Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 202

Volume 1 Chapter 202 God Of Death 2

"It has been 3 days!"

Bitch-sensei hadn't even come to the school for three days after that day.

"I wonder if we went too far."

"Karasuma-sensei, I understand prioritizing the mission but, can't you little empathize with her for a little bit?" Korosensei was very worried.


Karasuma sighed and went out the door, "I had an interview with another hitman after this. I'm heading back."


Kouha, Haru, and Teppei didn't really care much about this Bitch-sensei. They knew that another hitman would enter the scene and only waited for a while.

It wasn't arrogant but the level of the people in this world was too low, the hitman was powerful but it was only compared to normal people.

Three of them weren't normal and had a lot of battle experiences. They had also fought the strongest hitman in the past, especially Kouha since he was royalty.

Kouha had a lot of times when he was almost killed by an assassin in his childhood.

Teppei was only interested in the strongest organism in the world, Korosensei. He needed a way to produce it and he knew that he needed to meet the scientist behind the project of making that bipedal octopus.

Haru didn't really have that much interest in biology since he didn't really know about it. He was more interested in the technology of this world. He knew that this world was forced to develop faster since there was a big threat that was faced by the world.

'Korosensei...' Haru knew that it was impossible to kill him right now since he didn't have that power. Even though he wanted his speed to be just too slow compared to him. He had light magic but his body wasn't a light. His body couldn't bear the speed when he moved too fast.

His observation haki made him read faster but his experience in fighting was still lower compared to the top-notch hitman in the past, 'With a superpower, that octopus is invincible.' But more than that he was interested in the technology of this world.

'Artificial Intelligence?' Haru was very interested in this technology. He wanted a way to recreate it and he also wanted to get Ritsu to enter the group chat since he believed someone who could calculate, hacking, and searching information at the very highest speed was very important in the team. Even though there were a lot of people who could do that, AI would never have a miss in their calculation or another thing.

He was a bit bored looking at Korosensei who explained the lesson to everyone. He suddenly felt that his phone was ringing and he saw that it was Ritsu, "???" He opened it and saw that it was a message.

'Forbidden love, I'll support you.'


Haru was wondering whether he could hack this dammed junk AI and delete his information.


Karasuma was annoyed since he couldn't find the change for Bitch-sensei. He only found a lot of incompetent hitmen one after another, "Sigh, have him leave, he's already a problem before working."


Karasuma felt the level of hitmen become lower the only thing that he was glad that he had three competent people who could help the assassination, 'No, not assassination, but a fighter...' He was sure that three of them were skillful in fighting and he also didn't know whether he could win them. He sighed until suddenly his phone rang, 'Speak of the devil.' He accepted the call and said, "This is Karasuma. Lovro-san, what have you been doing until now?"


"I was almost dead...." Lovro said while breathing heavily.

"?!" Karasuma was shocked.

"Is this line safe?"

"Yes, don't worry," Karasuma said.

"Good, if I carelessly leak the information on HIM, I'll be targeted again, I won't be out in just a coma for a month again next time," Lovro said.

"Him?" Karasuma frowned.

"Karasuma, you need to wash your hand in this assassination or else you will be in danger..."

"What do you mean?" Karasuma asked.

"Hitman Killing."

"My protege and my business associates, one after another, they were done in by someone, his skill down method, that ability to take down experts, he is the hitman..."

"God of Death."

'God of Death?' Karasuma frowned.


The class was over.

"Please call me if there is any activity from Irina-sensei, sensei must go to brazil to watch a football game," Korosensei said while bringing a football.

"Sensei, wait!"

"Hmm, what's wrong, Kasugano-kun?" Korosensei looked at him with a curious expression.

"Can you get me carne seca and dende oil there?" Haru asked and added, "I will pay you back."

"Sure, you don't need to pay me back, let me eat your food next time," Korosensei said and flew to the sky with 20 mach speed.


"What is carne seca and dandel oil?" Sugaya asked.

"It's a specialty ingredient from Brazil," Haru shook his head and lamented, "Having Sensei is nice, he is very convenient."

"You have treated him as a gofer, huh?" Karma smiled.

"Still, why should he watch football in Brazil right now," Okajima said.

"Yeah, he should search for the location of Bitch-sensei," Megu said.

"I can't call him either," Yada sighed.

"You don't think that...."

"She wouldn't leave because of this right?" Chiba said.

"That won't happen. She still has things to do here."

"Right? All in all, it's fun when she's here," Okana sighed in relief.

"Oi, who are you?!" Kouha suddenly shouted and made everyone startled.

They turned and saw a guy with a warm smile appeared in the front of the podium smiling while holding a banquet of a flower.

"Good, some of you realize me, let me introduce you, I'm a hitman known as the..."

"God of Death."

He introduced himself but suddenly he felt strange since he couldn't move until his face was punched.



"Why are you hitting him?" Karma asked with a smile. He really loved this part of him.

"Beat first, ask later, that's my motto," Haru said and knew that this guy was the important key to steal the technology from this world.