Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 197

Volume 1 Chapter 197 New Students And Teacher

Everyone was excited and curious when they saw three people in front of them.

The boy was excited to see beautiful girls join their class but they were a bit strange when they saw the new student wearing pants, 'Is it the same type as Nagisa?'

The girl was also happy when they saw an eye candy, 'Tall.....' They had to admit that the new male student was very tall.

Korosensei was in front of them, "Please be quiet, I will introduce you to a new teacher and two new students."


"Yes, Karma-kun," Korosensei said.

"Are you also an assassin?" Karma asked.

"No, they're not," Korosensei said.

"No?!" They were surprised when they heard it.

"They're not assassins but martial artists," Karasuma said.

'Martial artist?' They felt a bit disappointed when they heard it. They had seen a lot of powerful assassins but they had never seen powerful martial artists.

"First, let me introduce you to our new biology teacher," Korosensei said.

"Hello everyone, my name is Teppei," Teppei said with a smile.

They could see that his smile was very warm but it was strange when they saw a big scar on his face.

"You can ask me anything about the human body, plants, animals, or anything else," Teppei said.

"Do you know about octopus's body?" Karma asked while looking at Korosensei.


"Yes, actually, Teppei-sensei has almost knocked my body out since he can hit the nerves accurately, luckily, they don't have special weapons when they met me yesterday," Korosensei explained.

Teppei wanted to spit when they heard it. He knew the octopus had evaded all of his attacks at the last moment, 'The problem is speed.'

They were surprised when they heard it.

"Let me continue, for our two new students," Korosensei said and introduced, "The first is Ren Kouha, for your information, he is a male."


"IT'S NAGISA!!!!!"

Kouha ignored them and yawned with a bored expression.

"Oi, what's with that attitude?" Terasaka said with an annoyed tone.

"Oi, Octopus, can you let me sit down?" Kouha said.

"YOU!!!" Terasaka was angry.

"Sure," Korosensei nodded and said, "But let me introduce the last student, also Terasaka, you better give up since you can't beat him." He smiled and looked at him with a happy expression, "The last student is very special, Sensei is very happy to have you here."


They were very speechless when they saw his expression.

Haru frowned when he saw this octopus.

"His name is Kasugano Haruka, his food is very delicious," Korosensei said while wiping the drool on his mouth.

"Huh?" They were a bit confused by his introduction.

"Are you a chef?" Muramatsu asked. He is the son of a ramen owner but their reman is very bad and stale. He is quite interested in the new student who is a chef.

Haru nodded, "Yes."


They were a bit strange when they heard about his profession.

"Really? Not an assassin?" Karma said while looking at his body. He could tell that it was the body of a fighter.

"No, I'm not an assassin, but I'm a magician," Haru said.

"Huh?" Kouha and Teppei looked at him with a strange expression.

"Magician?" The entire class was surprised when they heard it.

Karamasu and Bitch-sensei were also interested in his magic.

"Can you show us?" Nagisa asked.

"Sure," Haru walked to the girl who was sitting right in the front while next to the window, "Hello, can you tell me your name?"

"Me? My name is Kataoka Megu," Megu said while looking at him with an interesting expression, "You're going to show me magic?"

"Yes," Haru said and took a blue candle from his pocket.


Haru snapped his finger and suddenly the fire lit up from the candle

"UWOOOO!!!!" Korosensei was excited when he saw it.

"Alright, one, two, three, please blow it out," Haru said.

"Fuhh," Megu blew the fire on the candle.

Haru smiled and covered the candle with his hand. Suddenly the candle turned into a blue flower when he opened it, "Here you go."

Megu blushed, "Thank you."

The guys who saw it couldn't help but sigh at his skill.

"Alright, Sensei, I'm done," Haru said.

"Good, please take a seat and we will start the lesson," Korosensei sighed as he couldn't see the magic again. He looked at the back and said, "You can sit on the back."

Kouha and Haru walked next to each other.

"Hey, do you want to get that girl?" Kouha asked.

"You think too much about it," Haru said.

Haru and Kouha sat next to each other.

Haru looked at the large rectangular robotic casing with a video screen of a beautiful girl.

"She is Ritsu, she is artificial intelligence."

"Hello," Ritsu said.

