Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 203

Volume 1 Chapter 203 God Of Death 3

Haru suddenly felt danger and shouted, "EVERYONE GET DOWN!!!"

His voice moved them by instinct and crouched down in an instant.

Haru felt that the time moved very slow and he caught the grenade that was thrown by this guy and directly threw it right away outside the window in very fast movement.




No one expected that there would be an explosion that was happening.

Nagisa only saw it for a moment but Haru was very fast in front of his eyes.

Haru saw this hitman raise his finger and hurriedly used his fingers to knock his body. He had learned knocking martial arts from Teppei since they were staying together. He couldn't learn about technology right now but he could still learn about martial arts.

*snap! snap! snap!


God of Death was very confident in front of them. He entered the class with ease and introduced himself only suddenly he was punched by one of the students.

'Damn... How many bones are that are broken...' He was wanted to kill them right now and threw the grenade in his hand.


He saw this student's movement very fast but he was a professional hitman. He raised his hand and used his secret technique.

'The Reaper's Invisible Scythe!'

'Invisible Scythe' is the Reaper's unique secret weapon, in which he shoots a minuscule round from a small, hidden gun inside his hand.


Suddenly he saw him use a strange attack to hit all of his pressure points, 'W - what is this?!' He couldn't let out his voice and he couldn't move. His entire body was paralyzed by this strange technique.

The most shocking thing wasn't that but the thing on this hand, 'That's my invisible scythe?!'

'Who is this kid?!'


Haru was curious as to what was hidden inside his finger, 'Small gun, huh?' He didn't expect that this hitman would modify his finger into a gun, 'But...' Even though it was good but this gun was very weak since the size of the bullet was too small unless the hitman knew the location of the aorta or had a lot of knowledge about human's body.

It would be possible to cause excessive bleeding inside their targeted's bodies.

"What did you do?" Karma asked.

"I knocked him out," Haru said.

"I know that, but how?" Karma asked.

"Acupuncture, you can learn it from Teppei-sensei," Haru said.


"Acupuncture, huh?" Karma nodded.

"Who the hell is this guy?!" Terasaka asked in an annoyed tone.

"You dumb guy, didn't he introduce himself earlier?" Kouha had a disdain for expression on his face.

"Terasaka is dumb," his three friends nodded.

"BASTARD!!!" Terasaka was mad.

"But this guy is dangerous...."

They still remember the explosion earlier. They knew that it was a grenade and didn't expect that this guy would kill all of them.

"Help me to get all the thing inside his body, maybe he has some connection with Bitch-sensei since she has been gone for the past few days," Haru said.


They were surprised to hear his words.

"Hmm, that's possible, maybe this guy is connected," Karma nodded and helped him to get all the things inside his body.

"Also, someone please call both Korosensei and Karasuma-sensei," Haru said. He didn't think that Teppei was necessary since he only wanted attention from the government so that he could meet the scientist in this country.


They hurriedly called both Korosensei and Karasuma in a hurry when they heard him.

Haru took this guy's phone and said, "Ritsu, can you hack this guy's smartphone?"

"Yes," Ritsu nodded and started to hack the smartphone. She only needed a few seconds and she told them the result, "Bitch-sensei has become a hostage of this person."


"We need to save her?!"

"Where is she?!"

"Calm down," Haru said to everyone, adding, "We have arrested this guy, why are you that panicked?"


"This is why you entered 3-E," Kouha sighed and shook his head. He stayed with them for a while and knew that even though they had guts, their minds were a bit dumb.


They couldn't refute him when they heard it.

"So where is the location? Can you check whether there is a trap or bomb in that location?" Haru asked and added, "How are Korosensei and Karasuma-sensei?"

"Don't worry, we have called them," Nagisa nodded.

"Good, before that, you guys have told me about your torture game, right? Why don't you show me since we have..." Haru said while glancing at this God of Death. He felt that this God of Death was just too small compared to Conan. He knew that the hitman was strong only when fought in the dark.

When a hitman lost their surprise element in their attack they were similar to a lamb that was ready to be chop.

Everyone who had heard his voice suddenly grinned and showed an evil expression.


They took out wasabi, tabasco, toothpaste, Terasaka's socks, Okuda's chemical recipe, etc.

"Why there are my socks!!!" Terasaka complained.



Karasuma who had heard that there was a hitman that wanted to kill his students suddenly went back as soon as possible to the school. He was even more worried when he saw explosion marks on the ground. He knew that this hitman should be the 'God of Death' that he had heard from the Lovre earlier. He also heard that Irina was caught by this guy and couldn't help but wanted to beat this guy. He entered the class and he was shocked when he saw this scene.

"Sensei, you're late."

"We have found the location of Bitch-sense, let's go and save her."

Karusuma blinked his eyes in surprise and looked at both Kouha and Haru. He sighed in relief and said, "Leave everything to me now."