Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 199

Volume 1 Chapter 199 Question

They had only noticed it but the two new students were crazy smart.

Korosensei looked at him, "You can solve this?"

"Sure," Haru nodded and solved the problem easily.

"How about you?" Korosensei asked Kouha.

"Boring," Kouha said and solved it instantly.


'Why are you not in Class A?!' Then they suddenly realized, 'Oh, right, they're an assassin....'


Karasuma stood in front of everyone and said, "Alright, I have a present for you."


Karasuma told his subordinates to enter and brought a lot of boxes to the classroom.

"What is that?"

Karasuma opened the box and said, "This is a present from the country, a new uniform for assassination."


They were very happy and started to wear them as soon as possible.

"Ren, this is your custom big sword, don't bring it around just keep it in the classroom," Karasuma said and gave him the large sword.

"Hmm," Kouha took the sword and swung it around.


"You're not asking for a custom weapon?" Sugaya asked.

"No, I'm better on a gun," Haru said.

"Alright, everyone, after this, we will have an assassination class, you should change your uniform as soon as possible," Karasuma looked at both Kouha and Haru, "You two if you can you should kill that octopus."

"I will definitely kill him," Kouha said while holding his sword really hard.

Haru only nodded in response. He looked at his phone and downloaded the 'Mobile Ritsu'. He opened the chat and chatted to her directly, "Can we talk later."

Ritsu replied, "Sure."

"Oh, right, Haru, I have brought the ingredients after the lesson, can you help me to cook?" Korosensei suddenly appeared.

"Sure," Haru said and shot him.



"Is this really a lesson?" Kouha said.

"I'm not sure," Haru said, since it felt strange to learn of an assassination during a class.

"I know that it will be strange at first," Nagisa smiled.


"You know what, I know that you are the strongest inside the class," Kouha said.

"What?!" Nagisa was surprised.

"That's true, this guy is the strongest inside our class," Karma joined and pointed his finger at someone, "that guy is the weakest."

"WHAT THE HELL, KARMA!!!" Terasaka was angry. He looked at him and said, "Oi, Magician, can you become invisible?"

"I can, but I can't hide my smell," Haru said, and added, "I have read that his nose is very sharp, right?"

"Yes," Nagisa nodded and asked, "You can become invisible?"

"It's similar to that, but it is a trick," Haru said.

"Trick, huh?" Karma looked at him with a curious expression and shook his head, "Anyway, let's kill him and we can eat his BBQ later!"



Haru was a bit speechless looking at their reaction. He felt that he had conquered the entire class with his food.


Haru didn't follow everyone but moved silently after hiding using his light magic. He could tell them that it was a magic trick later. He saw Kouha swinging his sword wildly toward Korosensei but as expected that it was useless.


"Ren, you should be silent, you're an assassin," Korosensei said.

"Shut up! I'm not an assassin!" Kouha said and swung his swing.

Korosensei nodded, "Well, that's true, you're not an assassin, but this lesson can kill your enemies later."

Kouha frowned, "My enemy?"

Korosensei only smiled using his emoticon face.




Everyone in Class 3-E didn't expect that the battle would be this fierce. They thought that inside that small body Kouha's strength wouldn't lose to Karasuma who was full of muscle.

"Huh? Where is Kasugano?" Suguya asked.

"Don't tell me that he has really become invisible?" Terasaka said.


"No way."

They answered at the same time until they saw a strange movement on Korosensei.


Korosensei wasn't sure but he felt a danger on his back but he was a bit too late and one of his tentacles was cut by someone, "Kasugano?"

"HAAA!!!" Kouha continued his attack and didn't let this octopus take a break.

Haru didn't continue to attack and frowned since his tentacles regenerated instantly. He remembered that he needed to stab the center of his body right into a large black tie with a yellow crescent-shaped moon on it. He took the tentacles that were cut on the ground and kept it. Maybe he could use it later.


"I'm sorry but the scientists don't want to meet you," Karasuma said.

Teppei felt a bit disappointed, "I know." He thought for a bit maybe he could get a sample body from that bipedal octopus. He thought for a bit and said, "The lesson should be done now, let's eat the BBQ with everyone."

"Sure," Karasuma nodded. He still couldn't forget the taste of his food but he still had his own job and it was too shameful for him to beg his student to cook for him.

"Is his food really that tasty?" Bitch-sensei asked.

"Yeah," Teppei and Karasuma answered at the same time.


Everyone was tired after that assassination class.

"Kasugano-kun, please," Korosensei said and gave him the ingredients.

"Alright," Haru said and started his cooking process.

They had never seen him cooking and only saw the finished product, this time they were in awe since they would have never thought that cooking would be this cool.

"Let me help you," Kanzaki said.

"Oh, me too," Megu said.

"Can you tell me the recipe?" Hara asked.


They would have never expected cooking would make someone popular but they had to admit that his cooking was very delicious.


In another place, the famous sniper 'Red Eye' was wounded on the ground. He was lucky that his attacker thought that he had died. He hurriedly called the ambulance and sighed in relief while laying on the ground. However, he was a bit worried about the students that he had met before, 'Be safe!'


"I have gotten part of his body," Haru said.

"Really?" Teppei seemed quite happy but added, "Still, keep it first, you can give it to me later when we go back later." He thought for a bit and said, "I will go out first, I want to take a drink."


"Yeah, that octopus is disgusting," Kouha complained and added, "Can you bring me something when you go back?"

"Yeah," Teppei nodded.

"Haru, play a game with me," Kouha said and pulled his hand.



Kouha was sleeping soundly on his side.

Haru was looking at Ritsu on his phone, "You have seen all the data inside my phone?"

"Yes, I have found 'Yosogu no Sora', what is this? Are you the one who made it or someone else? Is it your experience? Did you lose your v.i.r.g.i.nity at grade school? Are you dating a lot of girls? Including your sister?..." Ritsu kept asking a lot of questions that bugged her.


Haru frowned when he heard it, "Can you let me talk?"


"Sure," Ritsu said.

"Alright, I can't explain it now but do you have a master or you can move by yourself," Haru asked.

"I'm on my own," Ritsu said.

"Hmm, well, I will talk about this in the last semester, I'm not sure whether you can protect yourself from the hackers," Haru said.

"Hmm, then, I will wait," Ritsu said and was quite interested, "But are you really dating your sister?"