Haru was very interested in this artificial intelligence. He hoped to invite her to the group chat to see what would happen, "Yeah, nice to meet you." He looked at the male student in front of him, "Thank you, my name is Kasugano Haruka."

"Yeah, Sugaya Sousuke, your magic trick is nice," Sugaya said.

"I have trained," Haru said.


Kouha was bored and wanted to kill that octopus but the speed of that octopus was 20 mach. He looked at the male beside him and asked, "Have you ever been close to killing that octopus?"

"You also plan to kill Korosensei?"

"Of course, I'm coming to kill that octopus," Kouha said.

The male smiled, "But can you do that?"

"I can't do that but it is very easy to kill you," Kouha said with a lazy smile.


"Akabane Karma, that's my name," Karma said.

"I don't bother to remember the names of everyone here," Kouha said and yawned.

Karma smiled, "Interesting." He became even more curious with the identity of two new students and this teacher.


Teppei joined both Bitch-sensei and Karasuma.

"Can you kill him?" Karasuma asked.

"His speed was just too high," Teppei said and asked, "Is he an original or an artificial made?"

"Artificial," Karasuma answered.

Teppei thought for a bit and asked, "Can I meet the scientist?"

Bitch-sensei looked at the clock and said, "I will go to the class now."

"Alright," Karasuma and Teppei nodded.

"How is it?" Teppei asked.

"I will try to ask my superior," Karasuma nodded.

"Thank you," Teppei nodded. He thought it would be great if he could produce that kind of monster in his world to protect his family.


"My lesson is over, Bitch-sensei, please continue," Korosensei said and asked, "Kasugano-kun, please don't forget about my lunch."


Haru had never seen such a shameless teacher. He took the gun that he had gotten yesterday and shot him. He also activated his observation haki to see the future.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Korosensei wasn't sure but he felt that his new student could see the future even though it was only a second.


One of his tentacles exploded after it had been hit by a hit gun.


Kouha who saw this chance, also moved very fast from behind the seat to his target in a second.

Korosensei wanted to escape but his bullet was just too accurate and blocked his escape.

"HAAA!!!" Kouha swung his knife but that octopus escaped to the ceiling.

"What a scare!" Korosensei was scared and wanted to run.

Haru kept shooting that octopus but stopped since it had gone.

Kouha sighed, "The hell with that speed." He walked back to his seat with a lazy expression.

Haru shook his head in disappointment too.

They were looking at both of them with a surprised expression and became more curious about their identity.

"Hmm, Kasugano-kun, and Rei-kun, is it?" Bitch-sensei said.

"Yes?" Haru said.

Kouha ignored her.

Bitch-sensei walked toward him and said, "You're new students so I will tell you about the tradition of our class."

"Tradition?" Haru looked at her with a confused expression.

Everyone slapped their faces when they saw their teacher.

"Sensei, please stop!" Megu said it was because she had a good impression of him. She didn't want him to be molested by this perverted teacher.

"Kataoka, are you jealous? Don't worry, Sensei will come toward you too later," Bitch-sensei walked toward him and kissed him suddenly.

Haru had already foreseen it but he didn't escape.

"Hoo...." Kouha looked at both of them with a smile.

Haru felt that his mouth was being invaded by her tongue, 'Hmm, you're too naive!' He was someone who had God's Tongue and it was very easy to beat her.

"Hmph!" Bitch-sensei was surprised by his counter-attack.

Both of them started to entangle with each other.

They were even more surprised to see someone who could stop the 'Kiss of Death' of Bitch-sensei.

'Who is this kid?!' Bitch-sensei tried to block his relentless attack but it was useless. She felt that all of her movement had been read by the kid in front of her. Then suddenly she let out her weak point wide open, 'No!!!!!' She tried to stop it but she was too late.


Bitch-sensei couldn't handle it anymore and she fell down on his arms.

Haru separated from her, "My bad."


Bitch-sensei had a hateful expression since she had been beaten out by this boy. She tried to act like nothing was happening, "Nothing." She tried to stand up but her legs were a bit weak.

Haru caught her and said, "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine," Bitch-sensei said and walked to the front class. She needed her revenge on him but she could do that later. Her face was very red and she breathed very heavily, "L - let's continue the lesson."


'Seriously, who are they?!'