouha who had a satisfying expression. He could live in a normal apartment but there was a prince beside him, it would be waste to live in a normal way since he didn't use his money.

Karasuma sighed and asked, "How will you pay?"

"Is it okay with gold?" Haru said and suddenly took out a block of gold in his hand.

Korosensei was a bit surprised by his magic trick.

"That gold didn't have any invoice right?" Karasuma asked.

"Of course," Haru smiled.

Koro-sensei had an envious expression on his face.

Karasuma thought for a bit and nodded, "I don't mind helping you, I will take care of it now." He took a block of gold and called the ministry to help them. He also helped them to create an identity for three of them.

Haru was glad that it was quite easy but he needed to spend a long time in this world.

"Haru, can you cook something? I'm hungry," Teppei said.

"Yeah, cook something, Haru," Kouha said.

"Oh, that's right, you're a chef right?" Korosensei suddenly became strict, "I have tried a lot of Michelin restaurants, my tongue is very sensitive and won't eat unless it is something good."


Haru knew that this octopus was lying since he knew that this octopus only ate something cheap every day. He looked at Karasuma, "Karasuma-sensei, can I borrow some ingredients in your kitchen?"

"Huh? You're really going to cook?" Karasuma was surprised.

"Yeah," Haru said and went to his kitchen. He took a lot of things and started to cook very fast.

Korosensei and Karasuma were looking at him with amazement since his cooking skill was too awesome. Neither of them expected that he was really a chef and a very good one at that. They gulped when they smelled the aroma.

"Koro-sensei, you can't eat it, the taste won't be perfect," Haru suddenly slapped something and said since he knew the octopus appeared beside him.

"Just a bit!" Korosensei said with a pitiful expression.


Haru was a bit strange and sighed, "You should just wait for a bit."

"Haru, let me try," Kouha suddenly said and walked toward him. He never expected his cooking skills to be this high.

"Sure," Haru said and gave him a tester.

Kouha suddenly opened his eyes wide and smiled happily.

"Not fair!" Korosensei said.

Karasuma sighed and looked at Teppei, "You're not joining?"

"Oh, I will after this," Teppei smiled.

Karasuma looked at him and asked, "I have heard from him that you're an acupuncture master?"

""Yes, I'm a biologist, which is why I'm a bit curious about the body of that octopus," Teppei said. He knew that it would be great if he could take the power of that octopus.

Karasuma only raised his eyebrow.


Haru had prepared the food on the table.

Everyone gulped when they saw a variety of food.

Haru slapped something again.

Korosensei looked at him with wonder how he could slap his hand.

"Alright, let's eat," Haru said.

"Let's eat!"

"But before that, I want to remind you not to eat at a speed of 20 mach, you should enjoy the food slowly," Haru said and looked at the octopus.