Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 206

Volume 1 Chapter 206 School Festival 1

"So what is happening?" Kouha asked.

"You don't know? Everyone is preparing for the School Festival," Terasaka said.

"Festival, eh?" Kouha nodded and yawned.


Terasaka didn't say anything again. He had known him for quite a while and understood his personality.

Kouha is only interested in something fun when it isn't fun and he is going to sleep.


"So this time we will be competing against class A?" Haru asked.

"Yes, we cannot lose against them," Sugaya said.

'Hmm,' Haru didn't really have that much interest to have a competition against the class A since he had never put them in his eyes. In his opinion, this class had been upgraded several times with the appearance of that bipedal octopus.

"We're going to win against them," Korosensei told everyone.

Haru knew that this class wanted to compete with class A for this school festival, 'The winner should be the one who makes more money, huh?'

"How?" Yoshida asked.

"Our location is very far from the mountain and we also need an item menu that is with a price of 300 yen and the special menu should be 600 yen," Hazama said and continued, "Who wants to hitchhike into this place with a normal food?"

"I have also heard that people from class A also have a sponsor from a catering company," Isogai said.

"Of course we had to create something special and the answer was this," Korosensei said, showing them an acorn.

Haru looked at the acorn and asked, "Are we going to make ramen?"

"Yes, we're going to make ramen, you sure are very fast when it comes to making food, I'm also glad that you're in this class," Korosensei said.

Muramatsu had burning eyes when he heard that they would create ramen. He had him come to his ramen restaurant before and was surprised at his skill.

"Good, are we going to make food? Let's do it now!!!" Kouha was excited. The only thing in this world that made him interested was his food.

"This acorn will lack gluten, which is why we need to get yam," Haru said.

"Don't worry, Sensei has checked this mountain has a variety of vegetables, there is even a yam that you have been looking for," Korosensei said.

"Good," Haru nodded and didn't mind helping in this event.

"Alright everyone, let's do this," Korosensei said.



Ritsu helped everyone by telling them the location of the acorn in this mountain.

"I will help you test it," Kouha said while looking at him with excitement.


Haru shook his head and started to process this acorn and turned into a flour. The process was quite long but it was simple for him. He thought that he could use this recipe later on his face at his world later.

Muramatsu was on his side and also helped him prepare the ramen together.

Haru had gotten the data of a lot of weapons from this world since he had been coming to that special laboratory. He had also given Kouha a design of gun that was easy to create in his world.

Teppei stopped to become a teacher and decided to become one of the researchers in that laboratory together with Shiro. He told him that it was better to stay in that place since it was impossible for him to kill that bipedal octopus.

Haru didn't forbid him since he knew that the power of bipedal octopus was very strong and he knew that Teppei wanted to create an army of that bipedal octopus in his world to fight the disaster in his world.

The tentacle that is the strange organism that can be used to make someone to become stronger. The power that will be received from each individual is different since the tentacle will develop according to the will of the person who plants that tentacle on their bodies.

Haru didn't have the intention to use it. Even though it was strong it had a lot of weakness and it wasn't stable enough to be used on the individual. He looked at Korosensei who had turned into the bipedal octopus and knew that it was the side effect of that tentacle.

"Kasugano-kun, are you free tonight?" Kanzaki asked.

Haru nodded, "The same?"

Kanzaki nodded, "Yeah, I will be waiting later."

"Good," Haru nodded and continued to make the recipe for the ramen. He had created several recipes that would make Gordon Ramsay ashamed.

Muramatsu, who was on his side, couldn't help but open his mouth wide.

"What?" Haru looked at him with a strange expression and asked, "Did your father buy a strange ingredient again?"


"That's not it! Since when you have been meeting with the most popular girl in our class!!!" Muramatsu was very jealous.

"Is that important? The thing that we need to do is to create the ramen, don't you want to succeed in your father's shop?" Haru said.


Muramatsu looked at him and asked, "Can you tell me how you meet each other?"

Haru shook his head, "It's a secret."


"Oh, do you want to know how he has charmed the female students in our class?" Suddenly Korosensei appeared between both of them.


Haru hurriedly took his knife and swiped it toward him.

Korosensei easily dodged his attack and smiled, "Nyuhuhuhu, I have been taking your photos when you have a secret rendezvous."

Haru suddenly remembered when he felt that he had been tailed by someone but he thought that it was his imagination since that feeling would disappear when he turned around but he didn't expect this octopus would stalk him, "YOU STALKER!!!"

"Nyuhuhuhuhu!!!!" Korosensei laughed.


Haru had given up after several attempts and decided to continue to cook but he was surprised to see that the broth and noodle that he had created have disappeared, "Where are the broth and noodle?" He looked around and saw that there were a lot of students holding a bowl in their hands while eating ramen with a happy expression.


They noticed his gaze and couldn't help but give him a thumbs up.

Haru twitched his lips and sighed.