Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 205

Volume 1 Chapter 205 Befriend

They were entering the car without any windows and they needed to wear headphones to make them unable to hear anything. Their eyes were also closed with black cloth to make them see anything.

Teppei was excited since soon he would know the secret of how to make this bipedal octopus.

Kouha was annoyed since he had never been treated like this before. He suddenly felt regret to come with them and thought it was better to stay at his apartment.

Haru really felt that he would enter a really secret laboratory in this world. He could still see his surroundings since he had an observation haki on himself. He had already memorized the way to enter this place.

They were inside this car for a while until their headphones were opened by someone.

"Let's go," Karasuma said. He didn't enter the laboratory and said, "Follow this guy inside."

They took off the cloth on their eyes and followed the guide to go inside this laboratory.

Haru looked like it was similar to a laboratory in a sci-fi movie that was very high-tech. He wondered why people were more interested in creating a weapon. He shook his head and thought maybe it was human greed.

'Well, that isn't wrong,' Haru also had his own greed and it was normal.

They were walking for a while until they saw a man wearing white robes and a mask over his face.

"Hello, I have heard that the three of you, the new fighters to kill that dammed octopus."

Haru, who heard this voice, knew that this guy had used a voice changer. He frowned at him since he couldn't see his eyes. He couldn't hypnotize him unless he saw his eyes.

Teppei nudged his side, 'Can you?'

Haru shook his head, 'His eyes are covered.'

Teppei nodded and was a bit disappointed. He looked at the man and asked, "Are you the one who develops the weapon that is used to kill that bipedal octopus?"

"Yes, I'm the one who created that weapon, oh, that's right, let me introduce myself, my name is Shiro. Nice to meet you, Teppei, Kasugano, and Ren," Shiro said.

"So why are you bringing us here?" Kouha asked.

"Of course, to kill that dammed octopus," Shiro said.

"It's easier to do, even though it was easy for us to kill all of you here..." Kouha said and made everyone startled.

Everyone who heard his words hurriedly raised their weapons toward them.

"But killing someone with 20 mach speed is impossible," Kouha shook his head.

"So you're telling me that you can kill everyone here?" Shiro asked.

"Yes," Teppei, Haru, and Kouha answered at the same time.

Shiro wanted to say something but suddenly he felt someone holding his neck.

"Finish that word and I will snap your neck right away," Haru said.


"Good! You're good! Everyone lower your weapon!" Shiro said.


"Lower your weapon! Don't let me say it twice," Shiro said.

They looked at each other and lowered their weapons.

Haru didn't say anything and let go of his neck. He walked back toward both Teppei and Kouha.

"You guys are very strong! I'm sure that you're the strongest in this earth," Shiro said and added, "Let me show you about my plan. Let's go."

They were very happy when they thought that this guy could show them his plan easily.

Haru knew that Shiro was very obsessed with Korosensei and wanted to kill him no matter what.

Shiro walked to the one room and showed them a room with a lot of big tubes that were filled with some liquid.

Inside those tubes, there was a strange tentacle that was moving around.

"Ugh, disgusting," Kouha moved back.

Haru also didn't have that much interest in this tentacle.

"Interesting, is this the tentacle that is used to turn that octopus into that?" Teppei was excited.

"Yes," Shiro nodded.

"I have heard that one of the students, whose name should be Otona, has also used this tentacle before," Teppei said.

"True," Shiro answered.

Teppi started to ask a lot of questions for him.

Shiro was a bit surprised since he didn't expect that this guy was very knowledgeable about biology regarding this tentacle.

People often say that genius always be friends with a genius.

Shiro felt that he had met his long lost friends.

Teppei didn't really care what this guy was thinking about since he was only interested in this tentacle.

"Nerd," Kouha said while looking at both of them.

"Yeah," Haru agreed with his opinion. He also wondered why it should be a tentacle? Why not do something else?

"Can we look around this place?" Kouha suddenly asked.

"Sure, don't bother us," Shiro answered with an annoyed tone.


"What's with that tone, bastard?!" Kouha was angry but he was held by him.

"Calm down, I know that he is annoying, but let's just look around this place," Haru stopped him.

Kouha snorted and walked out of the room.

Haru also followed him and looked around.

Anyway, the boss of this laboratory didn't stop them and they decided to move around. They could see from the window that they were developing some dangerous weapon.

"What is that?" Kouha asked while pointing at the weapon that shot out a beam of light.

"It should be a laser, it is similar to light magic in your world," Haru said.

"Hmm, you don't need to be a magician to shoot it?" Kouha asked.

"That's the gist of it," Haru nodded, saying, "The only one in your world that is developing science should be Reim Empire, but they are a bit backward since they can only make gun powder."

"Can I bring it back?" Kouha asked.

"Well, it should be possible, I can give you a recipe for gun powder," Haru said and added, "Also, it is better for you to pick up a gun."

"Gun," Kouha nodded since he was quite familiar with that weapon.

Both of them were moving around this place together while waiting for Teppei to finish his matter.