Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 198

Volume 1 Chapter 198 Weakness

It was break time and everyone gathered around the new students.

"Kasugano-kun, can you teach me your kiss technique?"


Haru frowned and asked, "Who is this, Sugaya?"

"He is Taiga Okajima, the famous pervert in our class," Sugaya sighed.

"What with that introduction!" Okajima complained.

"But seriously how can you beat her?" Megu asked. She had also received that attack from her but this was her first time seeing someone who had defeated Bitch-sensei.

"Oh, it is because of my tongue," Haru said and showed his tongue.

"Tongue?" They looked at his tongue to see what the difference was.

"I have God's Tongue," Haru said.

"Huh? What the hell is that?!"

"Well, it is a special condition where someone can identify a taste in detail," Haru said.

"Is that why that Korosensei wants to eat your food that badly?" Muramatsu asked.

Haru nodded, "Yes, the kiss is just a side benefit, you don't need to think that much."

"Can you try our ramen later?" Muramatsu asked.

"Dont, his ramen is really bad."

"What the hell, are you saying!!!" Muramatsu was angry.

"Haru, I'm hungry," Kouha said beside him.

"Sure," Haru took out the box lunch and gave it to him. He was in charge of cooking when the three of them were living together.

"Do you live together?" Kirara asked. She was a girl with quite a depressing aura around her.

"Yes," Haru said and opened the box lunch.

Everyone sucked in a deep breath when they saw his lunch.

"Oh, let me try," Karma said and wanted to steal it, but he stopped when he felt something on his neck.

"Don't do it," Kouha said with a lazy expression and started to eat his lunch.



They would have never thought Karma, who always had to do what he wanted, would stop by the new student.

Karma frowned and wasn't sure but he felt a different pressure, 'Leader? No, King?' He also looked at him since he also gave a different aura too.

"So in other words, your tongue is very sensitive toward taste right?" Nagisa asked. His appearance is similar to a girl and it wouldn't be strange for him to be mistaken as a girl.

"Are you a girl?" Haru asked.

"Sigh, no, I'm a boy," Nagisa sighed.

"Yeah, so don't fall in love with him," Nakamura said. She is a girl with long blonde hair and she is quite beautiful.

"No, I won't," Haru frowned.

"I'm joking, but we're still coming from?" Nakamura asked.

"We're from China," Haru said.

"China?!" They nodded when they heard it since they knew that China was a very mysterious country with a lot of history through 5000 years.

"So when can you come to my ramen store?" Muramatsu asked.

"I want to get used to this school first," Haru said and asked, "You have been together with that octopus for a while right?"


"Does he have any weaknesses?" Haru asked and added, "If you can answer my question, I will give you my lunch." He said and opened the box of lunch in front of them.

They couldn't help but gulp when they saw it.

"I will answer you," Karma took his lunch box and started to eat it.


Karma who had taken a bit of his food suddenly showed a blissful expression, "SO GOOD!!!!"

They were startled when they saw his happy expression. They had never seen him in this expression before.

"So can you tell me?" Haru asked.

Karma nodded, "Nagisa, give me your notebook." He said and continued to eat.

"What?" Nagisa sighed and said, "Alright, but can you give me some?"

Karma nodded and gave him some of the lunch.

Nagisa had never tasted this kind of food before he felt that all the things that he had eaten before couldn't be called food. He woke up and sucked a deep breath, "Your cooking skill is awesome."

"Thank you," Haru nodded.

"Oh, right, this is my notebook, you can read it, I have written his weakness," Nagisa said and gave him his notebook.

Kouha who heard it, also joined him to read the notebook together.

"When he tries to act cool, his weaknesses show?" Haru looked at him with a strange expression.

Nagisa laughed, "Yes, his weakness is surprisingly dumb."

Kouha didn't intend to read it again and sighed. He was still searching for a way to kill that dumb octopus, but was suddenly surprised to see that he had lost his lunch. He looked around and saw an octopus who had stolen his lunch.

"So good!" Korosensei said with a happy smile.

"I WILL REALLY KILL YOU, OCTOPUS BASTARD!!!!!" Kouha was really angry and tried to kill him but the octopus was just too fast.

Haru sighed and looked around. His mission was to graduate from this Class 3-E, he didn't need to kill that octopus but he had to admit that bipedal octopus was very annoying.


Teppei, Kouha, and Haru were in their apartment.

Haru prepared the dinner for everyone and placed them in the dining room.

Their apartment was quite luxurious since they had bought it from Karasuma.

"Do you find anything?" Teppei asked.

Haru nodded, "We have found his weakness."

"Really?!" Teppei was surprised.

"Here," Haru gave him a list of Korosensei's weaknesses.

Teppei was quite excited until he frowned. He looked at him and asked, "Is this really a weakness?"

Haru nodded, "Yes." He looked at him and asked, "How about you?"

Teppei nodded, "I know that octopus is artificially made, I want to meet the scientists behind it."

Haru nodded, "When you want to meet him bring me, I can hypnotize them, it is easier than negotiation."

Teppei nodded in agreement.

Kouha ate the food calmly and sighed in happiness. He was a bit stressed because of that octopus but his food was really good.

"I will go out for a bit, I think the technology in this world is a bit interesting, especially that artificial intelligence, and I hope that she can join our group chat," Haru said.

"Huh?!" They looked at him in surprise.

Haru nodded, "Think about it, all of them are normal human, the strong one is that octopus, do you want to invite him."

"NO WAY!!!!" They shouted together. They would never want that octopus to join the group chat.

"That's why I'm thinking of inviting that AI, maybe she can bring us a surprise," Haru said, but he didn't tell them that it was possible for the AI to look into their phones earlier since he didn't want them to be panicked.

They thought for a bit and nodded.

"Well, we still have a lot of time before our graduation," Teppei said.

"That's true," Kouha nodded.

Haru nodded, "Then I will go out now."


Haru walked around aimlessly until he found an arcade. He didn't find anything strange around the way. He thought to have a bit of fun and entered the arcade. He heard a loud noise coming from inside. He saw a group of people standing in the battle game and kept shouting 'undefeated champion'. He saw someone who was standing on the other side kept defeating everyone. He walked toward them and sat down on the other side to fight the undefeated champion.

"Big brother, you should give up."

"Yeah, your opponent is very strong."

"Really? That makes me even more curious," Haru said and entered the coin into the machine. He started the game and fought the undefeated champion.

Their fight was very fierce and the undefeated champion was very strong, unluckily, he was his opponent.

Everyone sucked in a deep breath when they saw him defeat the undefeated champion.

"Once more!"

Haru frowned when he heard a girl's voice but still answered, "Sure."

They kept playing until 10 rounds but he kept winning the match.

Haru thought it was time to go back, "Let's stop, I need to go back." He stood up and was a bit surprised to see his opponents. He forgot the name of this girl but he remembered that she was in his class earlier.

"Yukiko Kanzaki, that's my name," Kanzaki said with a sigh.

"I'm sorry," Haru said and added, "Still, your skill is very good Kanzaki."

Kanzaki was a bit surprised, "You're not asking me why I'm playing a game in an arcade?"

"Why?" Haru looked at her with a weird expression.

Kanzaki shook her head, "Nothing, but I will beat you next."

"You're 10 years too early for that," Haru said with a proud expression.

Kanzaki laughed when she heard him, "Let's play another game next time."