Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 200

Volume 1 Chapter 200 Boring Day

"I like you, please go out with me!"

Megu looked at the girl who confessed to her. She twitched her lips inwardly and wondered why she was popular among girls, "I'm sorry, but I still want to focus on my class, but I'm very happy with your confession."

Both of them talked for a while until the girl went back to the main school.

Megu looked at the back of the girl while sighing.

"Why do you not accept it? She is quite cute."

Megu was startled and turned. She saw someone that she didn't want to meet right now, "Kasugano-kun, why are you here?!" She didn't want him to see her being confessed to a girl. She was very embarrassed right now and wanted to run away as soon as possible.

"I'm just looking around this school since I have never come to the main building," Haru answered. Even though he felt that it would be a waste to not look around this place. He smiled and said, "Anyway, I'm not prejudiced against Yuri, I will support you."

"Y - you misunderstand! I don't have an interest in girls!" Megu tried to fix the misunderstanding since she didn't want to be thought as someone who had an interest in the same gender.

"So you normally have an interest in boys?" Haru asked.

"Of course," Megu nodded.

"Do you have someone that you like?" Haru asked.

"Of it-," Megu wanted to say something until she realized, "N - no! I'm focusing on my studies first." She sighed in relief since she almost said her crush while looking at him with a reddened face.

Haru wanted to tease her again until he heard the sound of the camera.

Snap! Snap! Snap!

Megu and Haru turned and saw a bipedal octopus holding a camera while taking their pictures together.

"Nyuhuhuhu, I have gotten quite juicy gossip....."

Megu and Haru had a thick mark on their forehead.

"Let's kill this octopus," Haru said.

"Good," Megu nodded.

Bang! Bang! Bang!


Haru went to his class together with Megu and it seemed that they were discussing something.

"Is there something that happens?" Haru asked.

"Kasugano-kun," Nakamura smiled and said, "We're planning to hook up both Bitch-sensei and Karasuma-sensei."

"Hook up?" Haru smiled and said, "Interesting, let me in."

"Good," Nakamura smiled.

They started to discuss their plan together.


Kouha looked at him and said, "Are you really that bored that you helped them to hook up?"

"Yes, there is nothing that we can do now! we can't kill that bipedal octopus! we also can't meet that mysterious scientist who developed that bipedal octopus! An AI also watched 'Yosogu no Sora' on my phone!" Haru was really bored and there was really nothing that he could do.

Kouha also nodded, "I never expected that it would be really this hard to kill that bipedal octopus." He thought for a bit and said, "But it will become a great pet for my country, but we need to erase his personality first since his personality is very annoying."

"That's true," Haru nodded.

"Now that you mention it, isn't Teppei always too late to come back?" Kouha asked.

Haru thought for a bit and said, "Maybe, he found a woman in this place."

"Woman, eh?" Kouha snickered.

"What about your three maids?" Haru asked.

"They're my retainers, I have never thought about doing something like that to them," Kouha said.

Both of them were waiting for another group of people to buy a gift for Bitch-sensei.

Kouha looked at him and asked, "How about you?"

"Hmm?" Haru looked at him.

"I have watched the entire 'Yosogu no Sora'," Kouha said.


Haru blinked his eyes while looking at him.

"So you have done it?" Kouha asked.

"No," Haru shook his head and added, "Also, don't say this out loud since there is that bipedal octopus around us, this will be very troublesome when he hears it."

"But you still have an interest, right?" Kouha smiled.


"I can't deny that," Haru sighed.

"Come to my country when your relationship is known to the world," Kouha said while giving him a reassuring smile.

Haru looked at him with a surprised expression but suddenly realized maybe this was a real friendship, "Thank you."

"No problem," Kouha smiled.

Everyone who saw their interaction couldn't help but have a strange feeling.


They watched the interaction between Karasuma and Bitch-sensei from the outside. Today was the birthday of Bitch-sensei and they wanted Karasuma to give the banquet of flowers that they had bought for her.

Haru noticed the bipedal octopus who was very excited while holding the camera ready to take the picture. He shook his head and continued to watch the drama. He could see that Bitch-sensei was disappointed with Karasuma. He didn't blame him since Karasuma wanted a professional relationship with Bitch-sensei.

Bitch-sensei was annoyed and shot her gun toward the bipedal octopus. She ran out of the room and went back since her mood was pretty bad.

"Karasuma-sensei, don't you think that you're too cold?"

"Don't tell me... Do you still not get it?"

Karasuma shook his head, "Do I look that dense?"


"I can't help it if it seems heartless, but if she can't regain her composure, I will hire another assassin," Karasuma said and continued, "If your blade is one that dulls from love, you don't have that qualification to work here."


Kouha and Haru didn't join their conversation.

"Do we save her?" Kouha asked.

Haru thought for a bit and shook his head, "It is too troublesome since we don't know when that assassin will attack her, let him come and we can catch him."

Kouha nodded, "Yeah, I'm sure that she is going to be alright." He looked at the Koro-sensei, "Even though I don't want to admit it but having that octopus around is very reassuring."

"That's true," Haru nodded.